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    Easter Proclamation abolishing the Catholic Church - We the Jury

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    On this show we joined forces with "Exopolitics" host Alfred Lambrenont Webre to interview Kevin Annett. Kevin at the moment in Spain working for the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, brings us an update on the ongoing trial in Brussels with the International Common Law Court of Justice. Eye witnesses are beginning to come out from all over the world to verify claims of crimes against humanity specific to the trail. Listen to what is happening in Brussels and about the third and final exorcism that took place in the Netherlands.

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    TUNE INTO CIVIL ALERT TONIGHT as we continue  with Master Teacher Taj Tarik Bey. 
    Double Gnosis:  Nationalization Details Part 3.  
    Hour 1 
    A look at prime points within the Judical Notice/Proclamation and the Name Correction  Case-in-Point: Applied Nationalization in various countries. Hour 2
    Motu Proprio: The Pope Francis's Apolistic Letter that brings forth new legislation that calls for a halt on Crimes Against Humanity, Money Laundering, The Financing of Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction.  One of the key points of this Motu Proprio is the focus on legislation that inroduces a system of penalties for juridical persons (public servants that work in the Roman Curia) who profit from the criminal activities of their constituent bodies Like Always Have Your Pen and Paper Ready. 
    Civil Alert Rising  Informative Engaging and 3rd Eye Opening  858.357.8450 Option 1 to Ask/Speak

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    On Point With Stefanie Pointer

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    This is the debut show of the outspoken and candid Stefanie Pointer in where she delves into society's most enclosed discussions. 
    1st Amendment is the proclaimation!

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    As Real As It Gets - Getting to know Black History

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    Black history comes every Feb. However why do black people get a month to discuss their history and then it goes away for the rest of the year? Why do black people only speak of their black history beginning with slavery? Join us this Thursday as we discuss black history and what it truly means. 

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    What does it mean to be a herald of the gospel?

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    Paul the apostle was commissioned by the Lord Jesus Christ and given the task of proclaiming the gospel. He viewed himself as a bondslave of Christ raised to position of high trust for the sole purpose of preaching the gospel to the Jew first and then to the Gentiles. Are believers to emulate his example? Tune in to todays program to learn or discover more about this topic.

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--Two Massachusetts Governors--Calvin Coolidge & Mitt Romney--Did Mitt Romney take a hint from (former Massachusetts Governor)Preident Calvin Coolidge on lowering taxes for the middle class
    Franklin Pierce--One of the worst and most ineffective presidents in American History(died 0ct 8th 1969)
    Barbara Pierce Bush(George Bush 1) distant cousin
    Wendell Wilkie--1940 Republican Presidential Nominee--"Barefoot boy from Wall Street--Lawyer  from IndianaLast national presidential candidate from Indiana
    1871 Chicago Fire destroyed original copy of Lincoln's Emancipation Proclaimation
    Vote Fraud Encompasses--Registration--non residency in county --Use of community organizations for voting--intimidation of senior citizens by use of uniformed police-Illegal aliens registration--use of diplomatic missions for political campaign contributions and voter registration--Foreign citizens making dometic political campaign contributions--media people involved in political campaigns
    October 8th  Births -death & events relevant to US(a)
    Fleet Week San Francisco 2012--Downsized?

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    in Islam

    Host: Brenda Johnson~Will Islam conquer the world? Will Shar'ia be the Law of the land? Can America stand as the Only World Super Power? Or are Her days numbered? What's the goal of Islam? Do they predict a global domination led by the Mahdi? Is it here, now? What do the Prophets of Islam think? What are they saying? Should we listen?

    Host: Brenda Johnson~ Will Islam conquer the world? Will Shar'ia be the Law of the land? Can America stand as the Only World Super Power? Or are Her days numbered? What's the goal of Islam? Do they predict a global domination led by the Mahdi? Is it here, now? What do the Prophets of Islam think? What are they saying? Should we listen?~~~Is Islam peaceful or Radical? What do they believe? Does the Qur'an promote peace or is it a religion of War? What is Jihad? So many questions...Are there answers? Find out on this weeks episode on AS THE DAY APPROACHES!

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    What the Scriptures say about Homosexuality & Marriage

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    There is so much buzz going around the world today in every culture regarding homosexuality. Is it acceptable behavior? Are gay people born that way? Can I be gay and Christian at the same time?
    With such a plethora of self-proclaimed "professionals" on the subject, it is difficult to ascertain a good understanding about what to think of homosexuality and marriage. With the recent proclaimation by the President of America, in which he openly stated that the Bible supports homosexuality, then proceeded to change his original standing on the issue, making it very clear he will fully support homosexual marriage as President; it has intensified the moral issue of homosexuality and marriage even more.
    So what does a believer in Yehovah do about this issue? We are told to love all men, even our enemies, by our Savior--Yeshua. What a dilemma this creates. But there is always an explaination and that can be acquired through examining the Scriptures to see what our Creator says on the subject. Lets examine the Scriptures together and determine what the foundational authority in every true believer's life has to say about homosexuality and marriage...But I will encourage you to enter this study with integrity and faith; not giving any room for emotional influence, which will always cloud your reception and understanding of the Word of Yehovah. Join me as we learn the truth together!

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    Host: Brenda Johnson~…The Prophets of Islam speak loudly. Some "Prophets" speak against Islam, some on behalf of Islam. Last weeks episode focused on prophets who have risked their lives to speak out against Islam. You met Brigitte Gabriel, Wafa Sultan and Walid Shoebatt. On this episode I hightlight one last "Prophet" against Islam and launch into a discussion on Jihad and the Prophets of Mahommad. Islam is an ideology and Jihad "the means" by which its carried out.Should we worry, or do they allow for "other" ideologies to stand with them. Find out...on this episode of AS THE DA APPROACHES.

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    A Clarion Call For A Prophetic Proclaimation

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    You do NOT want to miss this show. Prophetess Ashley will declare war on the the powers of darkness that has raged war against the Saints of God. We normally don't do this on the show, but God has given us a mandate to do so. If you have need of a break through, then your hour has come. Tell everyone about this show! God bless and be encouraged knowing that He is the Lifter up of your head.

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    With Host Spiritual Intutitve Deidre Howard

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    If you need a breakthrough, think your cursed, jinxed or just stuck we have the perfect spiritual shifting tools to help you move to the next level.

    Here's what I do. Then readings the second half of the show. With host Psychic medium, Spiritual coach Deidre Howard.

    Deidre does this spirital evolutional work free of charge and your donations are greatly appreciated go to www.deidrehoward.webs.com to donate or schedule a reading. You can also send donations to 4713 S. 36th Drive Phoenix, Az 85041

    Infinite love and gratitude

    We will have healings sounds, Proclaimation, affirmations, and decrees listen often to change the virbration of your world.

    Astarius, Sar Amiel and Raoult Bertrand and Deidre

    Astarius has Created this Music with the powerful intention to activate multi levels of Healing.  In the beginning was Sound by which all things are Created! Sound is the access code, the bridge between Heaven and Earth.  This Music has been Created to take Us to the Next Level.