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    RADIO MOONLIGHT - Lessons from a Cinematographer In The Sahara Desert

    in Business

    John Keedwell, Award Winning Author & International Professional Speaker brings you Radio Moonlight
    The Moonlight Illusion is a phenomena John personally witnessed at night when filming in Mali in the Sahara desert.

    This extraordinary experience changed John's perspective on a lot of things and so many other experiences he had on the desert had the same impact.  As a cinematographer, John had the pleasure of working with big names in the music industry and big broadcasting corporations. Each story, experience, challenge comes with a lesson in life and business. 

    This led him to ask these profound questions that he's also asking you:

    Imagine you were able to create your own movie of your own life and map out your future from pre-production to the end credits.

    What kind of story would YOU write for yourself to appear in?

    How long would you wait before you started the movie?

    What would you need for this project?

    What risks would you be willing to take to get your movie produced?

    What mindset would you need to complete the project?

    Listen in and learn from John how using what you already know you can write a box office success

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    Catching up with Charlie Engle Extreme - Ultra Runner

    in Sports

    Running 100 miles has become common place among the growing community of Ultra Runners. Few can say they have run over 4600 miles across the Sahara Desert, to raise awareness of the need for fresh water in Africa for an HBO documentary titled “Running the Sahara”. Charlie can.  He can also talk about his run across the United States or his most recent 7 day stage race in Ecuador that began at an altitude 12,000 ft. and continued with over 155 miles at altitude for the duration of the event.  Yes, Charlie Engle is an extremely unique runner and is always fun to chat with.  Listen as we catch up with one of the most colorful ultra-runners of our time.


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    Keep us in prayers, I'm preaching today at 7pm TENT REVIVAL Pastor's Jesse Charo, and Emmanuel Carmona 702-931-1221
    3120 Valley View suite A-110.
    corner of Sirius and Valley View 89102 between Sahara and Desert Inn Road

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    The Moonlight Illusion-John Keedwell

    in Business

    The Moonlight Illusion is a phenomena I personally witnessed at night when I was filming in Mali in the Sahara desert. All will be revealed when you read the book. 

    What if I were able to create my own movie of my own life and map out my future from pre-production to the end credits. What kind of story would YOU write for yourself to appear in? Would it be an action adventure story, full of excitement, love, travel and close scrapes along the way? Or would it be a comedy filled full of laughter and abundance? Perhaps it might be a thriller - not knowing what was going to happen? Or...Perhaps it would be a series of disasters and tragedies, with depressing and predictable story with an uninspiring conclusion?  Which story would you write for yourself? Hopefully not the last one.....

    If a movie simply showed one scene over again and again it would be incredibly boring, the audience would walk out and would want their money back. Why is this any different to how people spend their lives doing the same things over and over again and again for the same company for decades? Often by thinking differently it will often go against the normal thinking of people around you, and they may attempt to dissuade you from taking your new direction..

    There is a way of moving away from being mediocre and produce your own "movie" for your business and life. You can ultimately be the director of your own movie of your own life - but only if you choose to. A digital movie picture is made up of millions of individual pixels. Whilst each pixel is individually important, by itself it doesn't give anyone the full picture. I need to see the whole screen to understand the story I am looking at. You too can be the rich, colourful full screen high definition picture instead of being a single small pixel like many others. John Keedwell

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    #13 Marathon Man and The Sahara Race

    in Fitness

    Marathon Man Trent Morrow ran the 2011 Sahara Race.
    This amazing effort involved 250km over 5 days in very tough conditions.
    In this feature episode of The Partnerunning Show Sue and Andrew, Couple on the Run interview their regular Co-host as he talks about The Sahara Race, running and pushing yourself to the limit.
    Information on Marathon Man and his charity work is available at the Marathon Man Website.

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    The "411" with Host Chelle Ni-cole at 101oasisradio on blogtalkradio

    in Entertainment

    The "411" with host Chelle Ni-cole at 101oasisradio on www.blogtalkradio.com/101oasisradio.com  7pm

    or call 773-897-6115

    THE N WORD!!

    Hi, I'm Chelle Ni-Cole. Tune in to "The 411" as my guest speakers and I
    discuss the "N-Word" and its use within the African-American community.
    Some use it as a term of endearment. Others say it is derogatory and should
    be completely abated by those whom the word has come to describe. Why is
    this word so powerful? Join me, author Sennefer Ahy, 101 Oasis Radio host
    Tia Harris, and CEO of B2 Brand Marketing Sahara Brinson as we engage in a
    very vibrant discussion about: The "N-Word". Saturday, June 27th at pm on

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    in Psychology

    What is happiness? Is it the pursuit of pleasures, or just a gift that is inherited in us? Is happiness achieved by practice or is it pure luck?

