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    St. Louis' Little Railroads

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    This week's APRHF's Let's Talk Trains show will focus on St. Louis's little known railroads. ShuttletrainTED will talk with the Wabash, Frisco and Pacific in Glencoe, Missouri, the St. Louis Live Steamers in Eureka, Missouri, the St. Louis Zooline Railroad in the world's third best zoo, St. Louis Zoo, even the Six Flags Railroad staff may stop by. ShuttletrainTED will visit with Operation Lifesaver representatives about their current campaign in reducing train accidents and deaths. All that and our weekly roundup reporters will check inwith us. Join us by calling in at: 646-716-7106. The chatroom will be online during the show as well: www.letstalktrains.com/chat  Let's Go Railfanning.

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    Dale Jenkins: A Well Traveled Railroader

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    This episode of The APRHF Let's Talk Trains, features railroader Dale Jenkins. Mr. Jenkins stops by fills us in on the various positions he has held with several railroads. He has been called out of retirement to serve the railroads again. Mr. Jenkins has held such titles as leverman, operator, Sunday ticket agent, train order agent, corn field agent, Special Agent, On Board Services Director, General Superintendent. He also has time to co-found the Illinois Traction Society,Volunteer and Board member of the Monticello Railway Museum. He is also the author of the Illinois Terminal Railroad history

    It will be an interesting episode, be sure and join us in the chatroom, on Facebook, or on Twitter. 

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    National Park Service and It's Railroads

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    Join us for this historic event. ShuttletrainTED has worked with the US National Park Service to bring together five of the National Parks that have railroad as a part of their parks. We will learn about the history of the railroads in the US National Parks, and current offerings at the parks as well as what the future holds for these US National Parks. Join ShuttletrainTED, Live from Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, PA. You can also participate in the chatroom during the show at: www.letstalktrains.com/chat. There be no call in feature during this Special Podcast.

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    "Table Talk" Study Hour - Episode 45

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    Carolyn Yeager and Ray Goodwin read and comment on the July 17-22, 1942 lunch and dinner table monologues by the German Leader, as taken down in shorthand by aide Henry Picker. Included in this episode:

    Goebbels failed to introduce wired-wireless radio control in Germany before the war to prevent foreign broadcast;
    Roads superior to railroads for unification--Hitler wants to create a network of autobahnen from Berlin to the East Wall;
    Hitler agrees to an interview with a foreign journalist so he can respond to the persistent talk of a Second Front, i.e Allied landing;
    Discussion of "seaman's yarrns" and considering superstitions of the public when making decisions;
    The Channel Islands and how they could be used after the war;
    Hitler criticises lawyers again and makes some very good points;
    Russia's strength and the Stakhanov system--Bormann tells of his tour of Ukraine;
    More on how to treat the local populations in the occupied territories (see Ukraine images here).

    The edition of Hitler's Table Talk being used was translated by Norman Cameron and R.H. Stevens, published by Enigma Books, New York, and can be found as a pdf here

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    2011's affect on Railroads

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    Come and join the final part of 2011's affect on Railroads Pt.2.

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    What Railfan Trips are you planning in 2015

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    What railfan trips are you planning in 2015? Call in this week and let everyone know where your headed, what are you planning on doing while your there? Will you be riding, photographing or just watching?  Do you plan to go to Steamtown?  Strasburg? Sandpatch?  Horseshoe Curve?  Cajon Pass?  Winterail?  Summerail? the 2015 NRHS Convention?  How about the 2015 La Plata Railfan event? Any others?  Do you work with a railroad museum?  Do you ride tourist trains?  Be sure and call in to 646-716-7106, or post your plans to our Facebook or Twitter pages. The Amazing Chris Guenzler will be hosting this week's episode, so call in and let Chris know what your itinerary is. 

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    LTT On The Road: Corinth, Mississippi

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    This week we travel to Corinth, Mississippi for a prerecorded episode. We learn about the city from the Mayor and Convention & Visitor Bureau Director. The Corinth Crossroads Museum Director stops by with to fill us in on what the museum has to offer visitors and railfans. SInce it was the Anniversary of the Battle of Corinth, the National Park Service's Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center was a must and we talk with a staff member about it's role in telling the story of the battle and why the railroads in the area made it was so important. 

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    What Would Christmas Be Without Model Trains?

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    On this edition of the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation's Let's Talk Trains, we will discuss the role model trains play at Christmas. Model Trains have been a part of Christmas as long most of us can remember. From going to the local department store window to the President's park, Model trains can be found in lots of places. Please join us as we wander around the country with Christmas trains.

  • 2014: Year In Review

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    Join all of our LTT Hosts, as we remember the Twelveth Season of the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation's "The Let's Talk Trains Show." 

    The Hosts will tell which programs stood out for each of them, this year, and what each host has planned for 2015.

    Listeners can also comment on their favorite show(s) as well, by going to our Facebook Page or Twitter Page and letting us know. We will read some of those comments on the air. 

    Be sure and tune in this week!

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    Talk With A Pullman

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    This edition of the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation Let's Talk Trains we discover what a modern day Pullman does, why they do it. We find out about the perks and the challenges of being a modern day Pullman. 

    Join us in the chat room at: www.letstalktrains.com. 

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    Our Crumbling Plan For Our Crumbling Infrastructure

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    In the 1800s, railroad construction led to an explosion in the industrial revolution. No longer were towns reliant on close proximity to a waterway. New towns sprouted up everywhere. Cities grew and opportunities multiplied. ~~~~

    In 1956, President Eisenhower leading to 41,000 miles of interstate highway system over the next 10 years. Now people could live practically anywhere. New towns sprouted up everywhere. Cities grew and opportunities multiplied exponentially. ~~~~

    From our waterways to our electrical grid, our highways and biways and everything inbetween, the construction of Americas infrastructure has been instrumental in becoming the worlds most influential economy. 

    But as time passes, things age and no one disagrees that our infrastructure is crumbling and in dire need of attention. Will repairing our infrastructure have the same economic impact as building it did?

    Tune in tonight and we'll discuss this big problem that has been on the back burner for far too long.

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