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    A Parental Guide to Recruitment

    in Basketball

    Join this exciting show featuring a parent and her daughter receiving a message to make her first call to a Division 1 college coach. 
    We will have a question and answer period with Champion coach Faith Johnson Patterson offering her expert opinion and advice to a parent and her daughter to help them with the begining stages of recruitment process.
    Coach Faith Johnson Patterson contact info:

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    #ACHradio Takes A Deep Dive Into Pediatric Oncology: Recruitment and Leadership

    in Business

    Join us March 19th at 12:30 eastern time when we discuss the behind-the-scenes world of Pediatric Oncology and Blood Disorders. We'll be joined by Michelle Nelson (@mnelsonrecruits), a member of our recruitment team. We'll also meet Julie Navarro, RN, one of All Children's Hospitals rising stars in leadership.

    Don't miss it!

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    Recruitment Drive !!!

    in Christianity

    We would like to remind you of a very special quote form our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as it is recorded in the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 9, Verses 37, and it goes like this. “ Then He said to His disciples, “ The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few ”.
    With this little reminder I want to discuss what it means to serve our Lord and harvest souls for the Kingdom of Heaven. We are in the end of times and if we do not make every effort to correct the path that the majority of the world is finding themselves in, Heaven will have few people to love and honor God for an eternity. Listen, Satan maybe winning the battle for souls at this time in our history of mankind but he has not and must not win the war that rages the world over.
    So we here at the Christian Warrior network are reaching out to YOU, to come and join our ranks and help Christ win back the billions of Souls that are being cast to the side by lies, half truths and manipulation for Satan, his demons and those that have no love or respect for God, themselves, let alone their fellow man. YOU can make a difference so help Jesus, win the war of lost and forgotten souls.
    It starts right now at the Christian Warrior Network here on the Celtic Cross Radio Ministry. So tune in or go to our website, (www.celticcrossministry.com ) look over our Belief Statement, (especially the part about marriage). Pray about your calling, and if you can agree, then we want to hear from you. Go to our JOIN US tab on the site and pick a church planting to be apart of and help win this one for Jesus...

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    Top 25 Recruitment Influencers - UK Interviews

    in Jobs

    What is an Influencer? John Sumser released the list of Top 25 Most Influential Online Recruiters, based on the online measurements of Traackr. Bill Boorman (6), Louise Triance (10) and Peter Gold (20) cracked the list dominated by North Americans. In this show, we discuss building networks, creating influence and the effect that it can have on changing recruitment today. Dial in and participate in the debate.

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    How to Recruit Female Advisors: Ellen Rogin Interviews Holly Buchanan

    in Business

    The advantages of having women on your team is a hot topic these days. For a wealth management team, what are those advantages, exactly? And what do you need to know to attract and retain female advisors?

    In this episode of AdvisorRadio, Ellen Rogin speaks with Holly Buchanan, author of "Selling Financial Services to Women," and an expert on female recruitment in the financial services industry. Holly points out all the reasons why clients want to work with female advisors, why female advisors often don't get recruited, and what women are most looking for from their peers and managers.

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    UK Recruitment Director Ken Ward Stops by HR Latte - we hope!

    in Jobs

    The War for Tech Talent

    Rayanne welcomes experienced tech recruiter Ken Ward, out of Romford UK,  to share some of the insights he has gained from nearly 20 years of recruiting. With such vaired experiences recruiting for Aol, Skype, EA, Playfish, Mind Candy, and currently at Nexmo, be prepared for a great conversation about "creative and commericaly-focused" recruiting, 

    Join us for an interesting conversation about recruiting in today's crazy, tech-driven world of commerce and enterprise. 

    HR Latte is a fast-paced, quick hit show where you can expect not only surprises but the information you need to know for success in the world of talent management.

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    Dane Añar , Corporate Recruiter

    in Jobs

    @WhoIsDane -- LINKEDIN -- Website -- Resume

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    Powering Up & Powering Through The Competition in the World of Recruitment

    in Business

    Join us today on Women Leading the Way Radio as Deanna Potter, your host of Sassy Sales & Biz Development, interviews Melissa Simonsen, Talent Acquisition Consultant & Founder of Simonsen Says.

    What are top companies looking for in today’s hiring platform? When asked about the importance of business development in today’s corporations, do you know where it fits?  How has the interviewing process changed and what can you expect now compared to 2 years, 1 year or even 6 months ago? Bottom line - How do you stand out and move ahead of the other qualified professionals who do understand the difference between sales, business development and profits in today’s market?

    Melissa works with organizations to manage the recruiting process in a corporate and search environment.  With over 16 years of experience she has witnessed and participated in the continuous evolution of the workforce and knows first hand what is trending and what it takes in today’s marketplace to be at the top of your game in business development.  Melissa will share with us her experience, techniques, and philosophy on how to maximize your talents in todays fast pace competitive world.

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    Atlanta Police Department Hispanic Recruitment

    in Jobs

    Atlanta Police discuss recruitment of Latinos for the department. Guest: Officer Michael Rosario APD, will discuss the recuritment process for the APD.   

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    Diversity: Generating Cultural Buy-in

    in Work

    Todays guest is Rory C. Trotter Jr., an HR leader specializing in Compensation, Talent Management, Employee Relations, and People Analytics.  Rory consistently reaches out to managers and leaders across industries and professions to get their takes on everything from career to experience and analytics to strategic insight.  He has provided enterprise wide support on matters related to base pay, executive pay, and long-term incentives for a Fortune 50 company, managed employee relations for various operations and commercial client groups, and led recruitment efforts for hundreds of jobs spanning a wide range of functions, complexity, and scope.  Feel free to connect with Rory via Twitter @RoryCTrotterJr.  

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    Video Technology as a Recruitment Tool with Lindsay Stanton at Digi-Me

    in Technology

    The Convergence of Video, Mobile, and Social for Talent Acquisition and Branding

    HR Latte welcomes guest Lindsay Stanton, Chief Client Officer at Digi-Me, a JSTN company to chat about the world of video technology and how it is making a difference in tthe hiring process of today. Does video really benefit the job seeker? Will it help the hiring professional make a more educated decision?

    Take advantage of a special promo for HR Latte Listeners at http://www.digi-me.com/promo, a $650 value for $49. Thanks Digi-Me!

    Join us for an interesting conversation about hiring in today's crazy, tech-driven world of commerce and enterprise. 

    HR Latte is a fast-paced, quick hit show where you can expect not only surprises but the information you need to know for success in the world of talent management.

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