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    Puppy Mills in Washington State

    in Legal

    We will be discussing how & why our states puppy mills are thriving & the sham laws that aren't doing anything to help.

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    Quagmire America Radio: The Mayor, The Felon & Puppy Mills

    in Politics Conservative

    Please join Host Jason Wade Taylor/Randy Hahn, alongside his co-host Kat Rough Rider @ 11:00pm EST for an action, and informative packed show. JWT has a few apologies to hand out, along with his vast knowledge of the puppy mill business.

    You see, fresh out of college JWT went to work for Pet Land as a General Manager and was instrumental in outing the puppy mill business. JWT also played a vital role in getting Pet Land to STOP dealing with puppy mills.

    This will not be an attack show, not at all. It will be the truth, informative and rebuilding friendships in our Conservative social media community.  

    Please follow, Jason Wade Taylor on Twitter and be sure to check out his website Quagmire America.

    Call in and speak with the host (347)989-1665

    Our Radio shows do many parodies of many individuals, all of which are done by anonymous actors doing voiceover bits.  

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    Sunday Rescue-Fighting Puppy Mills

    in Pets

    National Mill Dog Rescue, Best Friends Animal Society, and Citizens Against Puppy Mills join us in a roundtable discussion about Puppy mills and, puppy mill rescue, puppy mill investigations, and restricting the retail sale of dogs.
    Guests include Elizabeth Oreck, Puppy Initiatives, Best Friends Animal Society, Dr Franklin McMillin, Best Friends Animal Society, Theresa Strader at National Mill Dog Rescue, Lorry Schlick  Founder & President of the NYS Citizens Against Puppy Mills, and a representtive of United Against Puppy Mills. Please visit our web site for complete bios of each guest www.petradioshow.com
    Learn what you can do to help end puppy mills and the retail sale of dogs. Join in the conversation.

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    D Cups Saving Teacups founder Kim Sill - Puppy Mills and Pet Stores.

    in Pets

    Kim Sill has it goin' on in California with her organization D Cups Saving Teacups.  She's actually gotten some of the area pet stores to start working with shelters, rather than sourcing their dogs from puppy mills... YUCK!  Puppy mills keep their breeding dogs in horrible conditions and also tend to breed dogs with genetic and health problems.  Bad news.

    Listen to my entertaining and inspiring interview with Kim Sill and enjoy being educated and entertained!


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    Puppy Mills: What you need to know about online breeders

    in Pets

    Linda Watkins, President of ACDRI - Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Inc, shares her experience in the middle of rescue operation for over 70 Australian Cattle Dogs rescued from a puppy mill.  The owner/operator of the mill knew all the right things to say to people and on her website, to fool even established breeders.  Dogs were found standing in 2 inches of sludge made from feces and urine... the dogs who were alive.

    Also, host and expert in dog training and behavior, Julie Forbes shares her thoughts on a recent article about a dog attack, that happened when the aggressive dog was on leash, and the non-aggressive dog was off-leash.  Who is at fault?  

    As always, all of our shows are archived on iTunes and on www.dogradioshow.com.  Check the website next week for the complete re-design and addition of a blog written by Julie Forbes!





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    Puppy Mills - RadioPets with Frank Ferrante and Keri Davis

    in Pets

    Do you know where Your Animal Companions were purchased from?
    Kathleen Summers, Director of outreach and research for puppy mills campaign at the Humane Society of The United States.
    Kathleen will be discussing the Puppy Mill problem in the United States.
    Keri has trained through the Institute of Integrated Sciences, in the HUNA™ program (Humans Understanding Nature and Animals) which is based on the philosophy that all life is connected and cannot be separated. She has also been mentored by some of the world’s leading figures in animal consciousness and a variety of energy healing modalities such as Body Talk, Colour Therapy, Meridian System, Iridology Radionics and more.

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    Voices Carry for Animals # 47

    in Pets

    Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

    Guests will be:  Bobbi Evenson- Founder & Representative Buster's Vision Nonprofit, Inc
    Jesse & Brooklyn (Boo) MIncin: (Jess is the father and Brooklyn (Boo) Mincin is the little girl in "Doggy Hair!" Book and sings in "Stomp Out Puppy Mills!" Hip Hop Song. Jesse is the Illustrator for "Doggy Hair!" Book and Rapper/Beats & Music for "Stomp Out Puppy Mills Hip Hop Song.   Charlie Sandner: Web Designer/Coder for new website:

    http://www.bustersvision.org/   Buster's Vision Nonprofit, Inc- Buster's Vision is a non-profit dedicated to provide the public with a positive, encouraging "ANIMAL EDUCATION", promoting an awareness to protect the WELFARE OF ANIMALS, buyers, and respectable breeders and to develop higher standards of ethical business practice and conduct.Buster's Vision isn't just an "ANIMAL EDUCATION" Website.

    We are physically active in our communities promoting, "Buster's Vision Tools of Animal Education" Presentations and Booths. Our goal is to Save Animals, Wipe-out Puppy Mills, Puppy Mill Syndrome, Puppy Disease, Bogus Rescues, Reduce the Animal Population, and Prevent Dog Attacks & Maulings. An ANIMAL EDUCATION is desperately needed in our communities. One voice can make a difference!



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    Honor Guards for Christ

    in Religion

    You will be blessed by this powerful Word from the Lord through the Pastors of Rivers Church. Pastor Gerald Robinson is known as a faithful servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is powerful in reaching God's precious souls. Not only is he committed to teaching and preaching the prophetic word from the Bible but he is an anointed minstrel in the house of God. He is passionate about training God's people in learning how to fight the enemy through spiritual warfare to accomplish their purpose on the Earth. He often reminds us that we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus because we are his disciples!

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    Mass incarceration /Legalized Discrimination

    in Current Events

    prison industrial complex aka new forms of slavery

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    Hugo Awards Fallout Take 2

    in Politics

    The Hugo Awards were this past weekend.  The CHORFs No Awarded the Puppy Slates.  Just as Vox predicted they would.


    Now, we give our take on the situation.  From their failed strategy to their bad behavior. 


    Second attempt after BlogTalkRadio had the meltdown on Wednesday. 

  • The Truth about Gluten Free Oats - The Gluten Free Voice with Jules

    in Food

    For years, oats were considered unsafe for those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Over time, we learned that oats in fact do not contain gluten, but they are so heavily contaminated during growth, cultivation, processing and packaging, that they almost always contain too much gluten to be considered gluten free under the FDA's new less than 20 parts per million of gluten standard. 

    Thankfully, some growers embraced the idea of a "purity protocol" whereby they would only grow oats on certain fields and they would harvest, process and package these oats apart from any gluten containing grain like wheat, barley and rye. These dedicated gluten free oats have offered a safe, high fiber, nutrient dense food to add into the gluten free diet.  

    Recently, some mainstream food manufacturers in the US have begun to offer oat-based products to GF consumers, sold as "mechanically separated" oats, not using the purity protocol. These products are said to test to less than 20ppm gluten and are being labeled as gluten free. Find out what this process entails, the current results of testing these products and the various opinions on its safety during this special episode on oats. Tune in to learn the difference between oats to decide what's safe for your diet and for your family.

    Special guest: Seaton Smith of GF Harvest and Gluten Free Oats.