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    Realty411 Radio - The Death of Creative Real Estate? Plus Goal Setting!

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    "The Death of Creative Real Estate As We Know It"?

    This is going to be one of the hottest topics discussed by Real Estate Investment Gurus in 2014, and it should be, but... don't believe the hype.  As "Smart Real Estate Investors", one of the strategies we sometimes employ with sellers is to discuss with them the options they have to dispose of an unwanted or problem property. But, as the headline suggests, what options do we know have as Investors under these new pieces of legislation we have come to know as "The S.A.F.E. Act" and the "Dodd-Frank Act", which become effective starting January 10th, 2014?

    Tune in this Saturday to meeting the *Team and New Hosts of BlogTalkRadio's Realty411 "Invest Wisely" Show and listen to a brief discussion on why you shouldn't be concerned about all the "hype" surrounding this new legislation.  With just a little bit of information, knowledge and proper documentation, which has been available for over a century, you won't have any problem staying in full compliance and avoid the real estate boogie man.

    Plus, did you write your goals this year? Goal Setting is very important for Real Estate investors. Scott, David, Crystal and Linda discuss why everyone should have a plan for 2014 so they can achieve all their goals for the year.

    Meet the Team...

    Linda Pliagas, Publisher of Realty411 Magazine
    Scott Moyes, TheSmartREI & Full Price Offer Guy
    Crystal Guzman, Partner of Real Estate Club in Action
    David Salcido, Co-Founder of The Smart REI Group of America and Social Media Marketing Expert

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    Realty411 "Invest Wisely" BlogTalkRadio Show

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    "The Miracle of Wealth" - Join host Scott L Moyes this Thursday Feb 13 at 12:00pm Pacific Time for a very special episode of "Invest Wisely" with our Special Guest, Steve Down, Founder of Financially Fit and author of "Financially Fit for Life".  Listen to Steve as he explains the Eight Key Princples of Wealth Creation and the Powerful Lessons he learned from Warren Buffet.

    The Miracle of Wealth philosophy is based upon the premise that wealth is seldom won nor earned. Rather, wealth is created; and, once you understand the principles or factors of wealth creation you can create wealth again and again!

    All listeners of this special broadcast will learn how to obtain a FREE Copy of "The Miracle of Wealth" Audio CD, the eight factors that will forever change your financial life.

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    Realty411 "Invest Wisely" with Host Scott L Moyes

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    Join me today with my special guest Lee Phillips, Attorney and Advisor to the U.S. Supreme Court.  We will be dicussing Proper Entity Structuring for your Business and Real Estate Deals. There is a ton of mis-information out there and most of it is coming from the legal profession.

    Remember, all our episodes are recorded and available as an iTunes download.  Now you don't have to miss a single episode of "Invest Wisely".

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    Realty411 "Invest Wisely" with Scott L Moyes

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    Join me next week on Realty411 "Invest Wisely" with my guest Jason Shubert.  Jason in an expert on acquiring commercial real estate, specifically Hotels and Motels using the same methods as you would with Single Family Homes.

    Jason will show you how to cash flow as much as $20,000 per month on just one transaction just as easy as doing a single family home.

    That's next Thursday March 13, 2014 at 3:00 pm Pacific.

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    Realty411 "Invest Wisely" - Tips on Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

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    Did you know that the Space Shuttle expends 90% of its energy and fuel just to leave the earth’s atmosphere?  Think about that for a minute.  Holly cow, that means that the remaining 10% powers and supports the remainder of its trip in space.

    If we compare Getting Started in Real Estate Investing with the launch of the Space Shuttle, it's no wonder most wannabe investors never get off the ground.  Dang, it's just too difficult.  They don't have the fuel, energy, knowledge, resouces or team to BOOST them past failure's gravitational pull.

    I've heard it said... "No Pain, No Gain".  Well that's a bunch of El Toro Poo Poo in my opinion.  For hell sakes, were not lifting weights for crude sakes, or are we?  Hey, the phone can be pretty heavy sometimes, RIGHT?

    I'm here to tell you that you don't have to go through lots of pain, but you may have to scrafice a little. IOW, you might have to spend less time in front of the idiot box (T.V.) and actually make offers.  I'm also going to tell you that you truely don't have to spend much money, if any, to make good money in this business.

    Join me, Scott L Moyes "TheSmarREI" and Full Price Offer Guy, today at 3:00pm Pacific, as I tell you my own story and why I never pay more than $10 to control a property.

    If for some reason you can't make it, the show is recorded and is available as an iTunes download for you to listen to later.

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    Boost the ROI on Your REI with the Private Reserve Strategy with Jim Beam

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    JIM BEAM with Lifeway Advisors

    Jim Beam consults with clients to expose the truths about the behavior of the dollar in their personal economic environments.  In working with clients, Jim shows how much money will come into their personal economy during their lifetime and just how fast it can disappear if financial decisions are being made without intent.  

    What is intent?  Intent is the act of performing with a clearly formulated or planned objective. Jim helps develop that objective.  

    Jim has two degrees in business management and spent the first 25 years of his career managing over $500,000,000 in real estate and major construction projects. He has a particular interest in working with real estate investors and small business owners to show them strategies that keep their dollar working in multiple places at the same time.  

    Jim has been married to his wife, Shannon, for 22 years and they have been blessed with four children.  Together, they have enjoyed over 25 years in various aspects of business management and ministry outreach.  Their life verse is Proverbs 3:5-6.  Jim and Shannon share their passion to add value to their client’s economy by illustrating proven processes to protect, use, and grow their wealth providing certainty in uncertain times.

