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    Cool Queers and Representation in Television

    in LGBT

    A discussion of how the media is slowly yet surely accepting more of the LGBTQ community on television. No longer are they just simply there for comedic relief, but are actually having their own lead roles in a new show, or as extremely important supporting characters. Tonight, we talk about shows coming up that should have more representation or doing a great job doing so. And past shows that were just teaming with wonderful array of the LGBTQ community.

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    Cool Queers and Representation (Pt.2) in Music

    in Pop Culture

    A continuation on Tuesday's episode discussing the queer community and how they are represented in the media. Last time, we talked about how whether television has succesfully or not, portrayed or at least included the LGBTQ+ community. Such as current airing shows, or past ones. In this episode, we'll see how the music industry has done when it came to representation. Famous musicians who are queer,the public's feedback, musicians who freely express they're queer friendliness, and the list goes on!

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    Floridians Call to Action - No More Tolls!

    in Politics

    Call to Action Floridians!

    Floridians must stop complaining about the out of control TOLL TAXES and take action NOW! 

    October 8th is the 100th Anniversary of the Florida Department of Transportation.   How do you rate the job FDOT has done?

    No More Tolls is having a 100 hour protest against out of control toll taxes!  Get involved and take actin now!  We have the chance to stop the insanity and give Floridians the power to control Florida toll taxes.....IF WE TAKE ACTION NOW.

    Other Actions

    Contact Local and State Elected and Appointed Public Servants
    Protest FDOT Offices
    Contact AAA Offices
    Contact New Media
    Contact US House Transportation Committee
    Contact Your Federal Representatives and Senators
    Collect Petitions for Constitutional Amendment

    Sign the Petiton that Give Floridians the Power of the Vote......

    Florida State Constitution - Article VII - Section 19 - Tolls

    (a) Prior to the collection of any toll or toll increase by any governmental entity on toll roads, high-occupancy toll lanes or express lanes, the toll or toll increase shall be approved by a plurality of votes by eligible voters in the next election scheduled by the county or municipality within which the toll is to be collected.

    Go to:  www.NoMoreTolls.us and sign the petition NOW! 

    Florida Toll Taxes - aka Tollation equate to taxation without representation.




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    Community Representation - Are we scared we don't get what we deserve?

    in Entertainment

    I often wonder if the staunch defense of problematic icons in marginalized communities is some sort of residual internalized self hate? Or desperation? Or both?

    what would happen if we smashed all the pedestals of the rapists, misogynists, and domestic abusers in the black community?

    Not to say these types of predators and abusers don't exist in white communities- but white people have more visibility and more options. I know Rape and domestic Violence are underreported in white communities as well, so we may well be consuming movies and music by abusers. But when consuming white media I can easily choose to watch horror movies not affiliated with Polanski. I can watch comedies not directed by woody Allen or starring Sean Penn.

    But if I want to watch a nostalgic family friendly tv show featuring a black family and I ditch "the Cosby show"... I've got... "family matters". Those were the only 2 mainstream black family shows I remember from my childhood. Those were the only places I could watch people who looked like me, had hair like me, dealt with confusion about dating, family, growing up, and racism all at the same time.

    Is that why the black community hesitates to shun abusers in our midst? Because we won't have any representation if we cut out the bad people? Or is it because we think we don't deserve better representation and we secretly believe the lies we've been fed about ourselves?

    Is it a mix of both? Don't we deserve better? Both in terms of more representation and better role models? 
    Why don't we demand more for ourselves? Are we scared we don't deserve more or scared we won't get what we deserve?

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    YouTube Represent!

    in Politics

    On July 24th of this year, YouTube presented their seasoned veterans of the Internet to discuss topics of race and representation, and its effects on their online community. We come to see that representation is an important aspect of media. 

