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    Dan & Denise Rojas from GreenPowerScience "Largest Solar Channel on YouTube"

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    GreenPowerScience how to videos teach solar power, advanced science green living, and specialize in FRESNEL LENS AND ALTERNATIVE ENERGY IDEAS. Learn about electricity and wind power. DIY Do it yourself ideas 100K SUBS YOUTUBEhttp://www.youtube.com/user/GREENPOWERSCIENCEDan Rojas and Denise Rojas featured on Doomsday Preppers:-)

    Solar power science experiments using Fresnel lenses, Parabolic Mirrors, PV photovoltaic solar panels, Stirling Engines, Steam Engines, Parabola Troughs and much more Alternative Energy surrounding solar power.

    Plot Outline

    SOLAR - Green Power Science TM is dedicated to the backyard scientist. Our belief is that some of the smartest people in the world discover
    the best things through trial and error IN THEIR OWN BACKYARDS OR GARAGES. We welcome all levels of creativity and
    hope you find the answers you are looking for. Solar Training Green Jobs.

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    IAIS Club Intro to our community

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    AS STUDENTS OF the Indigenous and American Indian Studies Club, WE are committed to researching, analyzing and discussing HOW WE CAN BECOME the change agents in our contemporary time.  WE FOCUS AND DISCUSS HOW WE CAN:
    1.  BECOME the answer to the solution to an ever-
         increasing high school drop-out rate in Indian Country. 

    2.  SERVE as positive role-models to our peers and future
         HINU students.

    3.  CREATE OPPORTUNITIES to disseminate timely, pertinent
          education and political information to our tribal communities.

    PLEASE JOIN US Monday, 2/23/15, 11:30 a.m. for a 15 minute IAIS Club Q&A Introduction@HINU OnNativeGroundRadio @ blogtalkradio !
    Patricia Pena
    President, IAIS Club@HINU
    "First you dream it!  Plot it out. Ask Creator to bless it!
      Only then will you achieve it, On Native Ground!"
    - patricia pena, Kickapoo Nation KS

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    That's What He Said S04E45-Demon Robot Monster

    in Comedy

    This week on That's What He Said the boys take a look at the new Aquaman reveal, the Exploding Kittens card game, Invader Zim news, and how Google got out of trouble. We've also got news on a new Alien film (that might ACTUALLY be good!), more woes for Apple, and the plot for a new Pirates of the Caribbean. Plus, we'll have a review of the season final of Constantine from Lou and Freddy will talk about about his first ever Magic: The Gathering tournament! Join us at 323-693-3811 during the live show!

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    Call In (646) 929-0300 Sunday Night @ 7:30pm Eastern //  Join Ms. Controversy and Z.Marie as they turn up the 305 elevated way discussing THE MURDER PLOT OF THE STARVING ARTIST AND BUSINESS FELLATIO. Poets Marnino Toussaint  and Zoharian Williams will be in the building on the starving artist murder scene sharing their journey and ambitions as well as their SPOKEN WORD TALENT.  We’ll close out the show with our MAKE IT FLY & T.A.B.U [Telepathically, Assertive, Bold and Unapologetic] segmets. Inbox, text, tweet a friend that VIBRATE & ELEVATE is LIVE!!!! Be sure to call in and join the show.

    Marnino Toussaint marninotoussaint@gmail.com

    Zoharian Williams @therealfc // IG Zoharian_ //fb Zoharian DifferenceMaker Williams 

    ELEVATE YOUR HEALTH [http://gotlcdiet.com/loosea100] FOR BOOKINGS CALL 786.972.8695 OR EMAIL: LB5LINX@GMAIL.COM www.pncconsultingfirm.com

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    Citizen of the world or citizen of Heaven?

    in Christianity

    Colossians 3:1-4 (KJV) says

    If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God.

    Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

    For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.

    When Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory.

    Satan’s plot for mankind has always been -  live for this world, forget God and eternity, go after everything here – now. If it feels good, do it, you deserve it.

    The world is satan's kingdom and domain. The Lord Jesus Christ came to set us free from this world, from satan's clutches -  to set us free to be citizens of Heaven. We cannot have dual citizenship.

    The real issue for every human being boils down to making a choice – going after the One True God with all your heart, keeping your eyes upward toward heaven and eternity, OR living for this temporary world, going after its pleasures to satisfy ourselves today. 

    Whom do you choose to follow - the god of this temporary world, or the God eternity? The choice is yours.

    Please join us as we study God's word.

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    Creativity and Stuff

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    Did you think of that yourself?

    And as a matter of a fact, I don't want your plot advice.


