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    Pipeline, Immigration, and Obamacare

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    Well, the hits keep coming! The US Senate shotdown funding for th XL Pipeline yesterday.  I never thought I would say this but this is a great move by Republicans in the Senate. We will talk about it today on the show, tell your friends. Immigration is turning into a nightmare for the president and I think he knows it.  If he move forward the backlash from Republicans, conservatives and urban America will be considerable.Obamacare, is going into full force next year, all Republicans have to do is remind Americans of who is responsible for their misery.  A full fledged PR campaign reminding Americans of the people that designed, supported,voted for, and signed the Affordable Care Act. TV ads, Radio Ads, Billboards, Mailers, An ad blitz to remind people that their insurance cost went up due to the ACA and those responsible.

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    bridges Programming. China 2030?, Keystone pipeline vote?

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    Feels like we are going in the wrong direction...  unward and downward.  Our president makes a meaningless agreement with China.  They can continue to increase their fossil fuel polution until 2030!  Then they must ramp down... too late and who is going to make them comply?  Good luck with that.  President Obama has made an agreement with a dictatorship...?  Come on.  He must have a backup plan...  Oh yea, it won't be his problem... he will be retired and on the speech making, money making tour long before that deadline.   Then comes the vote in the House.  Yes, to the Keystone pipeline!  Can we sink lower?  Yes, to that too!  Our economic imperitive is, make money at all costs.  And Devil take the hindmost!

  • Flip Show #139: Building Your Pipeline

    in Real Estate

    Every successful sales person, and most successful businesses understand the power of the pipeline in your business. Given the lengthy cycle times in real estate, it's even more critical to manage your funnel or pipeline. Jesse Garcia, Pipeline Wizard, tells us more in this FlipNerd.com Flip Show interview. Check it out!

    Thanks for joining the FlipNerd Real Estate Investing podcast, where we interview the most experienced real estate investors in America. It's an incredible opportunity to learn about rental properties, rehabbing, wholesaling and assigning real estate, flipping houses, creative deals, and overall real estate investing education. We're the fastest growing real estate investing podcast in America, check out all of our incredible REI content!

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    The School to Prison Pipeline

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    There has been a lot of talk over the years about the school to prison pipeline and how students as young as third grade are not only written off but prepared for juvenile centers and prison.

    We will touch on the school to prison pipeline that sociologists, psychologists and others have been speaking about for so many years, and how it is affecting today's students, particularly children with autism and other disabilities in our schools.

    Do you have (or know of someone who has) a child with a disability who has been threatened with arrest or abused at school?


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    Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline

    in Education

    In this episode we will evaluate the School to Prison Pipeline and its impact on the home, school, community and church.  A solution oriented discussion will provide listeners with opportunities to develop a diversity perspective and create a plan of action to implement culturally responsive teaching. In order to dismantle the School to Prison Pipeline it is imperative that all stack holders engage in culturally responsive practices.   

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    A Pipeline To Middle Class Prosperity

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    For today's show, I'm going to talk about how Canada's middle class and economy is growing while our middle class in particular is shrinking.  One of the key factors for Canada is their oil boom that they have been experiencing for some time and right now as of today, according to Rasmussen polls support for the construction of the pipeline in the United States is at an all time high.  It's not necessarily an automatic turnaround if we build the pipeline, but it will jump start an economy that desperately needs it and provide at minimum tens of thousands of jobs to people who desperately need them.  Of course, unfortunately our rigid President would rather play politics and listen to one radical element of his base than help the American people.  There's some scary and sad things still going on or not going on with our economy and this and some other moves by the President could put people back to work if he would only do these things.  Anyway, that's the show at 4:30 Eastern and archived later.

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    Keystone XL Pipeline

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    - Sen. Mary Landrieu's last-ditch effort to pass a bill approving the Keystone XL Pipeline fell one vote short of the 60 needed following an all-day debate Tuesday that touched both on the merits of the pipeline and Louisiana's Dec. 6 Senate election.

