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    Realty411 "Invest Wisely" Inaugrual Radio Show

    in Real Estate

    Join hosts Linda Pliagas, Scott L Moyes and David Salcido for the Inaugural Realty411 BlogTalkRadio Show.

    - Meet Your Hosts
    - 2013 Year in Review
    - What You, as a Creative Real Estate Invesstor Need to Know in 2014
    - San Diego Realty411 Expo (Sat & Sun January 18th & 19th) Your Hosts...

    Your Hosts:
    - Linda Pliagas, Investor & Editor of Realty411 Magazine
    - David Salcido, CRE Marketing Expert and Founder of Salcido Consulting
    - Scott L Moyes, "The Full Price Offer Guy" and Co-Founder of The Smart REI Group of America

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    Realty411 Radio - The Death of Creative Real Estate? Plus Goal Setting!

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    "The Death of Creative Real Estate As We Know It"?

    This is going to be one of the hottest topics discussed by Real Estate Investment Gurus in 2014, and it should be, but... don't believe the hype.  As "Smart Real Estate Investors", one of the strategies we sometimes employ with sellers is to discuss with them the options they have to dispose of an unwanted or problem property. But, as the headline suggests, what options do we know have as Investors under these new pieces of legislation we have come to know as "The S.A.F.E. Act" and the "Dodd-Frank Act", which become effective starting January 10th, 2014?

    Tune in this Saturday to meeting the *Team and New Hosts of BlogTalkRadio's Realty411 "Invest Wisely" Show and listen to a brief discussion on why you shouldn't be concerned about all the "hype" surrounding this new legislation.  With just a little bit of information, knowledge and proper documentation, which has been available for over a century, you won't have any problem staying in full compliance and avoid the real estate boogie man.

    Plus, did you write your goals this year? Goal Setting is very important for Real Estate investors. Scott, David, Crystal and Linda discuss why everyone should have a plan for 2014 so they can achieve all their goals for the year.

    Meet the Team...

    Linda Pliagas, Publisher of Realty411 Magazine
    Scott Moyes, TheSmartREI & Full Price Offer Guy
    Crystal Guzman, Partner of Real Estate Club in Action
    David Salcido, Co-Founder of The Smart REI Group of America and Social Media Marketing Expert

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    Realty411 "Invest Wisely" BlogTalkRadio Show

    in Real Estate

    "The Miracle of Wealth" - Join host Scott L Moyes this Thursday Feb 13 at 12:00pm Pacific Time for a very special episode of "Invest Wisely" with our Special Guest, Steve Down, Founder of Financially Fit and author of "Financially Fit for Life".  Listen to Steve as he explains the Eight Key Princples of Wealth Creation and the Powerful Lessons he learned from Warren Buffet.

    The Miracle of Wealth philosophy is based upon the premise that wealth is seldom won nor earned. Rather, wealth is created; and, once you understand the principles or factors of wealth creation you can create wealth again and again!

    All listeners of this special broadcast will learn how to obtain a FREE Copy of "The Miracle of Wealth" Audio CD, the eight factors that will forever change your financial life.

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    Realty411 "Invest Wisely" with Scott L Moyes

    in Real Estate

    Join me next week on Realty411 "Invest Wisely" with my guest Jason Shubert.  Jason in an expert on acquiring commercial real estate, specifically Hotels and Motels using the same methods as you would with Single Family Homes.

    Jason will show you how to cash flow as much as $20,000 per month on just one transaction just as easy as doing a single family home.

    That's next Thursday March 13, 2014 at 3:00 pm Pacific.

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    Realty411 "Invest Wisely" with Host Scott L Moyes

    in Real Estate

    Join me today with my special guest Lee Phillips, Attorney and Advisor to the U.S. Supreme Court.  We will be dicussing Proper Entity Structuring for your Business and Real Estate Deals. There is a ton of mis-information out there and most of it is coming from the legal profession.

    Remember, all our episodes are recorded and available as an iTunes download.  Now you don't have to miss a single episode of "Invest Wisely".

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    Realty411 "Invest Wisely" - Tips on Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

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    Did you know that the Space Shuttle expends 90% of its energy and fuel just to leave the earth’s atmosphere?  Think about that for a minute.  Holly cow, that means that the remaining 10% powers and supports the remainder of its trip in space.

    If we compare Getting Started in Real Estate Investing with the launch of the Space Shuttle, it's no wonder most wannabe investors never get off the ground.  Dang, it's just too difficult.  They don't have the fuel, energy, knowledge, resouces or team to BOOST them past failure's gravitational pull.

    I've heard it said... "No Pain, No Gain".  Well that's a bunch of El Toro Poo Poo in my opinion.  For hell sakes, were not lifting weights for crude sakes, or are we?  Hey, the phone can be pretty heavy sometimes, RIGHT?

    I'm here to tell you that you don't have to go through lots of pain, but you may have to scrafice a little. IOW, you might have to spend less time in front of the idiot box (T.V.) and actually make offers.  I'm also going to tell you that you truely don't have to spend much money, if any, to make good money in this business.

    Join me, Scott L Moyes "TheSmarREI" and Full Price Offer Guy, today at 3:00pm Pacific, as I tell you my own story and why I never pay more than $10 to control a property.

    If for some reason you can't make it, the show is recorded and is available as an iTunes download for you to listen to later.

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    A Financial Vehicle That Compounds Your Investments - Learn from Rebecca Rice

    in Real Estate

    Learn directly from Rebecca Rice, managing partner and founder of Rebecca Rice & Associates, about an important financial tool that you need to be aware of.

