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    PWR SLAM! Featuring Shannon Moore

    in Entertainment

    He was a punk prince, he was a book author (The Book Of D. I. L. I. G. A. F.) a tag team champion and a tattoo artist. This Wednesday night PWR SLAM! returns with former WCW /WWE /TNA star Shannon Moore. We will discuss not being the biggest guy in the ring but still making himself a star, the beginning of Ink, Inc., the tattoo business and whatever else he (and us) can think of. We welcome your questions either through a our chat room or by phone at 646-478-0073. Questions will be screened for time and content.

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    PWR SLAM! RETURNS With the Stars of MMA

    in Wrestling

    PWR Slam! Retuns TONIGHT! PWR Slam! In the past has brought you the stars of Pro Wrestling, but TONIGHT we bring you the stars of MMA! Tonight we are joined by two of the BIGGEST names in ALL of MMA. That's right TONIGHT we are joined by one of the NEWEST stars of the octogan in former WWE Superstar C.M. Punk and one of the most outspoken women in ALL of MMA in Ronda Rousey!!! We uncover why Punk left WWE, what his goals are for MMA, will he ever return to the octogan and more! We talk with Ronda Rousey about her MMA career and if she will ever step into the squared circle, especially considering what we just saw at WrestleMania 31 between her and Stephanie. Join your hosts "Sadistic" Sean David, Steve Cain, & whoever else might show up for this very LOADED edition of PWR Slam! Chat Opens 30 Mins before we go live. We go live at  10 CST/ 11 EST. Do NOT Miss This! 

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    PWR Slam Presents- Ladies Night

    in Wrestling

    PWR SLAM! returns this week to get set for a new monthly feature. Tonight we're going to bring you the second round of "Ladies Night"!
    Kicking things off:
    We will have our roundtable where we discuss this week in wrestling.

    Then We present:
    Ladies Night!

    First up is a young up & comer in the midwest. Selene Grey! We'll discuss her training, aspirations, & more.

    Up next- Model, blackbelt, & diva.... Paris Kelly! We'll discuss in & out of the ring & something she is very supportive of.

    Next...we move north of the border as we talk with Canadian Female Wrestler Kaitlin Diemond. We'll discuss her work in NCW, WSU, & more.

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    PWR SLAM featuring The Monster Factory (past,present, & future)

    in Entertainment

    Even though it is closer to Thanksgiving than Halloween tonight PWR SLAM! returns to Unleash The Monsters, that is, people involved with The Monster Factory, one of the most famous wrestling training schools in the country.
    After a brief spotlight with Dr. Wayne Camp of New Breed Pro Wrestling in Tennessee we will talk to former student turned owner of The Monster Factory, Danny Cage and one of the many famous alumni who also conduct seminars at the school, Glenn Ruth, know worldwide as Thrasher of The Headbangers.
    Later on we will be joined by another previous guest who also is part of the Monster Factory crew, Pitbull Gary Wolfe.
    Later on we will be joined by Monster Factory Heavyweight and Tag Team Champions Punisher, Greywolf and Ahtu. Due to the number of people that may be on at one time we are encouraging listeners to use our on site chat room to post questions and we will attempt to ask what we can as time allows.

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    PWR SLAM! #61 W/ McGuiness, Wayne, & Pain!

    in Entertainment

    This week PWR SLAM! talks to even more legends of the ring, one of whom one of our hosts is personally familiar with.
    We will begin with a prerecorded interview with a former star in TNA and Ring Of Honor, former heavyweight champion Nigel McGuinnis. Nigel is in the midst of preparing a new venture and we have the exclusive . What he has planned sounds exciting and we can't wait to present it to you.
    Following that we talk to a man who has been around the block and worked with some of the best around. Bull Pain, a Midwest native, has been around for many years under different names. He also worked under a mask as half of the Texas Hangmen. During this period he worked with our very own Steve Cain. We'll see if he has any good blackmail stories about Steve as well as his work in the AWA, USWA and IWA-MS among others.
    Following that, we will talk to a standout NWA star, Damien Wayne. Wayne is a two time holder of the NWA National Heavyweight title amongst others. We will discuss training with Tully Blanchard, working with some of our friends, including Vordell Walker and Cueball Carmichael, the state of the NWA and more.
    Join us this week for what should be a lot of stimulating conversation. ***ALL CALLERS SUBJECT TO SCREENING & TIME RESTRICTIONS***

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    PWR SLAM! Featuring Brian Blair

    in Wrestling

    PWR SLAM! returns this week with a sting!