    A Journey to  New Start 



    Observations on Sentinels and Guides in Victorian London


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    Shattered Lives: WildBlue Press Author Series - CAITLIN ROTHER

    in Books

    A former investigative reporter for several newspapers across the country, Caitlin Rother left her field and pursued her dream, to be a full time writer. Her true crime books include LOST GIRLS, DEAD RECKONING, TWISTED TRIANGLE, BODY PARTS, DEADLY DEVOTION and the New York Times bestseller, MY LIFE, DELETED.

    Settling in her home town, San Diego, Rother teaches writing courses, coordinates writer's events, belongs to several writer's groups, appears as a crime expert, and offers her services as a "book doctor" and coach to aspiring writers. Her eye for detail as a journalist lends itself to writing the stories of several high profile cases, as well as her ability to develop interesting characters and plot lines in her crime fiction book, NAKED ADDICTION.

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    The Well Told Tale - Spellbinding Your Listeners

    in Business

    "If you really, really have something to say - tell it as a story,"  says Ms. Eileen Sinett, CEO of Speaking That Connects and a cleverly crafting story spinner in her own right.  Since the ancient Greek poet Homer smote his tuneful lyre, humankind has been entranced by stories.  The suspense, the plot, the craving for what happens next sets audiences on the edge of their seats, and gives speakers the opportunity to drive home their message.  Thus has the fine art of story telling become a profitable and envied business ability.  Instead of merely claiming that the car is fast and durable, the salesperson who can weave a narrative example of how it has moved and survived in a slightly scary situation is more likely to win the sale.  Host Bart Jackson and his featured guest Eileen discuss the techniques for transforming your lackluster report or presentation into a powerful business tool that makes you the folks want to hear more.  Tune in and profit from all of the story.

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    "EMPIRE: Just Entertainment or an Attack on the Black Community?"

    in Radio

    Whether it’s a black man struggling with his sexuality, two angry black women at odds with each other, the black man at war with his ex-wife, or sex, lies, murder and corruption… Fox’s new hit drama, “Empire” is the perfect vehicle for the “Powers that Be” to continue flooding the industry with the worst possible images of the black community and perpetuate negative stereotypes associated with our race. Please join me on “The DedanTolbert Show” LIVE TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST, as we discuss “Empire” and the effect it’s having on us as a people. To hear exactly why so many black women are on “Team Cookie”, as well as an in depth analyzation of the other characters/plot, call 646 200 0366 or listen LIVE online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... “REAL Radio that Matters for over 10 Years”.

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    Writestream Tuesday - The Big Bang: The Lonesome George Chronicles, Book One

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    February 17 at 9 p.m. Eastern Dariaanne welcomes talented author and humorist Roy M. Griffis to Writestream Tuesday to discuss his gripping new novel The Big Bang: The Lonesome George Chronicles, Book One:

    In this page-turning post-apocalyptic thriller, Roy M. Griffis explores an alternate timeline in which America falls victim to a coordinated attack by Islamic jihadists and Chinese Communists. It’s 2008 and George W. Bush is still president. Three years later, the man called “Lonesome George” is in hiding, leading the resistance from a secret location.

    Multiple plot lines skillfully braid the tales of resistance fighters in various parts of the country. Whistler is the hard-bitten commander of a military unit in Texas. Karen, a former congressional aide, stumbles through the radioactive rubble of Washington DC. Molly, a leftwing columnist in San Francisco, finally puts her talents to good use on the underground radio as the voice of the resistance. Alec, a famous Hollywood actor, loses his wife and daughter in the nuclear attack on Los Angeles and becomes a legendary fighter, inventing the gun that bears his name.

    Rich Lowry and Ben Shapiro have decribed it as "a wild romp through a post-Apocalyptic Amerca," and "clever, witty, tense."

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    REEL Talk: SNL 40th HIt or Miss?/50 Shades of GREEN? Hit film set for Trilogy!

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    REEL TALK  with Da Director


    Show order

    8:00pm-Pre intro “Quiet on the set . Lights.. Roll Camera, ACTION!”


    Intro (song)

    8:10 – weekend recap


    8:15pm Show Topic(s) – SNL 40th Anniversary/



    Funniest sketch?
    Best performance by cast member?
    Best Performance by Music guest?
    Eddie Murphy “Appearance”
    Top 5 SNL Cast members



    8:30 pm Previews/Review

    Film – 50 Shades of Grey

    Star(s)- Dakota Johnson/Jaime Dorman


    Director- Sam Taylor-Johnson


    Producer/Studio- Universal Pictures



    Literature student Anastasia Steele's life changes forever when she meets handsome, yet tormented, billionaire Christian Grey


    Break (song)



    9:00pm – Will 50 Shades become the next big Trilogy?


    9:15pm TV Shows Recap

    The Walking Dead



    Upcoming titles-  

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