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    Afronerd's Grindhouse Welcomes Dr. Sheena Howard; Pulp/Pop Talk This Sat @6pmEST

    in Politics Conservative

    Greetings to our ever faithful listenership!  Welcome to the latest edition of The Grindhouse Mashup, courtesy of the Afronerd Radio machine.  Join your Podcast Doom Patrol-Daryll B., Capt. Kirk and Dburt this Saturday at 6pm EST as they wax about the following issues: the crew welcomes educator, Dr. Sheena Howard to the show as she discusses her latest book, Black Comics: Politics of Race and Representation. The crew will pick her brain to assess her impression of the comic book industry's recent high profile diversity initiatives and the uptick of ethnic characters; our impressions of a recent Bleeding Cool article's query as to why many Black comic fans appear to avoid African-American comic creators at the convention circuit;  HBO and Zack Snyder (Batman vs Superman) appear to be in talks to develop a Watchmen TV series; and not to be outdone, ABC may be optioning the late Dwayne McDuffie's Damage Control for a comedy TV seres; is the need for gun control/scrutiny becoming more evident with the recent college shooting tragedy in Oregon?; actor, Jessie L. Williams discusses "bi-racial privileges" in the context of race relations in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement; Pulitzer Prize winning author Junot Diaz (The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao) unpacks diversity issues on Late Night with Seth Myers (he also makes his MIT creative writing students watch Star Wars).  And lastly, The Mission's Joseph Illidge laments about the lack of Black women depicted in a 15min Yahoo highlight reel entitled, Rise of the Female Superhero (infrastructure!).  Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

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    Madison's View of a "Convention for Proposing Amendments" (4)

    in US Government

    Part 4 of our multi-part series examining the view with which James Madison, considered the father of the Constitution, regarded the State amending convention provision in Article V.

    Various interpretations of Madison's views have been presented over many years, in support of multiple positions in regard to the utility, and even the safety, of the Article V provision to the States to hold a "convention for proposing amendments".  We are going to walk through this man's life, through his written record, to construct his position, and the continued consistency of his position, and provide the most accurate representation we can of his thoughts.  We're going to take as many episodes as necessary to thoroughly flesh out his view.

    Today, we'll just introduce the historical context of the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798, which led Madison to write the Virginia Resolution (and Jefferson the Kentucky Resolution).  We'll especially remind ourselves how even our founders, such as John Adams, can easily forget the freedom and form of government for which they fought only 10-20 years earlier.

    As always, we'll present the latest news in the Convention of the States.  And, we'll allow time for your phone calls.

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    MADDADS will be discussing the representation of your side of town.

    in Lifestyle

    Give your comments on our Stop the Violence march and festival from June 6, 2015.

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    Michigan Literary Network Radio 9/23/15 w/guest Dr. Sheena C. Howard

    in Books

    Today's guest is Dr. Sheena C. Howard, professor, author, and public speaking coach.

    Dr. Sheena C. Howard is a graduate of the Communication and Culture (Ph.D.) program at Howard University in Washington, DC. She has received numerous accolades in her young career, including two national dissertation awards for her work in mass media and popular culture. In 2014, Howard became the first Black woman to win a coveted Eisner Award - the comic industries highest accolade.

    Howard earned her master’s degree in Graphic Design from the New York Institute of Technology and completed her undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing from the Hagan School of Business at Iona College.

    Dr. Howard is author of the book Black Queer Identity Matrix (2014), Critical Articulations of Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation (2014) and first author of the book, Black Comics: Politics of Representation (2013).

    Check her out at her website www.sheenachoward.com.

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    Voices Carry for Animals # 59

    in Pets

    Hosted By Debbie Dahmer

    Guest will be: Midge Grinstead- Kansas Senior State Director - The Humane Society of the United States

    There are three issues Midge Grinstead has worked on last legislated session:  SB 97 was a bad bill allowing human contact with big cats 40 lbs and under and de-listing Clouded Leopards from the dangerous regulated animals act.  Midge also worked on an exotic bill to add non-human primates and wolves to the dangerous regulated animals act (HB2737)

    The other bill was brought forth from the Dept of Agriculture and updated the Kansas . Pet Animal Act including banning CO chambers, allowing shelters to do mobile adoptions and giving the rescue groups representation on the board as well as many other positive changes for animal welfare like having water available to all animals under the pet animal act.  This bill was supported by the Kansas Pet Animal Coalition, large and small animal welfare groups, the Kansas Animal Control Association and many others.


    The Humane Society of the United States is the nation’s largest animal protection organization, rated most effective by our peers. For 60 years, HSUS have celebrated the protection of all animals and confronted all forms of cruelty. HSUS is the nation’s largest provider of hands-on service for animals, caring for more than 100,000 animals each year, and HSUS prevent cruelty to millions more through our advocacy campaigns. 

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