    First up; we'll go over the week that was in wrestling in our roundtable. From Daniel Bryan foiling a robbery, Sting showing at Comic-Con, WWE being sued, & Vince wanting to sue Punk, we'll cover it.

    Then we turn down the house lights & kick up our Spotlight of the week. (guest forthcoming)

    And our feature presentation: Author, former County Commissioner, NEW Cauliflower Alley Club President, decorated singles champion and a pioneer of "tag team specialist".... the former Killer Bee...

    Brian Blair!

    We will discuss everything from wanting to be Superman as a child, Louisville football, training with Hiro Matsuda, early matches with many famed wrestlers, FCW (before WWE), NWA, WCCW, The Killer Bees & who is responsible for the teaming, NOT winning WWF tag gold & the reasons why,Masked Confusion, the UWF, his book, politics, Cauliflower Alley, & much more.


    Get ready as we unleash one of the Killer Bees on PWR SLAM!

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    PWR Interactive!

    in Sports

    PWR is now LIVE and INTERACTIVE! Recorded live on Thurs. Feb. 21st. 2013

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    PWR Interactive!

    in Sports

    PWR Goes INTERACTIVE! Live discussion of Impact from 02-21-2013 and more

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    PWR SLAM Featuring Ed Chuman Tribute, Jon Bolen, & "The Natural" Chase Stevens

    in Entertainment

    This week, PWR SLAM! pay tribute to a friend of wrestling, and we interview two wrestlers whose paths have crossed. We begin by paying tribute to long time manager and NWA promoter Ed Chuman. Ed loved wrestling and wresting loved Ed. We will be joined by people who were touched by Ed, both on a regional and a national level. We hope that we will do justice to the memory of a wonderful man. Next we will talk to Jon Bolen. Jon is a bodybuilder who turned to wresting as the result of a chance meeting. In 2004 he won the American TNA Gut Check and did a short stint with the company. From there he went to sign a developmental deal with WWE. During this period he teamed with a guy named Silverback Ryan Reed. We'll find out if anything ever became of that guy and what Jon is currently up to. After that, we will talk to a tag team specialist and current crash test dummy, Chase Stevens. Chase has also spent time in both TNA and WWE developmental. We will talk about his partners, his feud with Shane Douglas and his current work on the independent scene. As always, our chat room will be open for your questions and comments as well as our phone lines. Please remember calls are subject to time restrictions and may be screened for content. Also remember you MUST be called in to the After Party to hear the show in its entirety or you will have to wait until the show goes archived 1/15. Do NOT Miss Another LOADED Edition of PWR SLAM! on the Evolution Radio Network! Gues Call In Number - 845-277-9127.

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    PWR SLAM! Featuring 3 Rings!

    in Wrestling

    PWR SLAM! returns on its NEW network! Last week we set the place on FIRE. This week we take a trip under the big top!

    First Up, We will have our weekly roundtable. We'll discuss everything from FREE WWE Network, Santino, more cuts, & much more.

    Then, we kick on the Spotlight & speak with Gavin Alexander about the Wrestlers With A Heart's "A Fight To Remember Mya" event on 7/11 in Decatur IL.

    And the main event of the evening: Ringmaster brings you The 3 Rings! We will talk LIVE with Ringmaster, Grin, Machine, Lethal Lee, & Sinister. We will go over the roots of the faction, it's various incarnations over the years, Steve "Botch" Szoke, where the members are today, & much more.

    Get ready for another action packed show as we present our innaugural episode on Back To Basics Radio Network & will go LIVE for a new extended time.

    All callers are welcome, but we reserve the right to pre-screen all calls & may restrict time for callers.

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    PWR SLAM! Featuring Christian Rose & Tatevik the Gamer

    in Wrestling

    This week on PWR SLAM, we get digital!

    We kick off with the roundtable. We will go over the week that was in pro wrestling.

    Next up, we turn down the house lights & turn up the SPOTLIGHT for another upcoming indie show.

    Then...we plug in & power up for our first guest. TATEVIK THE GAMER. We will go over everything from pre wrestling, to training with Leilani Kai & Marty Jannetty, to acting, to games, to where she is now, & beyond.

    Finally, we bring you another of wrestling's break out stars. CHRISTIAN ROSE! We'll go over his training, early career, the injury that nearly ended a bright career, main eventing with some of the best around, & much more.


    Get ready for the show that is leading the Pro Wrestling Radio Revolution....