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    Restoration Of Pentecost by Mark Morgan

    in Christianity

    Almost every christian religion acknowledges Pentecost Sunday.  Most are aware of what took place in the book of ACTs in your bible. Some ignore it as saying this is more religion than what I want to have and think they can just skip that part.  Then there are others that have a form of the Day of Pentecost experience.  Then there are others that embrace this as a needed part of the salvation relationship.  One thing for sure tonight you will hear some thoughts on this that will blow you away.  You may not agree with his speaking style, but there is power in what you are going to hear tonight.  Wild Bill loves to hear the older ministers preach.  The big reason is that many do not feel that need to filter when making a point.     Wild Bill will tell you that one of the great things he enjoys about getting older is your filter wears out with everything else.  Just to be yourself is such freedom!  It is also very annoying sometimes to those around you.  I am sure our pastor is praying for Bill to get some of his youth back so that he will filter a little more.  If you have never heard Bro. Morgan you are in for an in your face sermon.   This sermon was part of a revival last week called the Restoration of Pentecost that was hosted by the Pentecostal Church in Goodlettsville, Tennessee.  There were some issues with the recording where the volume goes up and down.  That is part of trying to record a live service.  Just be ready to adjust the volume on your phone if you are listening live.  

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    The Restoration of Pentecost Service by David Smith

    in Christianity

    We want to welcome you to another show where we are bringing you the services that were held earlier this year in Tennessee.  They were called the Restoration of Pentecost and several ministers were asked to preach.  Tonight we have David Smith again talking to you about rejoicing.  I warn you that tonight he started off like a bomb without any of the normal formal rituals that you have come to expect.  It is clear that he was excited about what he was getting from these services and this service before coming to the platform to preach.  He calls himself a helecopter preacher because he starts off slow but when he is airborne you had better just hold on.  Tonight he started off already elevated a few thousand feet!   What he has to share, I promise, all of you will enjoy and can take it to your heart to apply to your life.  This is from a live church service, so at times, the sound does not stay even. If this is your first time to call into the show all you have to do is push one on your phone and your phone number will show up in the host que.  You will be identified by the last four digits of your phone number before we place you on the air.  We always welcome your comments or questions. We do not ask for financial support for this program, but do ask that you go to our blogpage, and our FB page, and click that you will follow our show.  We don't want to miss a chance to offer you an oppertunity to get a financial blessing.  We have mentioned it a few times how you can be blessed by helping a young church with an offering to help them buy property to build a church.  I promise you cannot outgive GOD!  Send your donation C/O Wild Bill 2709 Tallow Trace, Spring Hill, TN  37174.  Make your check our money order to, "The Sancturary".  Your cancelled check will be your reciept for tax purposes.  

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    Restoration of Pentecost by Rashidi Collins

    in Christianity

    Welcome to another show where we are sharing another in the recent revival of  The Restoration of Pentecost.  We apologize for the technical problems we had last week. It seems that everything we use is always going through so called upgrades.  How many of you hate change?  Well, you are not alone, but it is a dangerous thing when we take this same attitude when it comes to GOD and spiritual things.  One thing I have learned the hard way is that GOD does not give us everything at one time.  It is a process that continues all of our lives to grow in our personal relationship with Jesus. You don't think so?  Pray for patience and see what happens! I am sure that many of you are smiling because you may have done this at one time in your life. 

    We want to acknowledge the people who have sent us comments and questions.  It is our plan to try to bring these to the show next week.  Many people are upset about all of this emphasis on pentecostal experiance that you are hearing in these messages.  I can understand this because it may require some change that is outside of your comfort zone.  People you may look up to on what it means to live for GOD may tell you that this is not important to living for GOD.  I will tell you this night that if you do not care where you spend eternity then they are right!  But if you want to make heaven your home then you owe it to yourself to ask GOD and not people to give you an understanding of the scriptures used in these sermons!

