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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--Alexander Stephens Vice President of the Confederacy-

    Audio  History exhibit--Senator Lloyd Bentsen Vice Presidential Candidate(Democratic) trashed Senator Dan Quayle Republican Vice President Candidate (Debate)

    King Farouk--Last King of Egypt

    'FREDDIE!" Audio Interview with a legal filipino immigrant who also served the US in Viet Nam.  He later became a community activist

    Carol Ruth Taylor --First Black Flight Attendent hired

    Lee J. Cobb--Actor   Corrupt Waterfront Boss in ON THE WATERFRONT-- Relevance to the 9 month waterfront longshoremen strike on the West Coast of the US

    VARGAS Illegal alien from the Philipines now claiming special rights-sexual preferance activist and driver's license forger--Why illegals such as VARGAS are an issue

    Public Policy Health Question-- are illegal aliens entering the US vectors of communicable diseases such as Measles-TB-Whopping Cough?

    Legal Immigrants  Leo Szilard--Leslie Nielsen

    THE REST OF THE STORY--Satanic Rites in San Francisco--  Was the man arrested in the headless torso homicide case connected to Satanic Rites in San Francisco?  Previous satanic rites murders involved a dead young white male who had all his blood drained out--A young male's head found in a Polk Street Alley--Satanic Rites at the Twitter Building in San Francisco

    FEB 11th --Births-Deaths & Events Relevant to US(a) Joseph Mankiewciz--Gone With the Wind film,General Manuel Noreiga Panamian  drug dealer-dictator,

    Feb 13th Pre Valentine Day Massacre-- little known history and updates--Peter knew some of the federal investigators involved in the prosecution of Al Capone Corrupt Media People--Jake Lingle, Walter Winchell,Walter Duranty, Brian Williams NBC, Johnnie Brannon, Ted Fang, Dennis Opatrny,

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    philipines most dangerous place when its election time

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    Philipines folloe our way of demorcy but 1200 assination will say it all.With all this happening they need there own private army.

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    Midwest Mondays Welcomes Jojo Sayson of Project Michelangelo

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    Tonight's special guest is Jojo Sayson, founder and CEO of  Project Michelangelo. Jojo is a community leader with influences that span from Kankakee County Illinois to NASA, to his  beloved homeland, the Philipines. Jojo joins the Ladies of the Diner tonight to share some of his multiple passions and his recent endeavor with Project Michelangelo. For ways that you can help, check out Jojo's Go Fund Me Project. .  Jojo Sayson's Bio

    Midwest Mondays co-host Diane B. and Mary E., bring spring and share with their listeners all the happening things going on in their communities and Chicago. Excerpts from an interview with Geja's Cafe, General Manager. They will also be sharing Mother's Day ideas, and more! Tonight's musical guest is Steve Champagne, of Champagne and LaLuna, currently ranked #1 in their community on Reverbnation.Diane Blanchette is an artist from Kankakee Illinois. She was recently selected to be one of only 10 artists to participate in an area wide are project in Kankakee County. Mary E. LaLuna is the executive producer/host of ArtSees Diner Radio. She is an author, blogger, musician, creator of ArtSees Diner and an artist, currently residing in Northwest Indiana. Steve Champagne is creative producer/contributor to ArtSees Productions, engineer for ArtSees Diner Radio. He is also an independent musician, and a part of acoustic group, Champagne and LaLuna.

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    Springboard To Heaven: The Jojo Sayson Adventure

    in Entertainment

    Jojo Sayson, author of Springboard To Heaven joins host Mary E. for this inspriring, transforming episode of Be Inspired, Be Transformed. Written with award winning, best-selling author James Riordan. Springboard To Heaven is a story of triumph, the American Dream, about transforming one's life into the Super Hero that you always imagined you could be!

    “Terrific story!  Everybody has something to learn from Jojo Sayson’s biography.  It’s a roller coaster ride through heartache and joy; despair and hope; challenge and success.  Arriving in the USA as a naive immigrant, Jojo stitched himself into the tapestry that is America…and used gold thread to do so!  He’s a shining example of self-fulfillment in the face of very long odds.  Be inspired!”
    — Astronaut Mike Mullane
    Author, Riding Rockets, The Outrageous Tales of a Space Shuttle Astronaut.

    "The story of Jojo Sayson is one of the quintessential American dreams.  Not of fame, power or financial wealth. It's a journey of spirit that is inspirational and motivational and shows how anyone can achieve their dreams with dedication.”
    — Don Kramer
    DC Comics bestselling artist of Wonder Woman and Batman

    Springboard Trailer

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    Todays World, Turmoil, Uprising and Hope.

    in Spirituality

    This broadcast is from a February 2014 recording of Wendy Murdoch's interview with Red and The Council of Elders on 'What is happening in our world today?

      The Council of Elders are a collective group of beings whose main voice through Krow Fischer is a soul known as Tatananayaho, or Red. This group has been providing guidance and assistance to humankind for thousands of years and continues to bring fresh insights and understandings as we expand our awareness into the next evolution of humanity. 

     They say about themselves,  "We (The Council of Elders) hold ourselves outside of time and place but we interface with those of you on the physical realm of the earth plane in the capacity as counsel, as elders. We bring with us today information, overview and insight to the places that your world is heading with hopes that we can assist you through this transition time and help all of you to find your true hearts' desire."

     They have assisted thousands of people on their life paths and have provided invaluable insights and understandings to those of us who have had the privilege of their mentorship. 

