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    Sex Pistols Tribute - McG's Backroom (REPLAY)

    in Rock Music

    McG plays punk rock, post-punk, indie, alternative and vintage vinyl finds as kept in the vaults in McG's Backroom.

    This episode originally aired in October 2012 and pays tribute to the most notorious and infamous punk rock band of them all, the Sex Pistols! Tune in and hear the singles and b-sides, interviews, historical live recordings and news reports about the filth and the fury.

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    Talking paintball with David REAPER Justin

    in Sports

    This Thursday's show starts at 7:00pm PST. My guest Co-Host is Christopher Gousset from Grand Junction, Colorado. He is the owner of Western Colorado Paintball, he will tell us more about it during the show. We might have a certain paintball photographer calling in. He just came back from the PSP in Texas. We also might have a guy who plays with two pistols and is quite well know in the Chicago area and worldwide for that matter on the show. Oh and I think a certain singer and fellow Hollywood Red Carpet walker Dalal Bruchmann might be calling in. Want to learn more? Listen in. Want to get involved?  call in. (646) 787-8384. ShootUsoon.

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    Interview with rapper 2 Pistols on the "The Focal Spot""

    in Entertainment

    Make sure to tune into my show ( play at the 15mins mark) as I interview Platinum recording artist and Tara Thomas Agency Client- 2 Pistols. Known for his Platinum selling hit "She's Got It" Featuring T-Pain and Tay Dizm, 2 Pistols is going to talk about his new song "Know That" featuring French Montana and his future endeavors. 


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    McG's Backroom: Sex Pistols Tribute

    in Music

    McG plays punk rock, post-punk, indie, alternative and vintage vinyl finds as kept in the vaults in McG's Backroom   This episode pays tribute to the most notorious and infamous punk rock band of them all, The Sex Pistols! Tune in and hear  the singles and b-sides, interviews, historical live recordings and news reports about the filth and the fury.   

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    Military Monday with John D. Gresham With Authors Gerry & Janet Souter

    in Military

    Guns, rifles, and other firearms have been an important part of American culture and history, long before there was a United States of America. It is no surprise that when the founding fathers wrote the U.S. Constitution, right after free speech, a free and independent press, and the right of free association, the right to own and bear personal firearms was right at the top of the list of American citizen rights. Sadly, not all Americans have embraced this right lawfully, or with a sense of community. These are the individuals we know as "Outlaws."

    Over the centuries, Americans have frequently idealized and romanticized outlaws both in legend and written history. In the old American West, they had names like "Billy the Kid," "the James Gang," and Wyatt Earp. During the interwar period and Great Depression of the 20th century, outlaws took on a "Robin Hood" mystique which along with weak state and federal firearms laws and law enforcement, allow them to roam the countryside taking what they wanted. And through it all, from the 19th century today, they all had one common thing linking them: Guns.

    To learn more about American outlaws and the guns that made them both famous and notorious, join military historian, author and journalist John D. Gresham for Military Monday at 1 p.m. EST. His guests today will be the noted Zenith Press (@Zenith_Press) husband-and-wife writing team, Gerry and Janet Souter. They will be discussing their new book GUNS OF OUTLAWS, which chronicles the famous firearms of American outlaws over the past several centuries. In addition to the more famous outlaws and gains most people are familiar with, Gerry and Janet will talk about some of the lesser-known criminals and gunfighters over the years.

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    E234: Becky White w/ Firekeeper, Missy Garnett/Two Dollar Pistols, Andrea Ortega

    in Entertainment

    E234: Becky White w/Firekeeper, Missy Garnett & Two Dollar Pistols, Andrea Ortega

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    Total Paintball with Jonny Vegas!

    in Sports

       The Entertainment Broadcast Network proudly brings to you our newest show called, "Total Paintball with Jonny Vegas"! 

    Our guest today is David Reaper Justin!!!

      David REAPER Justin is a professional Mag-Fed paintball player. He Started playing in Jan 2008. Towards the end of that year he created a paintball league called the WTL. In 2009 David got sponsored by Tiberius and started using only two pistols. In 2011 he got sponsored by Tippmann and has been using TPX's since. David's home field is Hollywood sports park in Bellflower, Ca. He only uses two pistols and sometimes a knife. He's considered a gentleman when he plays, preferring to surrender players rather then shoot them. He got his name from being sneaky coming up behind players and surrendering them. He learned a lot about CQB from being in the Israeli army. He works a lot with celebrities getting them involved in Mag-Fed paintball.

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    Interview with Meredith Shaw

    in Music

    “At 14 I booked myself into a studio and recorded a demo and it was sent to a producer in Nashville. He liked it and I flew back and forth to Nashville a few times. So Nashville was the very first place I ever made music in a studio,” Toronto's Meredith Shaw explains. “And I know I have come back to this place very naturally. Every moment of putting these new songs together has felt right. I just feel very at ease and at home.”

    Her passion for country music was rekindled over the past few years through writing trips back down to Nashville, working with The Stellas and Carolyn Dawn Johnson - among others. Meredith's debut country single is called Better Than This - a song she co-wrote.

    “For much of the past couple of years most of the people I was writing with, talking with, and dealing with on a regular basis were in country music. I know I am in the right place,” she said adding that she has always been drawn to female singers who not only had powerful voices but powerful personalities, regardless of their genre citing the likes of Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, Stevie Nicks, Trisha Yearwood, Martina McBride and fellow Canadians Shania Twain and CDJ as key role models.

    Songwriter/producer Jeff Johnson has been brought in to produce the music that will eventually become Meredith’s debut country music album. His track record with breakthrough acts like Wes Mack, and his writing credits with Dallas Smith, Madeline Merlo and Small Town Pistols impressed her.

    Meredith is the host of the top-rated weekend radio show in Toronto on boom 97.3, a model with a number of successful national campaigns to her name, a business owner of a gift and custom greeting card company, and a philanthropist who started the Girls Who Believe Festival to help girls and young women reach their fullest potential through affirmation and mentorship.

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    Mike Sledge Travels To The UK!! John Hardon And Cairo Join Mike Sledge!!

    in Comedy

    Anarchy in the Uk hits sledge radio. John Hardon and Cairo join the sledgehammer to tear down the Bolshevik  wall of deceit!! Plus your phone calls and great music. As usual the bar is open!! So join the revolt!!

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    2 Pistols of Cash Money Records Interview

    in Hip Hop Music

    Jazzy F. Baby & VH1s For The Love of Ray J 2 winner Mz Berry Goin In with 2 Pistols of Cash Money Records.