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  • American Variety Network Musical Tributes Episode 1: Rap Music

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    Rap Music seems to be the music choice for many of today's generation  whether they be aged 15 up to age 40, rap music has grown in popularity over the last few years!!!! Rap is no doubt a big part of today's generation and will contiune to be a part of American live styles for years to come. C.I.A. Alex Cardinale loves RAP and he listens to it as inspiration for what ever he needs a pick me up. So, the American Variety Network decided to revive our Musical tributes and our first revival show will be on RAP Music!!!


    Expect to hear songs from:



    Snoop Dog


    Wiz Khalifa

    and even Alex Cardinale himself as he plays his embarrasing own rap songs LMAO

    Please call in to request a rap song you want to hear! 1 347-989-8142

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    The Evolution of Rap Music In The United States

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    Rap Music is truely an American minority creation of subcultural roots. This musical artform has been around for over 30 years in the United States.

    In fact, one can trace the history of rap back to West African professional singers/storytellers known as Griots.

    Unfortunately, rap music is not percieved by many Americans as an art form, but as a fad which they thought would soon fade away...

    One cannot study American Rap Music without what is known as the "Hip-Hop" culture.

    Hip-Hop culture was also comprised of DJ'ing, Breakdancing, Graffiti, MC'ing, Beatboxing, Street Fashion, Street Language, Street Knowledge & Street Entrepreneurialism!!!

    Research seems to point back to the Bronx in New York City as the origin for the hip-hop culture.

    Hip-Hop is the expression of creative intelligence.

    It is also the transformation of subjects and objects to describe your consciousness!!

    Nak Neezy

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    Is Todays Rap Music Responsible For many recent woes in the BLACK COMMUNITY?

    in Current Events

    Join the discussion. Is Rap Music responsible for today's woes in many of black communities nationwide? This discussion is real one, and I hope you all decide to call in. We are entitled by right to ask these questions. Call in 646 668 2453. CALL

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    This weekend's music is all about Rap and Trap Music. Music that is heard at today's parties, drug houses, and gamers. Rap mixed with electronics. This type of music has been around for a long time but has been  called house music back in the day or club music. So we're going to mix it up a bit. Enjoy

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    Team YAHWEH Radio presents: DJ I ROCK JESUS with the latest bars in Christian Rap and Hip Hop. Certified straight ministry heat coming to you on fire. Set your ipod on fire. Christian RAP is owning and if you aren't listening you're missing out on the freshest thing in Rap since Tricky and the Msg. What do you know about that? Stop trapping, and start living.

    JESUS is ABSOLUTE. #OneHundred

    If you sleep on this you will regret it for eternity.

    @ALiftedVoice @TeamYAHWEH @DJiROCKJESUS

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    Episode 72- 1980s Rap Music

    in Entertainment

    This week we are going to discuss the Rap Music from the 1980s. We both grew up listen to this music and it help mould us into the Men we are today.The Beastie Boys, NWA, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Tone Loc, and much much more. Who was your favorite artist? What was your favorite song? Call us at 646-929-0936.  You can also email us at jjaydropknowledge@yahoo.com and if you get your email read on the air you might win a cool prize.

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    Rap Report Card Radio Show #25 (Battle Rap Is Not Rap Music) by KBIZ Complex

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    Rap Report Card Radio Show #25 (Battle Rap Is Not Rap Music) by KBIZ Complex

    Rap Report Card Radio Show #25 discusses the difference between the 2014 version of battle rap/comedy poetry (Spoken Word) and Hip Hop/Rap Music. This is the 25th show hosted by KBIZ Complex focusing on the music industry and advice for musicians. 
    www.facebook.com/RapReportCard (Radio Show) 
    www.facebook.com/ImaginationStationRecords (Sponsor)
    www.facebook.com/KbizComplex (Host)

    By: KBIZ Complex - Recording Artist, Imagination Station Records
    What is seen as battle rap in 2014 is not considered rap music or part of hip hop. The current form of battle rap that is seen on places like Youtube is, without disputation or argument, a modern form of Spoken Word and cannot be considered a part of rap or hip hop music. Today's battle rap is a mixture of comedy and poetry and because the lyrics of the battle poetry do not match the syncopated rhythm of a hip hop drum track, today's battle rap cannot be considered rap music or even part of hip hop. In other words, if your lyrics are being spoken do not match the pace and tempo of the 4 beat bar, you are no longer rapping but you are performing Spoken Word. Spoken Word is not rap and is not hip hop. Spoken Word has its own culture un-related to Hip Hop and Rap. Rap is performed over syncopated rhythms and not acapella. Poetry event promoters began to blur the lines by misrepresenting their events as rap and hip hop related in order to attract people to their events. Maya Angelou is more relevant to a poetry battle event than is a rapper/MC.

  • What Is Music Saying These Days Compared To Music Of The Past?

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    Most of today's rap music sucks when compared to music of the past...why is that? Most of these artist "ain't spittin' no tyeof dpope shit. But thats not even the bad part about it, they're not even say in words  anymore. They just got a hard ass beat to trick the masses and make them think they like it. And the visuals feature guns, girls, money, and bunch Styrofoam cups projecting their fascination of a lifestyle. But no comprehensible bars. So with that being said,  I pose the question; "What is today's rap music saying?" Tune in and weigh in on this topic and express your opinion rite here on the creation station that plays the hits ya never heard!!! The GetHeard Show. 

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    ~The New Faces Of Rap Music~

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    Rap music continues to remain popular with music lovers. Yet, a new movement within the industry is growing fast. Positive rap is quickly establishing its niche in mainstream pop culture. Join Let's Talk America With Host Shana Thornton on Tuesday, December 3, 2013 at 7:30 pm EST to witness a groundbreaking show about inspirational messaging in the ever popular music arena. Popular and sensational rappers L Hussle and Terri Vee will sit down with Shana to share their music and life stories. Tune in! 

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    This is a Brand New Episode of RAW underground music hosted by young tay.Tune in because it's going down!

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    American Variety Network Special: Interview with Rapper Ryan Serene!!

    in Hip Hop Music

    I will have the extreme and upmost honor of having a guest on my show today. But not just any guest, my personal favorite Rapper that I support each and every time I listen to his music! This rapper is an awesome man, and I'm friends with his mom. Ladies and gentleman, my guest tonight will be Mr. Ryan Serene an awesome rapper!!! I am beyond excited to have a rapper on my show and I hope to give Ryan Serene some awesome exposure!

    On the Agenda for the show:

    -Ryan will tell us about his Rap and how he got into rap music

    -We will hear many of Ryan's songs and he will explain them

    And much more!

    Please feel free to call in at 1 347-989-8142 to ask Ryan Serene a question!