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    Selling to The Government: What are IFB and RFP?

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    Selling to The Government: What are IFB and RFP is our topic on The Core Business Show with Tim Jacquet. IFB Invitation for Bid Solicitations is Oral or written invitation to prospective suppliers to submit a bid on materials or services. ITB is only a solicitation, and does not qualify as an offer because the party making it does not wish to enter into a binding agreement without further negotiations. Also called request for bids (RFB).  

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    The Inhub - The Place to Be for 401k RFP's

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    Join me today as I chat with Ariana Amplo from The Inhub. We will discuss the challenges facing Plan Sponsors and Advisors alike when it comes to the traditional methods of conducting a qualified plan RFP.  Is web-based right for you?  Will Plan Sponsors actually seek out this service in the absence of an Advisor?  Join us as we discuss these questions as well as others concerning the RFP process.

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    New Wave Company Update: Scout

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    As part of our continuing coverage of the Year in The Life winners Scout and Freightos we will be airing, on a quarterly basis, interviews with members of their respective executive teams regarding the previous quarter in terms of successes, challenges and set-backs, as well as looking to the future.

    We will also talk about current industry develops and what they mean to the company.  In this segment we will focus on mobile computing and supply chain finance.

    Joining me today is Scout Co-Founder & VP of Business Development Andrew Durlak.

    NOTE: Follow The Year in the Life 2014 Series on Twitter #YRiLife2014

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    Networking and Why It's Important For Business Owners

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    In an age when purchasing is done through RFP contests, recruitment by HR firms on LinkedIn, and business searches done online, is business networking really as important as it once was?

    The short answer is yes, and I’ll tell you why.

    A friend said to me once: “Your network is your net worth,” an idea advanced by Porter Gale in her book of the same name. I have realized that this sentiment is certainly on point, even if it’s not a direct equation.

    Your network is a reservoir of value that will help you solve problems, receive support, find the right people, and ultimately grow your business. In an age where much more communications happen digitally, it is more important than ever to actually make human connections. 

    Scott Crockatt is the Marketing Communications Director for the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, a role he considers to be the head cheerleader for Calgary’s businesses. Every day Scott looks to tell the stories of Calgary businesses – their successes and what’s keeping them up at night – in an effort to improve the business environment and help them be more successful.

    Read more in Scott's article in the Brighter Business Empower Magazine HERE.

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    How to Succeed with RFPs in the K-12 School Market

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    RFPs (Request for Proposals)  are something you'll definitely have to deal with if you sell to schools, and some RFPs are great opportunities. But, you may have discovered that spending time to react to RFPs can kill your productivity unless you have a policy and set of procedures in place.  How can you better manage RFPs from school districts and increase your odds of winning the deals you decide to pursue?  Listen to sage advice fro two veterans of K-12 RFP wars -- host Glen McCandless and his special guest, Farimah Schuerman of Academic Business Advisors. They'll spend 15 minutes to unpack this popular topic. And be sure to read the companion article on SellingToSchools.com. Don't miss these great resources!

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    Moving From Business-Side Questions to Tech-Side Answers in Broadband

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    There's a point in the planning process when your community broadband project team and main stakeholders need an education in the basics of broadband technology. The city CIO or IT manager probably understands the tech choices you face. However, it's important the city manager, economic development team, Chamber president, steering committee and others know how those choices facilitate or hinder the outcomes they want broadband to achieve.

    Dave Russell, Solutions Marketing Director for FTTH equipment vendor Calix, brings clarity to common tech terms and terminology by explaining them in the context of key broadband business decisions. He helps listeners understand issues such as speed vs. capacity, the relationship between fiber and fixed wireless, technology options' and their impact on costs or deployment time, and matching needs with speeds and feeds.

    There are also business issues within the community that tech staff, providers, vendors and potential partners need to know in order for them to deliver products or services that best meet community needs. Russell offers some tips for helping communities develop a good RFP as well as an effective process for evaluating RFP respondents. This show is great preparation Craig Settles' Webinar for Iowa and Colorado communities that begins Wednesday.   

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    How Do You Make a Gigabit Exciting?

