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    Horror Play 17 (The Stanley Parable)

    in Video Games

    You are Stanley. You work in an office. You decide to leave the office one day and explore. The narrator helps guide Stanley around, but it's up to you whether you want to listen to the narrator or deviate off course. You end up finding that the office is more than just an office. The Stanley Parable is a popular indie game that some may call more an experience rather than an actual game. There are no wrong choices. We play this experience, and while not truly horrific, we rate it anyway!

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    Horror Play 15 (Dear Esther)

    in Video Games

    Dear Esther has been classified as more of an experience rather than a game. Waking up on some uninhabited Hebridean island with nothing but a flashlight, you lead your character toward a distant radio tower. This is the first, and probably only, walking simulator we will play, and while it's not necessarily a horror game,  its eeriness was enough to land it a spot on our review list. Also! There are ghosts!

  • 00:41

    Horror Play 26 (Serena)

    in Video Games

    The HP crew explores a desolate cabin for their wife serena. Serena is a Kickstarter-funded PC game that brings back the old method of point-and-clicking. Will we find Serena? Why can't we leave the cabin? Why is it so dirty? Find out here!

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    Horror Play 6 (Bioshock)

    in Video Games

    Kyle returns and we have new co-host, Adam, join the fun when we review one of the most popular games of the modern era. Welcome to Rapture! An underwater Utopia with fantastic views, finely built structures, and people that want to kill you!! What's that around the corner?? A Big Daddy?? To save the Little Sister or to harvest her?? Would you kindly answer the questions?? If you don't know what I'm talking about, then drop everything and play this game!! Then come back here to listen to our review! 

    Download: HP 6    iTunes: HP 6

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    Horror Play 5 (Outlast)

    in Video Games

    Kyle can't make it for this episode and Cody has joined the army! Don't worry! John and Robert take the reins and steer this podcast in the right direction with newly-found guest Tyler.  So what is Outlast? Miles is a freelance investigative journalist who has just received a tip about some weird experiments being conducted at Mount Massive Asylum.  So like any good horror game protagonist, he goes to investigate... ALONE!  We take control of Miles in this recently released horror game to see if it really provides the scares everyone was talking about pre-release.  Listen in as we discuss the likes and dislikes of Outlast and compare it to the other horror games we have played thus far. Is it scarier than Slender??? Find out here!!

    Download: HP 5    iTunes: HP 5

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    Horror Play 25 (DreadOut)

    in Video Games

    How well versed are you in Indonesian culture? Not so much? That's okay. You can still play this game. DreadOut is a mixture of Silent Hill and Fatal Frame.  You take control of a school girl as she explores a desolate town and haunted school. We won't tell just how scary this game is, but let us just say Robert and John jumped out of their seats a few times.

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    Horror Play 24 (F.E.A.R.)

    in Video Games

    First Encounter Assault Recon. That's what F.E.A.R. stands for, not that the title has to be an acronym for anything. Fear could easily be the word used to describe this scary first person shooter. Released in 2005, this scary shooter became an instant hit and spawned several expansions and sequels years later. We play F.E.A.R. to give us a break from all the indie and third person horror games we have recently been playing. Join us as we rate and review this classic.

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    Horror Play 23 (Imscared)

    in Video Games

    Imscared: A Pixelated Nightmare is a free to download game where you take control of a character who explores pixelated worlds, but is constantly followed by a scary skeletal face.  Consistently breaking the fourth wall, Imscared is a unique gameplay experience that makes you question if the game is playing you. We play this pixelated gem and try to find out whether graphics matter when it comes to playing something truly terrifying.

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    Horror Play 4 (Alone in the Dark)

    in Video Games

    A very late sequel to the original, Alone in the Dark came out in 2008 and was released on multiple platforms. We take the role of Edward Carnby and explore the horrors of Central Park. Creatures lurk in the woods and there are plenty of them, from weird zombified people to giant poison spiders to evil roots, although some may say that the scariest thing about this game are the glitches.  So check in to see what we thought of this game!

    Download: HP 4     iTunes: HP 4

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    Horror Play 22 (Year Walk)

    in Video Games

    Year Walk isn't the easiest game to describe. It's cartoony, it's creepy, it's part side-scroller, it's first-person, it's adventure, it's full of puzzles, it breaks the fourth wall, and to acquire the full back story you must beat the game.  If you're looking for a short indie game that's haunting this is the game for you. We play it this week to find out if it's haunting nature is truly scary.

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    Horror Play 14 (Home)

    in Video Games

    Home can best be described by its subtitle: A unique horror adventure. This is unlike any game we have played. The game could be considered more a mystery than a horror game, but it still has the ability to instill a sense of dread when exploring the different horror-inspired environments.  A side-scrolling adventure that sees players taking control of a nameless man who awakens with no recollection of what has happened around him.  Finding clues and weapons helps the protagonist draw conclusions but it's ultimately up to the player to figure out what exactly happened.