    The final vote was 59-41.

    Some viewed the vote as a last-ditch chance for Democrat Landrieu to close a gap with the favorite to win the run off -- Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy, R-Baton Rouge. And Republicans were quick to say the defeat showed that Landrieu clout falls far short of what she's been telling voters.NOL

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    Knitting Pipeline Podcast with Paula Emmons

    in Knitting

    Knitting Pipeline Podcast with Paula Emmons

    Listen Live for chance to win great prizes!

    Stay up to date with the Yarn Thing podcast with the App available on iTunes and for Droid.

    Find our more about Marly at www.MarlyBird.com or follow her on facebook

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    Art Tanderup - Farmer & No KXL Pipeline Activist

    in Current Events

    A retired teacher and Nebraska farmer, Art Tanderup and his wife Helen are busier than ever. Their lives changed abruptly when they decided not to allow the Keystone XL pipeline to be constructed across their land. The Tanderups have aligned with activists and groups that are determined to protect the preciou farmland and enormous Ogallala aquifer that runs beneath KXL's projected path .

    Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes Art to the show on Thursday, Dec. 11 at 9 p.m. ET. We will discuss how he and Helen made the decision not to sell and learn more about the groups that provide farmers and indigenous people with cricital support - BOLD Nebraska and The Cowboy and Indian Alliance to name a few. We'll talk about the day that Willie Nelson and Neil Young played the Harvest The Hope concert at his farm and how the Tanderup's corn field was turned into an art sculpture. Last but not least, we will cover how Art and his allies plan to resist should the pipeline be given a green light by Congress next year.

    For more information go to Art's Facebook page, BOLD Nebraska and the Cowbowy and Indian Alliance.

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    Seaway Pipeline a Texas Style Disaster

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    It snakes through North Texas, buried or in the process of being buried,

    drawing little attention for anyone other than the people who live and work

    near it.“People should be concerned about this …,” said Rita Beving, a

    member of the watchdog group, Public Citizen, and an opponent of the new

    Seaway pipeline being placed in parts of North Texas.he Seaway is 500 miles

    long, running from Cushing, Okla., to the Texas Gulf Coast..CBS DFW 11

    Surveillance and online privacy look to be one of the biggest topics of

    conversation at the 2014 SXSW Interactive Festival.On Monday, March 10 at

    11:00 am, join us for a conversation between Edward Snowden and

    Christopher Soghoian, the principal technologist of the American Civil

    Liberties Union. The conversation will be focused on the impact of the NSA's

    spying efforts on the technology community, and the ways in which

    technology can help to protect us from mass



    Vigilancia y privacidad en línea parecen ser uno de los mayores temas deconversación en el 2014 SXSW Interactive Festival.On Lunes, 10 de marzo a las11:00 horas, únase a nosotros para una conversación entre Edward y Snowden Christopher Soghoian , el técnico principal de la American Civil Liberties Union . La conversación se centró en el impacto de la NSA esfuerzos de espionaje en la comunidad de la tecnología , y las formas en quela tecnología puede ayudar a protegernos de la masa surveillance.http :/ / sxsw.com/interactive/news/2014/monday-march-10-edward- snowden -speak - sxsw -interactive - videoconferencia

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    Green Talk Live "Keystone XL Pipeline: Updates"

    in News

    Tonight on Green Talk Live & More, Chef Moses and Chef Rivera will be discussing the History of the XL pipeline story and its impact on cities in the U.S.. The Chefs will also be giving updates on Protesting, Lobbying, and Activism. It's going down tonight, and as always, the Chefs are gonna drop some knowledge and leave some insight, there's no question. For those of you who are conscious thinkers, this is where you need to be; "Green Talk Live" on "It's Real Talk Radio" tonight at 7PM Eastern Standard Time.

    To listen live via phone tonight and every Thursday dial 347-838-9540 on this Thursday and every Thursday at 7PM Eastern Standard Time and if you have a question or comment for the Chefs, press 1 to be brought live on air.







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