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    While people in the broadband industry and journalists may salivate at the mention of a gigabit, the average person on the street probably gets that "deer in the headlights" look on their face when they hear the word. But these are the people in homes, businesses, school districts, doctors' office and elsewhere who you need to buy services on the network. How do the 300 + cities such as Chattanooga, Longmont, CO, and Danville, VA make broadband an exciting project for their constituents?

    Robert Henry, CIO for the City of Davenport, IA, is leading an RFP (Request for Proposal) effort to find someone to lead a needs assessment effort. He speaks from the heart about the challenges of getting constituents and stakeholders to understand the basics of broadband, and then become active supporters of the project. The media attention gets people interested, but the network's price tag can throw cold water on that interest. 

    Henry discusses various tactics communities can use to educate constituents. It's not just what you say, it's how you say it. Listeners get valuable tips on making broadband relevant, promoting change without triggering some people's fear of change, effectively using analogies and engaging stories, and promoting technology without "selling" technology. Henry also explores the role of the stakeholders in driving up the excitement level within the community. Building the level of excitement about broadband we see in some communities is an ongoing process, and one that requires continuous attention.   

    This discussion comes a week before a Webinar series conducted by Gigabit Nation host Craig Settles launches to give broadband project teams in Iowa training for managing related community broadband issues.    

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    Strategic Expense Management for Law Firm Leaders

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    As law firms enter into another year of flat revenue and the mandate of reducing headcount even further to meet budgetary constraints, it is time to revisit alternatives to this diminishing course of action.    

    Rob Mattern has worked with law firms for over twenty-five (25) years, through the good and the bad times; however, it is only in the last five (5) years that firms have been open to alternative strategies to reduce expenses.  Economic necessity has mandated this course of action, but also a client-driven enlightenment based on the universal necessity to become more cost-effective and efficient in the delivery of legal services.  

    Guest: Rob Mattern

    President and Founder

    Mattern & Associates, LLC

    Contact:  Rob Mattern:  rmattern@matternassoc.com 610.459.7750


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    New Wave Companies 2014: Scout

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    Procurement Insights will be launching “A Year in the Life of an eProcurement Start-up” program which will see us over a twelve month period track the progression of a start-up eProcurement software company through a series of blog posts and corresponding radio/TV interviews.

    The series, which will start January 2014, focuses on the evolution of the start-up’s solution from the development stage through to going live in a production environment, as well as the company's efforts to establish their brand in a highly competitive global marketplace.

    Needless to say, this will provide an unprecedented look into the next generation of disruptive innovators in the world of procurement.

    While we could only choose one company for the program, we felt that all of the companies listed in this New Wave 2014 section deserved honorable mention, and coverage as well.

    Scout, a New Wave company that provides "painless" RFP capability to its clients, is one such company.

    Joining me today to talk about Scout and the company's goals and challenges is Co-Founder & VP of Business Development Andrew Durlak.

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    New Wave Company Update: Scout

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    In what was the ultimate movie cliffhanger, the main protagonists in the 1969 classic The Italian Job, found the bus they were traveling in precariously perched over the edge of a cliff.  Whether they survived or careened down the steep drop was left up to the movie goer to decide.

    Well I am happy to say that we did not come to the same impasse in selecting our co-winners in the 2014 Year in the Life of an eProcurement Start-up series.  I am of course talking about Scout and Freightos.

    As part of our extensive coverage of the companies during 2014 we will be airing, on a quarterly basis, interviews with members of their respective executive teams regarding the previous quarter in terms of successes, challenges and set-backs, as well as looking to the future.

    Joining me today is Scout Co-Founder & VP of Business Development Andrew Durlak.

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    GovLoop Insights' DorobekINSIDER: Helping RFP-EZ

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    The Obama administration has put forward a number of innovation initiatives. One of the most interesting: RFP-EZ, build a platform that makes it easier for small high-growth businesses to navigate the federal government, and enables agencies to quickly source low-cost, high-impact information technology solutions. 
    GovLoop's Steve Ressler has offered his 5 Ideas on Project RFP-EZ. We're going to add to that...
    We talk to the DorobekINSIDERs about the challenges and opportunities -- and what can be done to make this initiative a success. 

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