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    How to Become A #1 Best Selling Author

    in Entrepreneur

    The Match Makers help entrepreneurs boost sales and gain ideas, share product feedback, and grow their business. Join Our Community Today www.matchentrepreneurs.com

    Rob Kosberg is a #1 Best Selling Author and Veteran Marketing Consultant who has personally taught thousands of business owners how to market and grow their businesses by becoming the hunted rather than the hunter.

    Rob’s bestselling author program helps business owners of all kinds to write and use a book to explode their businesses.  The program uses a hybrid ghost writing service coupled with an extreme marketing program that guarantees an author will reach Amazon bestselling author status. 

    As an expert lead generator Rob uses radio, google ppc, direct mail and now Facebook for his offline businesses and his coaching and consulting practice.

    Rob is involved with Various Local and National Charity sponsorship including personal overseas trips for fundraising and serving the poor in Manilla Philipines, Johannesburg South Africa and Sao Paulo Brazil.

    In the last 5 years, during the worst economic downturn of our generation Rob and his partners built 2 different Multi-Million Dollar Businesses in less than 18 months by meeting clients’ needs first before their own.

    Join Our Community for Ultimate Collaboration with Other Successful Entrepreneurs



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    Marianne Williamson Goes to Washington!

    in Lifestyle

    Join Jewels as she talks about politics with International Spiritual Leader and Bestselling author Marianne Williamson about her decision to run for US Congress for District 33 in California.




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    Political Animals--Gerald Ford sworn in as Vice President to replace Spiro Agnew

    Ben Aquino Senior Philipines Politician

    Audio interview Part 2 Patrick Buther Author on "Presidents & Assasins

    November 27ith Births -Deaths & Events relevant to US(a)

    Upcoming shows

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    UVOH with B.W. Burnett/PCCNA Alive! with Aaron Campbell

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    2PM CST - United Voices of Hope broadcasts live on BOCI Radio. The host is Pastor B.W. Jr. with co-host "Pastor's Wife" Clarice Burnett.  They pastor Renewed Hope in Christ Ministries in Memphis, TN.

    Special Broadcast Segment:  "A Thanksgiving Radio Reunion"

    The Burnetts are blessed to have traveled and lived in Kuwait, Middle East and experienced cultures and relationships unlike any other. They met and became family with friends from around the world.  Friends who now reside or have their origin in Canada, Africa, Philipines, Alabama USA and more! Their combined experiences and testimonies show how God put together family far away from home for an eternal purpose.  Everyday is a day of thanksgiving!

    3PM CST PCCNA Alive! with Pastor Aaron Campbell. Pastor Aaron and Patricia Campbell are community leaders in Memphis Tennessee.  They pastor Rising Sun Outreach Ministries. Pastor Campbell presides over the Memphis area chapter of the Pentecostal Churches of North America.  PCCNA Alive! is dedicated to reconciliation through the true meaning of love!

    TOPIC:  The Challenges of the Youth in the Church

    Hear from Pastor Campbell as he talks to some very "real" youth belonging to Rising Sun Outreach Ministries!

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    Time of Revealing | Alien Deception | Strong Delusion

    in Christianity

    I believe that we are in the 'time of revealing', just as Daniel was instructed to shut up the words and seal the book until the time of the end.  What words did Daniel shut up and what book was sealed?
    The main topics will be the recent meeting, which was the Citizens Hearing at the National Press Club, (1 wk end April-May 2013) with several speakers being in respected positions in society, speaking out and disclosing the information, reports, experiences and sightings regarding UFOs and aliens.
    It is not just the United States that has been dealing with sightings of UFOs, aliens, abductions, mutilations, scientific experimentation or tampering and more; it is global.  Although these sightings are known by numerous people globally, they are also on the increase.
    Canada, the UK, China, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Israel, Spain, Philipines, Iraq, the Yukon Territories, Alaska...the list could be exhaustive, but suffice it to say that the sightings and reports are international, in fact, global.
    We are in the last days, the time of the end.  We were warned about a great increase in deception by Jesus Christ of Nazareth and both the apostles and prophets of old.
    It is crucial that people are saved and have a personal relationship with the Savior Christ Jesus; and it is imperative that we, as believers, cling to Him desperately in the last days, just as grapes cling to the Vine.
    I do not know how anyone will make it through what is coming without Him...and THAT is no understatement. If you think that by joining up with the NWO, you will be saved, then you are not only in for a shock, but a life-shattering reality of a strong delusion because you wouldn't receive truth.  Worse yet is that your name will not be written in the Book of Life, and you will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. If you are reading this, it is not too late, but time's running out. 

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    Immigration Bill Heads to Senate

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    The Immigration bill is loaded with enough stuff to choke Americans. Get to the bill and find out what's in that bill.  Senator Hatch would have included a requirement for employers to establish a website and post any H1B jobs for 30 days to Americans prior to hiring a foreign worker for the job. That part of the bill was voted out America. US Jobs available for foreigners to come in from China, S. Korea, Philipines, and India and get on payrolls. H2B jobs like: Laborers, landscape, housekeepeers, construction workers, waiters/waitress, forest workers, stable attendants

    H1B Jobs  like                                             

    IT / Computer professionals                

    University professors, Elementary, secondary, teachers                       

    Engineers / Scientists                         

    Healthcare workers                             

    Accountants  /  Financial Analysis          

    Management consultants

    Lawyers / Architects

    Nurses / Physicians