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    Realty411 "Invest Wisely" BlogTalkRadio Show

    in Real Estate

    Our special guest this week will be Doug Carver with Investor Rewards.  Join Linda Pliagas and Scott Moyes as they interview Doug and discuss the incredible benefits and discounts that are available to Real Estate Investors through the Investor Rewards Cash Back Program.

    Investor Rewards is a FREE Service that gives Investors "Cash Back" on their favorite products and services that they already buy and use. 

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    Meet Mike Hambright the Founder of FlipNerd.com - Discover Investment Tips

    in Real Estate

    Tune in LIVE Today to Learn Directly from the Mastermind behind FlipNerd.com

    FlipNerd.com is The Most Powerful Master Mind in Real Estate Investing. FlipNerd.com hosts multiple new video and podcast interviews each week with VIPs in the real estate investing and real estate world. We interview powerful new guests often, in a format where others can learn and grow in a casual setting. They also host other entrepreneurs and interesting people.

    His shows can be found at: www.flipnerd.com/shows

    Join us as have a conversation with Mike Hambright and discover how and why he began FlipNerd.

    Some of the questions he will answer, include:

    1. How did Mike come up with the idea of FlipNerd?

    2. What is his Ultimate Mission with FlipNerd?

    3. How many shows have you produced thus far?

    4. What are the Biggest Lessons you have personally learned from interviewing other Real Estate Rock Stars?

    5. Plus, general background of how you started your investing career.


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    Mindset Mentoring featuring Coach Collard interview by Jasmine Willois, MBA

    in Real Estate

    Coach Collard. Is a real estate investor, coach, trainer, licensed professional and Outback consultant, out of Las Vegas, NV.  He's created a invetor action program called the OUTBACK. The OUTBACK is all about your MINDSET, and creating solutions in the face of uncertainty.

    To learn more about his events...read about Pasha's experience below.

    "I recently made a career change from professional poker player to all things real estate. If any of you who know poker, I used to travel with my brother Antonio Esfandiari "the Magician" to play poker all over the world.  One day, it dawned on me that I needed to set something up for my future, and I realized poker was not the lifestyle for me anymore, and that real estate was probably the most secure and easiest way to building a fortune. Within 6 Months, I went from gambler to real estate investor thanks to Coach Collard. I now have 100k in the bank for only flipping homes with investors, have bought 2 cash flow property's for my family, started a side cash flow project, and generated income from being a real estate agent. I give this credit to Coach Collard for one main reason, He makes you feel empowered and breaks down complicated formulas into simple steps of action. He gave me the confidence to move forward and follow my dreams and take a leap into real estate. That's just what he does! He gives you the tools to follow through to making the right decisions to secure your future!"   - Pasha Esfandiary, Las Vegas 2012

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    Anatomy of a FIRST Deal - New Investors Wholesale Deal for $50K Assignment Fee

    in Real Estate

    Welcome once again to Realty411 Radio - Our Invest Wisely Weekly Program.

    Today we have the pleasure of speaking to Eric Gooden, partner of GoodEnvestors. Eric is a new investor and this is his first deal, which he found through marketing, wholesaled out for an assignment fee and then sold it for an assignment fee of nearly $50,000!!

    In this episode that you do NOT want to miss, Eric will divulge how that transaction took place, step by step. He will also discuss the new deal he has under contract, which will once again result in one more $50,000 assignment fee payout for him and his two brothers; they are also partners of GoodEnvestors.

    That's nearly $100,000 is just a few months of entering the real estate investment arena.*

    How did Eric and his brothers start their journey? What are some of the lessons they have learned?

    To what and whom do they attribute their success to? What's next for these young investors?


    * Disclaimer: These results are NOT typical. Real estate investing is very risky. Please proceed with caution when investing in real estate or any other asset. We always advise that you seek the advise of your trusted attorney, accountant, and/or financial adviser before investing.

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    Santa Barbara Real Estate Expo - Network in the "American Riviera" - PREVIEW

    in Real Estate

    Join Investors from Around the Country in Santa Barbara, Calif., "THE AMERICAN RIVIERA"

    On Saturday June 20th, investors and real estate professionals from throughout California and around the nation will unite at an ocean-front resort to discuss many diverse topics of the real estate industry. The event, hosted by Realty411 magazine, is a joint partnership with the Santa Barbara REIA. Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with the founder of SB REIA, Dan Ringwald. Listen to our radio show to get an Inside's Preview of our upcoming expo in advance.

    Dan Ringwald started his investing career in 1978 owning and managing Real Estate. He now owns Real Estate nationwide through his main company National Home Buyers, LLC and is building teams of Investors via Joint Venture Agreements. He is also building teams of property locators through his coaching, mentoring, and the Santa Barbara Real Estate Association which he created in 2006.

    FOR INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT: https://santabarbarareiaexpo.eventbrite.com


    Realty Mogul, "Borrowing from the Crowd: Accessing New Sources of Capital."

    Jim Bean, Life Way Advisors -- "Increase Your ROI on Your REI."                                      
    Kathy Fettke, Real Wealth Network -- "Live Where You Want, Invest Where It Makes Sense."

    Anthony Patrick, New Harvest Ventures -- "How I Rehab 5 to 10 Deals Per Month, Every Month in California."  

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