    When you hear Rebecca Rice you’ll find a financial vehicle beyond what most investors use. Typically investors turn to cash, mortgages, private lending or a combination of the above. Each has its own costs and limitations, but today you will learn about a financial planning tool that can help investors:

    • Keep their money safe and private
    • Borrow money at low cost or net-zero cost
    • Avoid credit checks and bank approval for loans
    • Gain tax-free retirement income
    • Loan your own business money and save money on taxes
    • Pay off debt faster
    • Create an emergency fund that earned interest  
      four times higher than most banks pay.

    Rebecca Rice, author of the the Book, “Multiply Your Wealth: Essential Secrets for Financial Freedom”, joins us today on Realty411 Radio.



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    Goal Setting - Make Your Resolutions Materialize for 2016 and Beyond... Tune In!

    in Real Estate

    Something special happens in the beginning of a new year. It's a time to reflect on the last twelve months and examine our accomplishments and failures. It's a wonderful season to examine our life and figure out a strategy for the future.

    With this in mind, I cannot stress how important it is to write down your goals for the upcoming year. When you join pen to paper and have an honest self-talk about what it is you need and want from life, it truly changes everything. Successful people always plan and prepare. You cannot chart your path without knowing where you want your final destination to be.

    In this EXCITING, INFORMATIVE & MOTIVATIONAL episode Linda Pliagas, founder of Realty411, a resource guide for investors of real estate, interviews Daniel Ringwald, the president and founder of the Santa Barbara Real Estate Investor's Association. Their mission is to inspire you to NEW LEVELS in 2016 by sharing some tips and ideas that have helped them in reaching their real estate and personal goals.

    Currently, Pliagas owns and publishes some of the most popular magazines for the REI industry, plus he hosts expos around the nation to distribute her publications and meet their magazine fans, subscribers, readers, as well as local real estate-service providers. Dan and his family run the local REIA in the area. Dan is living the CALIFORNIA DREAM on his ocean-view estate in the beautiful Santa Barbara mountains and manages his growing real estate portfolio around the nation. His GREEN (eco-friendly, hybrid-driving, self-sustaining lifestyle) is one that Linda admires.

    Linda and Dan are living the "American Dream" in what is popular known as the "American Riviera"... Santa Barbara, in the Central Coast of California.

    Dan and Linda want to help you UNBLOCK and realize your goals and true potential, especially in your real estate endeavors. Tune in and Tune ON your life in 2016 and beyond.

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    EXPLODE Your Rehab Business - Tips from Master Investor, Anthony Patrick

    in Real Estate


    If so, listen to this NEW episode of our Realty411 Radio segment, Invest Wisely. In this NEW SHOW the founder of Realty411, Linda Pliagas, talks to Anthony Patrick, CEO of New Harvest Ventures, LLC.

    Anthony Patrick is a seasoned real estate expert with almost 20 years of experience, and has been involved in over a thousand transactions in all areas of real estate over the course of his career.. His passion is to help others build wealth through real estate investing and positively affect the lives of those around them.

    Anthony has been in the trenches as a handyman, became a property manager, and is now a successful real estate investor who mentors new and seasoned investors who want to achieve the same level of success as he did. He has taught thousands of students at more than a hundred events across this great nation and shared the stage with titans like Donald Trump, Suze Orman and Ron LeGrand.

    Though the majority of his experience is in flipping houses, he has considerable experience in all areas of real estate investing strategy and tactics; including, but not limited to; wholesaling, REDC auctions, court-house auctions, REO properties, probates, pre-foreclosures, storage, lease options and rentals.

    His vast knowledge about all areas of real estate finance and investing has transformed the lives of his students and their families. He also contributes selflessly to charity, and setting the example of being an honorable philanthropist.

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    Realty411 "Invest Wisely" BlogTalkRadio Show

    in Real Estate

    Our special guest this week will be Doug Carver with Investor Rewards.  Join Linda Pliagas and Scott Moyes as they interview Doug and discuss the incredible benefits and discounts that are available to Real Estate Investors through the Investor Rewards Cash Back Program.

    Investor Rewards is a FREE Service that gives Investors "Cash Back" on their favorite products and services that they already buy and use. 

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    How to Create Cash Flow with Expensive Nor Cal Properties + NAPA Expo!

    in Real Estate

    A talk with Michael Morrongiello, founder of Bay Area Wealth Builders, one of Northern California's most popular investment clubs. On this episode, Linda Pliagas, founder of Realty411 Magazine, interviews Michael about his area of expertise: Notes. Plus, they discuss their upcoming CRUSH IT! Napa Valley Real Estate Investors' Expo. Be sure to listen in as Michael discusses his speaking topic at the expo: "How to Create Cash Flow with Expensive Nor Cal Properties."

    Get inside tips and techniques on how Michael has benefited from investing in Northern California.

    Michael Morrongiello is an active investor who specializes in Real Estate & Real Estate “Paper” investments. Widely known as having one of the most knowledgeable & creative minds in the paper business, Michael started creating paper as a result of his own Real Estate investment activities in the early 1980’s. He is very active in the Buy/Sell renovation business of properties here in the SF Bay Area.

    Michael is the author of Paper into Cash – The Convertible Currency-the definitive home study course that assists you in structuring seller financed transactions while creating marketable Notes and The Unity of Real Estate and “paper” – a course book that outlines numerous real world in the marketplace transaction scenarios and solutions where Real Estate and financing techniques involving “paper” can be effectively used.

    Michael is also the program director for BAWB- the Bay Area Wealth Builders Association- an educational support group for both the beginning and seasoned real estate investor.