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    The Bible is Still Right

    in Religion

    Recently lesbian pundit Sally Kohn made a remark that she wants her 6 year old daughter to be a lesbian when she grows up. What a crying shame! Where is the media outrage over this Godless remark? In other news, there is a plan to open a school for LGBT kids in Atlanta beginning in the fall. These truly are the last days and the Christian community must rise up and take a stand for Christ and his word.. Don't miss this show!

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    Episode 8- A Conversation with Sally Queen

    in Christianity

    This episode of Connect airs on February 25, 2015. Sally is the Associate Director for Ministerial Services for the Western North Carolina Conference.  Before coming to the Conference Staff she served pastorates in Shelby and Rutherford College.  We will discuss her call to ministry and her work in helping others discover their calls.

    This show is now available at YouTube for a look at what goes on behind the scenes. Sally Queen on YouTube

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    Inside the Entrepreneurial Mind: Generating Profitable Revenue

    in Self Help

    February 26, 2015 - LIVING A RICHER LIFE ~ Life Changing Talk Radio

    Theme: Inside the Entrepreneurial Mind: Generating Profitable Revenue

    Interview Guests:

    Regina Robinson, CEO, Owner, Do Me a Favor, LLC
    Rick McPartlin, CEO, The Revenue Game, LLC
    Sally Wurr, Owner, SW Ventures Group
    THEME: For-profit businesses exist to deliver products and services that generate revenues and provide a profit for the benefit of the owners, employees and their customers. Revenues are sales or gross receipts the business generates from fees it charges for services it renders or products it sells. These revenues are classified as operating revenues because they come from the main business the business engages in. To continue as an ongoing enterprise, a business must generate sufficient revenue to cover its costs and earn a profit. How can you best understand and implement opportunities needed for your business to generate more profit revenue?

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    A Forensic Soul Analysis On You! One Year Anniversary Show LIVE!

    in Spirituality

    Whether you believe in the possibilities of ESP or the laws science, you might have had a challenge in ignoring the “Outer Limits Of Inner Truth” radio show. 

    The metaphysical / biographical program premiered on February 27th, 2014 and within a few short months, it was picked up for national syndication on Star Com Radio Networks (KKRP 1610 AM) and is now heard on over 24 AM stations nationwide.  OLIT has been featured on the Awakening Zone Radio Network, The Boston Globe, Radar Online, Media Bistro, The Sacramento Bee, Kansas City Star and several other media outlets.

    OLIT (Outer Limits of Inner Truth) interviews and profiles interesting & historically relevant individuals who are analyzed by a team of Psychics, Past Life Readers & Astrologers (known as the “Virtues”).  OLIT has featured several Exclusive interviews with individuals such as: Khris Krepcik, Chung Fu, Jeff Casper, Michael Harrison, Reverend Sally Perry, and Bill Kinison. The show has also profiled celebrities such as Oliver Stone, Howard Stern, Jane Velez-Mitchell and Mick Foley.  

    On Thursday, February 26th at 9 pm EST, the Outer Limits Of Inner Truth (www.outerlimitsradio.com ) Radio Show will air a special 2-hour live broadcast to commemorate it’s one year Anniversary.

    The call in number for the show will be (347) 857-2406.

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    Beyond The Music. Sally b. Chats With R&B Royalty, Bunny Debarge

    in Music

    Beyond The Music. R&B Royalty, Bunny Debarge Joins The Show To Speak With Sally b. About How To Deal With Music's Triumphs and Tribulations. 

    The DeBarge family’s triumphs and tribulations traveled from their spectacular rise to the top of R & B music royalty, to their fall from grace and finally to their reemerging careers. In this episode Bunny Debarge offers encouragement and preventive wisdom to today's up and coming artists. 

    Later in the show Bunny Debarge will join our SINGING FLAT panel to help evaluate talented singers who will be asked to present their a cappella performance. This segment will be full of surprises! 

    And last but not least, we'll close out the show with a LISTENING PARTY. We will present the music of 4 of the best new UNSIGNED artists in the USA. Fans can tune in and help us decide which of our featured artists is most likely to have a hit song and award winning success in music. 



    Jtwizz - Urban Contemporary 

    Erikka J. - R&b

    Kyle Ahn - Urban Contemporary 

    Alex Caruso  - Pop



    Rodney Waller, Co-Founder of VocalzMusic & Publishing & WVMP

    Royalti, Comedienne 

    Robert Quarles, CEO of Rock Q. Productions Music/Publishing 



    The WVMP Web Radio Show, "Singing Flat With Sally b" Is Produced by Voice Coach, Sally b. Waller of VocalzMusic & Publishing, VocalzMusic.com

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    Weird News, Pop Culture, & The Middle East

    in Politics

    Hr1 Andrea Nelson joins Joe to cover current events, including those weird news you wont find anywhere.

