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    Is Todays Rap Music Responsible For many recent woes in the BLACK COMMUNITY?

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    Join the discussion. Is Rap Music responsible for today's woes in many of black communities nationwide? This discussion is real one, and I hope you all decide to call in. We are entitled by right to ask these questions. Call in 646 668 2453. CALL

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    Episode 72- 1980s Rap Music

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    This week we are going to discuss the Rap Music from the 1980s. We both grew up listen to this music and it help mould us into the Men we are today.The Beastie Boys, NWA, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Tone Loc, and much much more. Who was your favorite artist? What was your favorite song? Call us at 646-929-0936.  You can also email us at jjaydropknowledge@yahoo.com and if you get your email read on the air you might win a cool prize.

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    Tomorrow's show is gonna be off the heazy for sheazy!!!!!!! We are previewing the NBA playoffs making predictions on each series. We are doing Part 3 of our rap music reflections, going from 1994-1998. If you were wearing Karl Kani, Fubu, Wu-Wear, vests with no shirts, Timbaland boots, watched the Dirty South take over the rap game, this is your show. If you were watching Living Single, Steve Harvey Show, Jamie Foxx Show, and New York Undercover, check us out tomorrow. We also tragically lost two of the best rappers ever during this era. We will discuss that as well. The 3 questions this week are: 

    1.) Best Hoop Movie- Above the Rim, Blue Chips, He Got Game, Space Jam(choose one)

    2.) Best Hood Movie- BAPS, Friday, I'm Bout It, Set It Off(choose one)

    3.) Best Comedy Movie- Bad Boys, How to Be A Player, Money Talks, Thin Love between Love and Hate, Rush Hour(choose one)

    Our Think About It Thursday topic is:

    What is your biggest pet peeve with your spouse/partner/mate?

    Holla At Me 914-338-1434

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    ~The New Faces Of Rap Music~

    in Family

    Rap music continues to remain popular with music lovers. Yet, a new movement within the industry is growing fast. Positive rap is quickly establishing its niche in mainstream pop culture. Join Let's Talk America With Host Shana Thornton on Tuesday, December 3, 2013 at 7:30 pm EST to witness a groundbreaking show about inspirational messaging in the ever popular music arena. Popular and sensational rappers L Hussle and Terri Vee will sit down with Shana to share their music and life stories. Tune in! 

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    Rap Report Card Radio Show - #16 (Rap Music & Private Prisons) by KBIZ Complex

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    Rap Report Card Radio Show - #16 (Rap Music & Private Prisons - Secret Relationship) by KBIZ Complex 

    Description: Rap Report Card Radio Show #16 examines the supposed letter written by a record industry insider that supposedly reveals the secret relationship between the Private Prison Industry and Rap Music record labels. Myth or Reality? The letter is examined and discussed. This is the 16th show hosted by KBIZ Complex focusing on the music industry and advice for musicians. 
    Dial 914-205-5539 (talk live) for comments and questions.
    www.facebook.com/RapReportCard (Radio Show)
    www.facebook.com/ImaginationStationRecords (Sponsor)
    www.facebook.com/KbizComplex (Host)

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    Advertising Music and Strategy

    in Podcasting

    Tonight we will be talking about marketing music and the many different tactics you can use.  Mixtapes, advertising from your car, connecting with people, and finally my favorite the matrix world (online).  We will talk about my current strategy and why I am doing what I am doing.  Will be doing some stand up comedy as well.  Please call in.

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    Rap Music and Who Still Buy it

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    Downloads is the new way of getting music

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    Rap Music has been around for sometime- but really how old is this art form? Did it truly begin in the 1980's as some would have you believe or are the origins much more ancient?
    Marcus and Rogerst, also known as the world renowned duo RAP/MUSIC, talk about Hip Hop, Jazz, and how everything is blending into one.

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    "Reaching A Generation" (Pt 2) - IT IS WHAT IT IS - Ron E. Jefferson on KLJN

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      May 12, 2015           'IT IS WHAT IT IS!'           Host ~ Ron EJefferson       @ 7pm PST/10pm EST          

    www.kljn1077.com                (347) 237-5342

    Show Topic; Series 'REACHING This GENERATION!' Pt. 2

    Guests: DeMarcus Pugh aka "wReccx"  

    Born in Pine Bluff, Ar. 24 yrs old. Started RAPPING at 12, 13. Then seriously at 16, 17. Positive RAP music. 'BE YOURSELF! Has his first CD available now.

    Guest: Albert Brewer, Boxing Coach at St. James United  Methodist Boxing Club. - "GLOVES NOT GUNS"


    GANG AFFLIATIONS - Rap Music - Sagging Pants - Negative Influences - Teenage Pregnancies ~ Solutions/ Agency Contacts

     KLJN 107.7

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    Local Artist Leak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Clean Rap Music Sent in From Philly, Memphis, Cali, North Carolina Wisconsin Virginia.......Facebook Friends

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    Team YAHWEH radio presents: #featureFRIDAY with special guest JT

    in Christianity

    This week on team YAHWEH Radio, we have guest JT featuring a single, and sharing his testimony of Faith. Christian Radio. Christian HIP HOP and R&B. RAP MUSIC. GOSPEL.


    With the Hottest up and coming astists in Christian Entertainment sharing their music for the Glory of JESUS CHRIST, and sharing their testimony to others.

    REVELATION 12:11.

    Check out TEAM YAHWEH all across Social Media.

    facebook.com/TeamYAHWEH, @TEAMYAHWEH