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    Restoration of Pentecost by Jack Cunningham

    in Christianity

    As promised we have brought you another one of the great sermons preached at the Restoration of Pentecost revival.  Tonight you are going to hear from Jack Cunningham with a message titled, "The Master of Change".  The song that started our show tonight is very special to Wild Bill.  When Bill was in Christian School in the small town of Beebe, Arkansas.  He met this young man that was in his mid 20's who had a understanding of God that blew Wild Bill away!  A lot of time has passed but Bill never forgot this young man giving a testimony of how he was going blind, and then singing this song that he wrote.  To say in that situation that GOD knows what is best for him.  Well, what can we add to that?  Bro. Smart went home to be with Jesus a few days ago.  But the impact of that song and Bro. Smart was one of those landmarks in Bills life that has never lost it's meaning in his life.   As we go into this message I pray that you listen with a open heart.  Because GOD desires to have this same relationship with you as HE had with Bro. Smart.  At the end of this sermon there is some instruction that we can all take to heart no matter who you are, what you have done, or where you are.  It will not matter if you are listening live or to the archives of this show.  The power of GOD and what HE wants to do in your life is not limited.  There are five key points that will be shared and we ask that you apply them to your situation. For those who want to help with the building fund. Send to Wild Bill, 2709 Tallow Trace, Spring Hill, TN 37174. Make payment to The Sanctuary.  Post it for Church Building Fund. Your canceled check will be your receipt for tax purposes. God will bless those that expand the gospel!  

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    The Restoration of Pentecost Service by Todd Nichols

    in Christianity

     We have a desire to share with everybody some of the Restoration of Pentecost services that was held in Goodlettsville, TN. this year.  Wild Bill never forgets how he was groomed in scriputure at a very young age by Blog Talk Mom.  He had memorized all of the scriptures that went along with Vacation Bible School, children's church, and Sunday school at his church.  He even got to go into the Christ Ambassadors class of which he was not old enough to be in and take part in their bible quizz.  He has shared how he was a little cocky when it came to his knowledge of scripture when it came to his peers of the same age group.  One Sunday he went to a small church in Beebe, Arkansas with his mom.  In Sunday school they were going to do a short bible quizz with the kids quoting scriptures that they were told to quote by the teacher.  The teacher said she was going to give Wild Bill an easy verse.  They gave him Acts 2:38.  A scripture that up until that date had not been in any of his bible study classes.  It had not even been on the list of scriptures that he was to memorize.  That day his pride was shattered but it was also a start of an understanding of how important it is to study the Bible for yourself.  To make sure that nobody else is missing out on hearing about the book of ACTs.  We are bringing you these sermons in a hope that you may find an understanding of the experiance desribed in the book of Acts. Most of all we pray that you seek to have this experiance for yourself!     

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    Restoration of Pentecost Sunday Night with Lee Stoneking

    in Christianity

    Welcome to another great show from the restoration of pentecost services that was held in Goodlettesville, TN earlier this year.  We want to warn you that you had better have your seat belt on tonight.  If you ever had the questions in your mind on why should I be a christian, is this stuff real, and.or can it change my life?  Tonight you will get the answers to this and then some!  Only the touch of the master's hand on your life can make you truly free and add real value to your life!  This is from a live church service but we did some editing for time and tried to even out the sound.  As always we open up the microphones at the end of the show so that you can ask your questions or make a comment. All you have to do is push the number 1 on your phone and you will be identified by the last four digits of your phone number when we put you on the air.  This show is a little long but Wild Bill wanted to share something with you before the message.   We also want to remind you that you can be blessed by sending a donation for the building fund for the church in Nolensville, TN.  You can send it care of Wild Bill, 2709 Tallow Trace, Spring Hill, TN. 37174.  Your cancelled check will be your reciept and we ask that you make it out to, "The Sanctuary".  We know that God will bless all of you that help!

