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    At Eye Level - Rock Bottom

    in Entertainment

    The first step toward recovery is hitting rock bottom. Bottoming out is a bittersweet experience. You're at your absolute worst but, the good thing is that it can't get any worse. At the risk of sounding cliche, the only way to go is up.

    Have you hit rock bottom and climbed your way back up? Share your experience with us.

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    Hit Rock Bottom to Rise

    in Goals

    Today we chat with TaraTagliaferro - a gypsy artist and collaborative coach, rekindling the creative mojo pumping in your veins for an artistry awakening, wanderlust affair, and everyday soulful life.  Globetrotting around the world performing on Broadway tours and more, Tara is a seasoned storyteller and musical comedy ham, inspired by the stylings of Golden Age greats like Carol Burnett.  As a coach,Tara bring hers funny girl meets fairy godmother flare to serve the big appetites of visionaries and vagabonds alike, enhancing their dance with inspiration.  She is a proud graduate of Mentor Masterclass Life Coach Training Program, a woman's circle leader, a writer/blogger, and the creator of the Gypsyhood.  Her work has been featured on NewMusicalTheatre.com's The Green Room and Inspired Coach Magazine as well as podcasts So Now What? and Heart, Soul, and Guts.  Tara offers a free Soul Spotlight call to jam out one on one and reignite your creative flame!  Email taratagthecoach@gmail.com for instant connection, visit taratagthecoach.com , or follow @taratagtickles on Instagram or Tara Tag the Coach on Facebook.  La Vie Boheme!

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    Hitting Rock Bottom

    in Parents

    Lots of territory covered on today's program, including some discussion of the age levels at which the CPS model is appropriate (we can't think of any at which it's not)...but we began by discussion whether letting kids "hit rock bottom" is the best way to solve the problems that are causing them to hit rock bottom in the first place. The answer won't surprise you...

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    SRWM ~ Rock Bottom Baby

    in Podcasting

    Hitting "Rock Bottom" is not necessary before you really decide to make a change. There are Signs, warning,and wake up calls going on all around before you get there! Are You Watching where you’re Going, Saying and Listening to them. Or choosing to keep heading Straight.... on the path toward destruction?

    You don't have to you know!! You can simply acknowledge the source of the issue/problem/situation and DEAL with it.
    Here are some Questions to ask yourself:

    Who/What is the biggest problem you encounter? “People often want to wait too long before they ask for help. They believe it is impossible to turn around or make a change. Before you get to this place, there will be warning signs all over the place in a marriage, and then all of a sudden the husband or wife walks out. The one you believe to be left behind has ALL the Answers and that ONE is The LORD!
    When is the time to make a Change? Tell yourself I can I do it Right Now?  Don't fall into the trap of believing there is Nothing you can do about it NOW! Maybe you believe You should have been working on it sooner? Most people will wait until it’s seemingly too late, and they go through unnecessary pain.
    Where can I get the answers? The WORD! 
    Why should I make this Change I'm not that bad? The WORD of God: The Bible says, “If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us” (1 John 1:8 NIV).

    Take time out of Each Day ask yourself those hard questions about the sin in Your Life. Get to the Root of the Problem ...You’ve got to face the truth about YOU! 

  • Rock Bottom Is When You're Living Someone Else's Life.

    in Self Help

    Others may have a different description for 'rock bottom', than what I am suggesting here. We only have one life we're living right now, and if it resembles something society, our parents or some invisible entity would approve of, but we never wanted...than we are living a rock bottom existence.

    In a bad relationship, a bad job, or a bad anything, which says, "I settled for a life that wasn't mine," then isn't it time to really get a clue to what would feel good?

    Plenty of people are in situations, which they thought were the 'right thing to do', but by who's standards?

    Where did those rules for a proper life come from and why have so many of us caved to living a life that belongs to someone else? We've competed, compared and cajoled our way into a position, which leaves us empty, unfulfilled and wanting!  And what about those of us still striving to reach that pinnacle that really belongs to someone else's idea of a good life?

    Okay, so isn't it time to stop beating yourself up and asking "Why am I here?" "Where has my life gone?" or feeling any other sort of lack in who you are and what you really want to accomplish for yourself.

    Join me and learn how all those "C" words got you to living someone else's life....and what you can do to "C"hange it.

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    Is it Rock Bottom for Lamar Odom?

    in Basketball

    Beginning in 2006, Lamar Odom has faced one tragic event after another. However, the beginning of his drug use began in 2001, when he was suspended from the Los Angeles Clippers after testing positive for marijuana.

    Now, fast-forward to October 13, 2015, when Odom was discovered unconscious at the “Love Ranch”, in Las Vegas, NV, where later report, his state was due to the heavy use of cocaine and other substances, which rendered him in a coma for a several days and on life support.

    After this very scary event, Lamar Odom is now on the mend, and the Hot Topics Talk Radio team will sit down to discuss Odom's spiraling history, and how athlete's lives can crumble under the pressure of life circumstances, money and fame.

    Join HTTR on Wednesday, November 4, 2015 at 8pm PST / 11pm EST.

    The live on air number to listen and comment by phone is (646)200-3148. Or listen online and join the chatroom here on Blog Talk Radio.  

    ** The Hot Topics Talk Radio Network is sponsored by Shades of Afrika (Corona & Long Beach), A&L Family Restaurant, and SPMG Media.  For more information regarding our sponsors, go to www.hottopicstalkradio.com/sponsors.


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    Fallen Rock Zone

    in Music

    Listen to us Thursdays 6-8 PM EST on Blog Talk Radio! Hosted by Sherry and Barb. Submit rock/hard rock/alternative music to fallenrockzoneradio@aol.com

    Twitter: @FallenRockZone


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    The Joey Harris Show

    in Self Help

    What do you do when you hit rock bottom?  When life has just dealt you one series of blows after another and you just want to say no more?  Where do you do when you have nothing?

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    Where does new pop come from? We talk to a rock school and an opera singer.

    in Music

    Since we focus on emerging artists at Music Friday Live!, we thought we would take a look at a prime source of those artists nationally, right here in Los Angeles, the Paramount Academy of Music. Paramount teaches playing and recording all genres of  popular music – rock to jazz - with nationally known artists who record and play with headliners offer not only technique but music biz lessons and maybe a few connections.  Music Director Carl Restivo who wrote and recorded with Wyclef Jean, and founding CEO Marisa Gariano will join us.

    Sin Color is a South Los Angeles -based band that transforms traditional styles of music into pop soundscapes. Driven by the opera-trained voice of lead singer Crisia Regalado and the amazing guitar chops of David Aquino , the band mixes  bossa nova, cumbia, and disco with indie pop into danceable beats and memorable hooks. They have played the major clubs in LA, been on NPR and are poised to move on to the next level. 

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    RRFB Ep. 580: Kemba The Teal Hornet

    in Basketball

    We've got two Game 7s coming, despite Kemba Walker's every effort to close out the Heat in six. Josh looks at Friday's games, and then covers the games for both Saturday and Sunday.

    Presented by Loot Crate and Basketball Monster

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