    The Oscars as a political platform? Maybe they should do a little homework before spouting Liberal talking points.

    How does Neil Patrick Harris in his underwear illuminate the Oscars?

    Judge says a Detroit man must pay $30K in child support for kid who is not his

    Hr2 Why doesn't the FFRF or the AHA sue the President when he says God Bless America? They only pick on schools.

    Major General Paul E. Vallely, US Army (ret) check in with an update on the violence in the Middle East. Where exactly is that coalition of 60 allies that we're supposed to have?

    Dems think that he should be able to ignore federal court rulings and laws. Wouldn't that make us a ruling monarchy?

    Hr3  Atty General Holder says the best way to secure the border is by protecting illegal immigrants. Huh?

    Sally Kohn from CNN wants her child to be gay (like her). It's ok for her to want to push that on her daughter, but it's not ok for Christian to push their child to be straight. Hypocrisy at it's finest.

    Which party supported: abolition, women's voting rights? Republicans. Which party supported Obamacare?

    Why won't people admit that they don't know about something? They just make stuff up! 

    Pro-abortion Sen. David Haley complained about the use of the term “dismemberment” when discussing Kansas law “Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act.

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    Sally Swearingen - It's NOT Over Yet - How to Still Rock Your Looks After 40!

    in Self Help

    There's only one way to get out of the aging process - DIE! But, on today's show we'll be talking about the MINDSET of how to age with kickass style and grace!

    Make-up expert Sally Van Swearingen, who Allure magazine featured as  “one of the best make-up artists in the country” is leading the charge for men and women how to age gracefully! Her new book, “It’s Not Over Yet, Reclaiming your REAL BEAUTY POWER in your 40s, 50s and Beyond” is available now on Amazon!





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    A Conversation With Rich Jones

    in Comedy

    Rich Jones brings his hilarious 110% clean style of comedy to you.  Being able to do the same routine at a comedy club on Saturday night and a church function on Sunday is a pretty cool, but rare thing.  Rich has never compromised his gift of performing only clean comedy. In 2006, after discovering his identity had been stolen, Rich experienced what would be his “calling” to comedy.  Since then, Rich has worked with some of the top comics in the country.  Rich has done shows sponsored by such organizations as Chick-Fil-A, Applebee's, Moe's Southwest Grill, The Salvation Army, New Missions, Ohio Valley University, Independent Grocers Alliance, Sally's Beauty Supply & Subway as well as countless churches & schools.  Voted by Myspace as Ohio's Top Clean Comedian, Rich has also appeared on the Family Comedy Minute, a syndicated radio program broadcasted on over 600 Christian Radio stations, nationwide as well as The Daren Streblow Comedy Show broadcasted in over 73 major cities around the United States!  Rich is also featured on the brand new DVD, Thor Ramsey's New Comedy Revolution 2.

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    DDP Radio Community Show

    in Sports

    DDP Radio Community Show featuring Sally from the Travel Smiths calling in to discuss the upcoming DDP YOGA Retreat!

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    Stovetop Politics with Virginia Kruta - Feb 16, 2015

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight we welcome back previous guest, Marine veteran, and friend David Moose McArthur, to talk about war. We'll discuss recent failed attempts by ISIS to attack Al Asad Air Base, the Marines who were told to destroy weapons as they retreated to safer ground, and what is left for the American military to do.

    Also on the block for tonight's show: 
    European anti-semitism, and why it is such a disturbing trend.
    Kanye West's fashion line for post-apocalyptic hobos.
    Madonna banned from radio because she's "irrelevant and old."
    And ZOMG Scott Walker didn't finish college.

    New segment: Bonehead of the week. And Sally Kohn has the dubious honor of being the first - and i suspect she will be a repeat offender - winner.

    Call to join the show live at 646-716-7039 or join us in the chat room!

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    Chatting with sherri

    in Entertainment


    Chatting With Sherri welcomes the talented actress and writer René Ashton who is a woman of multiple talents and interests. Her passion for acting has landed her more than 100 commercials dozens and dozens of television shows. 

    Not only does René act, she writes her own material; MILF MONEY and  ACTORS ANONYMOUS, starring herself, Sally Kirkland and Lorenzo Lamas won the 3 festivals entered including an offer for a development deal with VH1. She has three other pilots in development, DREAMWEAVER, HISPANICA, and MARITIAL BLISS.  René has taken another direction with her writing skills, penning books.  LIGHTS, CAMERA… YOU! MAKE MONEY DOING TV COMMERCIALS IN LOS ANGELES OR ANY TOWN, USA and HOW TO STOP HATING YOUR EX SO YOU CAN CO-PARENT IN PEACE, Join Us!


    Music by "Cowboy Sting" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

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