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    Restoration of Pentecost by Jack Cunningham "Absolutely Apostolic"

    in Christianity

    Welcome to another show from the, "Restoration of Pentecost" revival.  Last week we brought you a powerful message from Jack Cunningham and he is our speaker again tonight.  We want you to know that it does not matter if you are listening live or from our archives, you can receive what you are hearing in this message, and if you are looking for a church we can help.   

    For those who are kingdom minded, we shared with you last week an opportunity to be blessed by being a blessing to others.   First, we are asking for you to put a prayer covering over the Sanctuary of Nolensville, Pastor Lee Stephens, and his family.   Second, we are asking you to pray about sending a financial offering to help with the building fund of this young work.  Trust me, you cannot out give GOD, and you will be blessed.  You can send the offering to Wild Bill; 2709 Tallow Trace, Spring Hill, TN 37174.  Make the check  payable to: The Sanctuary of Nolensville.  Your cancelled check will be your receipt for tax purposes.  We never ask for financial support for our programs, but have felt led to put this need before our listeners.  I don't know who God is wanting to bless, but we encourage you to pray about this and allow yourself to be a blessing to the kingdom while being blessed by GOD!

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    Wild Bill's Answer to Your Questions Regarding Restoration of Pentecost!

    in Christianity

    Welcome to another show at, "Your Place!" We want to thank all of you that have been listening as we have shared with you the sermons from the Restoration of Pentecost revival over the last few weeks.  There are still a few more of these, but Wild Bill has been bombarded with questions and comments about these shows..  As you can guess from our opening song Wild Bill is in rare form tonight.  If only our imagination could make us so we would all be famous, rich, good looking, popular, and saved! But wishing, or using our imagination alone is not going to do any of those things.  The song tells us we can imagine no heaven or no hell. None of us really believe God is limited in his plans according to our imagination.  But do we live our life this way?  If we think our imagination of God's new testiment plan can save us, are we not doing the same thing as the writer of this song? Bill said he did not want to sound preachy or make people feel like their voice was not important.  He was first going to just read a ton of scripture to cover the comments and questions.   Great idea, but having done this show for several years we are aware of how fast time flies.  Since most of our listeners are from the archives, it is hard to find the best way to respond to everybody so that you can feel your were heard.  So lets see if Wild Bill came up with the answer for tonights show...

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    Restoration of Pentecost by Rashidi Collins "Time to take up the mantle"

    in Christianity

    This is a continutation of the  Restoration of Pentecost Revival that was held in June of this year in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. We want to warn you that this message is not for the faint of heart.  This is an old time sermon that is not going to be politicaly correct, but will place poweful seed in your heart if you let it.  This is from a live service and the sound had some problems that we tried to edit out.  We want to thank all of you for your comments and questions on last weeks message.  We promise that we are going to bring you a show very soon that will cover in detail the comments and questions you have posted. For now we ask that you continue to take notes of what you disagree with, and/or the questions these sermons have brought to your mind. You are also welcome to share these live at the end of our shows.  This is a friendly place to speak what is on your mind!  At the end of each show if you have pushed the number 1 on your phone,  we'll bring you on the air and identify you by the last four digits of your phone number.  We pray that God blesses you as you listen to these messages.  We are still offering you the oppertunity to get a special blessing.  We are taking  donations for the building fund for the Sanctuary of Nolensville.  You can send your check to Wild Bill, 2709 Tallow Trace, Spring Hill, TN 37174.  Make your check to The Sanctuary of Nolensville.  Your cancelled check will be your reciept for tax purposes.   I promise that you cannot outgive GOD!!!     

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    Elder Wayne Anders Making The Right Choice

    in Spirituality

    When You Choose To Trust God With Your Resources---Meager As They May Seem---You Can Experience This Same Kind Of Blessing.  Whatever Your Need May Be---Whether Financial Provision, Healing, Peace Of Mind, Or Restoration Of A Relationship---Your Covenant Will Demonstrate, His Endless Love And Faithfully Meet Your Need.

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