    Everyone is trying to be happy, because without it our life becomes a torturous journey. Reaching inner peace and feeling the freedom to live a fulfilled life are the basic requirements for happiness; but, it is much easier said than done. Happy people have often found a formula to sustain their positive attitude towards life; Sahara Rose is a great example of that.

    Join me and Sahara in this exciting conversation and find out how "fortunate" people achieve a joyful state of being. At the young age of 24 Sahara is a Yogi, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Sports Nutritionist, Emotional Eating Specialist, Raw Nutrition Expert, Philanthropist, and overall a Free Spirit. She will be teaching the "Dance of Butterfly" at TOTAL BALANCE retreat (www.wheelofwellbeing.com/TOTAL/BALANCE), on June 27-28, at Equinox in West Los Angeles. Sahara has started collaborating with Wheel of Wellbeing in bringing balance to people's lives and in this interview you will find out what her secret recipe  for happiness is.


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    Why Chloé Taylor Brown’s Conversation With Farah Idris Took Her Breath Away!

    in Women

    Hello there! Join Chloe Taylor Brown today for Conversations With Chloe as she connects with Ms Farah Idris, AKA #FearlessFarah of London, England. Get ready for one of Chloe's most inspiring discussions ever. 

    Farah Idris says, “My drive has always been about fundraising and helping others.” Which Chloe totally gets and admires! However, it’s how she does it that blew Chloe away and left her gasping for air.

    If you’re anything like most of us then hearing this woman's daring story just might draw you closer to your authentic self and make you want to get up and do something as well.

    Here's a FREE GIFT for you from Chloé featuring her downloadable MP3's & PDF Brief How To Discover Your Authentic, Innermost Self. A fun, progressive and powerful way to start thinking, feeling, being and acting to be more authentic every day.

    Tweet Chloé @ChloeTBrown and find her books at Amazon

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    Phatman & Gspot "Pillow Talk Radio "

    in Radio

    June 7 2015 ?#‎pillowtalkradio? our topic for the day is Phone and video chat sex, who does it and how often? Peeps in Long distance relationships aren't the only ones doing it. 
    Las Vegas' s very own Bundle boi$ will be in da house sitting in on our round table convo. Tune in as we broadcast live from Madd House Tat2s 557 E Sahara ave LV NV
    5pm to 7pm west coast time. 
    Call in if u dare 1-347-884-8810

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    Doe S'mangaliso- Lead Consultant; The Pan-Af Consultancy

    in Entrepreneur

    Doe S'mangaliso is the Lead Consultant at The Pan-Af Consultancy which seeks to advance and develop the continent of Africa through building relationships with entities around the globe that seek to benefit from the plethora of business and investment opportunities that are emerging from developing markets throughout Africa. The Pan-Af Consultancy regularly provides business and investment tours throughout Africa. Clients can take part in any of their pre-arranged premier business/investment tours, or they can arrange tours to satisfy the specific needs of any particular client or group.

    S'mangaliso joins us to discuss the work of Pan-Af Consultancy in Sub-Sahara Africa and its role facilitating for investment opportunities of the regions' economic hub offers. He will also discuss the upcoming business and investment tour to Zambia in July 2015. 

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    The Clio Express: A Conversation with Joe Coleman of The Platters

    in Lifestyle

    Joe Coleman is a consummate entertainment professional, renown as a “double, triple threat.”  He is an accomplished singer, actor and performer.  Joe’s “double, triple threat” comes from his acclaim as a theatrical composer, songwriter, and astute businessman.  Joe was the lead vocalist with “The Platters” for many years and was a regular at the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas performing popular songs such as “My Prayer”, “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”, “The Great Pretender” and many more Number 1 hits.  

    Most recently, he was selected as the Featured Vocalist at a Tribute Gala honoring television icon and philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey.  Joe was also blessed to be featured at events honoring Quincy Jones, Maya Angelou, Nancy Wilson and the wonderful cinema star, Sidney Poitier.  Joe has also performed with the renowned Barbra Streisand on her Finale Tour, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, Natalie Cole, B.B. King, Lou Rawls and many more.  

    Joe’s acting credits include the recent hit “If This Hat Could Talk” and Off-Broadway productions of “Destiny In My Hands”, “Mama I Want To Sing!”, “Nuthin’ But The Blues” and “Heaven and the Homeboy”, directed by Tony Award winning director, George Faison.  A great conversation is in store with this legend in music.