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    Secrets To Success The Eros Equation a Soul-ution for Relationshiops Eve Hogan

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    Join us Wednesday at 11:11 am PT/1:11 pm CDT/2:11 pm EDT we broadcast Live with Guest Eve Hogan authoro of The Eros Equation- A Soul-ution for Relationships.

    Based on the idea that it is our own response to a situation — rather than the situation itself — that creates a particular outcome, The EROS Equation is a unique approach to improving relationships. Instead of focusing on difficult partners or problems, author and relationship adviser Eve Eschner Hogan enables us to uncover new and creative responses in ourselves using the EROS equation. As she explains in the introduction, Hogan developed this problem-solving tool through years of work with clients, colleagues, and in her own marriage. She named it the EROS equation because it can be written as Event + Response = Outcome and Solutions (E + R = O and S). Invocative of the Greek god of love, this empowering outlook leads to deeper self-knowledge and more harmonious relationships. Writing in accessible, short chapters, Hogan uses real-life examples to look at typical relationship issues, from daily annoyances to extramarital affairs. She highlights common responses that don’t work and applies the EROS equation to show us how our own wisdom, intuition, and creativity can reveal solutions. The EROS Equation makes clear that by changing an unhelpful, habitual response that blocks understanding, we can create a loving and solution-oriented outcome.

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    What is reality, and how can we be more real?

    in Self Help

    Reality is perception, but since we all live in our own reality, the question i would like to adress and try to answer in this broadcast is this, how can we learn to be more real with one another?

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    "Dealing With Loss Part 2....Breakups Suck"

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    On this broadcast of The Ki-Ki, we are continuing last weeks conversation on dealing with loss, concentrating this week on losing love. We're talking breakups...how to get over, when to leave and the what to do and not do after a relationship ends. Can you remain friends with an ex or do you want to throw a brick trhough their car windshield? (non-violence non violence) As always we have our Week in Ki-Ki, Beat of the Week & Cocktail break.

    Tune in and enjoy!

    call in 347-857-3626 to listen and share your stories! 

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    Philmchology w/Brenda B: Bringing Up Baby (1938) & What's Up, Doc (1972)

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    These two movies are basically the same romantic comedy from two different eras.  You can't go wrong with either of them, but it would be great for you to watch both and see why one speaks to you more than the other.  Check out the trailers:

    Click here for Bringing Up Baby Trailer

    Other Noteworthy scenes 

    Click here for Meeting Baby

    Click here for What's Up, Doc? Trailer

    Other noteworthy scenes 

    Click here: "As Time Goes By" Scene 

    Click here: Eunice with the Incomparably Brilliant Madeline Kahn

    Psychologically people do many strange things for love, to get it, keep it, or quite possibly to prevent it.  Romantic comedies usuallly take our action to the absurd, but we all tend to relate to them because of the topsy turvy way love affects our normal routine or standard calm. Relationships rarely start as even-keeled placid beginnings.  Most are unexpected or heart-racing in nature based on our hopes that the ones we seek are open to reciprocal feelings. The angst that takes place comes with the uncertainty of our intened's feelings.  Maybe your romances didn't start with a leopard or a walking disaster, but if you think back...

    Did you ever:

    Hang out somewhere you never would for hours in hopes your intended would see or speak to you?
    Did you orchestrate a meeting through someone else that knew your intended or changed your hair, clothing, or makeup to attract anyone?

    You've lived a romantic comedy!

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    Meet author B.Styliz Oritz

    in Entertainment

    Hello everyone! I have a great show for you. Meet author B. Styliz Ortiz. His book is called Pretty Boy with The House in Virginia. My co-host Dominicansoul and I well discuss his book and HIV awareness and more.. let's talk!  

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    Writing, Volunteering, Networking

    in Business

    Emily Breder is the Editor-in-Chief for The Content Studio, producing digital content for entrepreneurs and small biz. She is also a Zen practitioner and sits on several nonprofit boards and planning committees. Emily is here to share her experiences in the world of writing, volunteering, networking, and more. Find today’s featured guest at: http://Brummet.cahttp://Brummet.ca …& the Brummets @ http://Brummet.ca

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    Personality Profiling

    in Lifestyle

    Angel Tucker is a Certified Human Behavior Consultant, author of two books, and an expert personality profiler who has been speaking professionally at venues across North America for the past 20 years! Her dynamic presentations empower people with the ability to read personality types within 60 seconds! We’ll hear about some of the tools we can all use to succeed in self improvement, bettering relationships, effective parenting, and job advancement! Find out more about her company, Personality Profiles LLC, and her books, speaking events, and more via: www.personalityprofiles.org…& the Brummets @ http://Brummet.ca

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    Relationships and Wellness

    in Self Help

    Relationships--they're one of the cornerstones of living your best life, and staying well, too. Dr. Erica Goodstone, our next guest, knows about relationships and how they thrive. Based on her innovative techniques and work with many clients, Dr. Erica joins the Wellness Coaches to share her insights on how to make your relationships work better. **JOIN US LIVE AT OUR SPECIAL TIME--10 A.M. EASTERN** or listen anytime on our archive.

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    LipSmack Radio Show

    in Entertainment

    LipSmack Live Sunday Nights at 9PM CST. Your Sunday Night Attitude Adjustment. Lips and Smack talk about relationshiops, Sex, Trust, Lies, and anything our listeners want to hear. We go against the grain of society but with respect.

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    Are you a slave to fashion?

    in Entertainment

    Are you a slave to fashion? You might be and not even realize it. Most of us were taught to bow to the fashion Gods from T.V., Print Ads, The Internet ,and our Parents.
    Do you need the newest sneaker or cell phone because it will make you feel better? Does your handbag cost more then the amount  you have in the bank? Are you a Label Whore? Did you own a Throwback Jersey? Do your Pants Sag disgracefully low for no good reason?
    Join Zaiyah and Uptown  as they chop it Up with the family and share their wit and wisdom on this other topics relevant to you.........

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    Tonights topic will be about fakes, fake friends, fake relationshiops? fake people in general? Tune in at 7:00 PM 8:00 PM central