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    Philadelphia 76ers Still Winless

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    How and when will the 76ers when a game.

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    Knicks Fan Forum - Post Game (vs Philadelphia 76ers)

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    Dial 929-477-4171 to join the post game Knicks Fan Forum immediately after the game. Immediate reaction of the J.R. Smith & Iman trade to Cleveland.  We will discuss the results of the game of what was positive, what was negative.  Items that fans liked what they saw, things that can use improvement.  We will discuss player personnel & coaching moves that occurred in the game.  Progression of the triangle offense and the new regime.  We encourage fan interaction with other fans respectfully & verbally by bringing your opinions to this platform Most  importantly, this is about YOU….the fans!!  Twitter: @BleedBlueShow , 

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    TSL Podcast: Philadelphia 76ers trade deadline special

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    Tonight on the TSL Podcast, Jovan Alford and Curt Jenkins from The Sixer Sense will be talking about the upcoming NBA Trade Deadline which is on Thursday at 3:00 pm.

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    Minnesota Timberwolves secure number one pick in NBA Draft, who do you take?

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    In this episode of The Red Light Sports Ramble, presented by The Red Light Sports Network, Evan Witalison and Troy Otradovec will be talking NBA all night.  The NBA Draft lottery has been secured.  The Minnesota Timberwolves will have the first overall selection, in the 2015 draft.  Then next four picks; to round out the top five, Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers, New York Knicks, and the Orlando Magic.  Who do you think the Timberwolves should select with the first overall pick?

    The Wisconsin Badgers will most likely have two first round picks, Sam Dekker and Frank "The Tank" Kaminsky.  A mock draft from RotoWorld has Kaminsky going 13th, to the Phoenix Suns.  Sam Dekker is projected 22nd, to the Chicago Bulls.  If you were a GM which of these two players would you select first?  Listen in and call the show with your thoughts!

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    NBA Draft Lottery Needs Reboot, Blackhawks & Ducks 3OT Thriller, Game 3 Preview

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    On Tuesday night, The Minnesota Timberwolves won the NBA Draft Lottery and the #1 pick in the 2015 draft.  The New York Knicks, with the second-best odds for the #1 pick, fell two spots to #4.  The Philadelphia 76ers will pick third, the Los Angeles Lakers second.  Is it time to do away with the current lottery system that encourages weak teams to "tank" for higher picks?  There are some alternatives worth serious consideration.  The Chicago Blackhawks and Anaheim Ducks played an instant classic Game 2 of their Western Conference Finals series with the Hawks getting the win in triple overtime.  After such an immense effort from both teams, how will each respond in Game 3?  I've got the keys to the game.  All this plus your phone calls at (347) 327-9183!


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    TV play-by-play voice, Philadelphia 76ers, Marc Zumoff

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    The Philadelphia 76ers advance past the Chicago Bulls in dramatic fashion to make it to the second round of the NBA playoffs and TV play-by-play voice of the 76ers, Marc Zumoff joins the program.

    Marc lets the boys in on the excitement across the city and how much of an impact head coach Doug Collins has had on the team.

    The Breakdown - For hoops talk, the way it should be!

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    Sixers will be a dynasty ... in a decade

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    Everyone is focused on the NBA Finals, and with good reason. But there are 28 other teams in the NBA, each with a plan to get where the Cavs and Warriors are right now.

    And if I told you the Sixers had the best plan of them all, would you believe me? Vinny DelNegro and Joel Meyers of Sirius XM NBA Radio were skeptical when the subject came up in this interview, especially when I said that a decade from now we'll be taking about a dynasty in Philly.

    A dynasty?

    Well, yes.

    And as I told DelNegro when he questioned my prediction, it will not take a decade for the Sixers to be contending for championships. It'll take five years -- maybe less. And that is why 10 years from now, we'll be talking dynasty. It's what happens in years 6-10 that'll move the discussion to that next level.


    Everyone likes to poke fun at Sam Hinkie these days, calling him the best tank driver since Michael Dukakis. But they used to say similar things about Sam Presti, who tanked and put together a core of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden that should have won multiple championships by now if now for the ill-advised decision to trade Harden rather than max him out.

    But Presti was having to operate under a tight salary cap, which is something Hinkie will not have to deal with. By the time Nerlens Noel, Joel Embiid, Dario Saric and others finish their rookie scale contracts, the salary cap will be well over $100 million -- and teams will be able to carry at least three max players on their roster. If Hinkie plays his cards right, he'll have a core of five or six studs to build with over the next half-decade and beyond. Nobody has ever built a team this way, and by the time it is all said and done, Hinkie will be in the Hall of Fame. Mark my words on that, because you heard it here first.

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    Sixers in 60: Episode 1 - Philadelphia 76ers a Sinking Ship?

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    Gelso will be Bringing the New England point of view to the City of Brotherly love is going to cause quite a stir for co-host, Brian McDermott.
    McDermott has been heavily involved in the planning of CLNS – Philadelphia, the latest in CLNS Radio’s expansion process. McDermott can also be heard frequently on CLNS – Boston’s Celtics Post Game Show.
    The guys will be discussing…
    Doug Collins’ possibly losing his locker room Andre Iguodala’s comments to SI Can the Sixers win without a superstar talent? Can Lou Williams play defense? Will the Sixers make the playoffs? Sixers potential in the post season Will Smith: Obnoxious fraud fan/co-owner OR passionate hometown boy The local weather Philly cheese steaks: over rated OR the absolute best and much, much more! We are a call-in show. We’d love to hear from YOU! The hosts will also be hanging out in the chat room!

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    Episode 10: The Phillies on a win Streak?

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    It's a big night in Philly sports and no it's not because the Phillies won 6 straight. It's Ping Pong ball night in basketball land, so the sixers may not be playing the conference final game like the Warriors or the Rockets, but hopefully the player the Sixers get helps the team get to the next level and they will soon be playing in the NBA playoffs.  We will discuss Hinkie's plan, whether it is working.  We were off last week so we will finally be discussing deflategate.  And finally the Flyers hired a new coach.

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    CLNS Post Game - Philadelphia 76ers vs Boston Celtics

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    CLNS Radio’s season-long initiative to cover every Boston Celtics game, continues tonight. The Philadelphia 76ers are coming to Boston to try climb back up he Atlantic Division standings. With the CLNS Radio expansion into the Philadelphia market, this offers the perfect opportunity for you to get a sneak peek of what’s to come with CLNS – Philadelphia and how Philly will merge coverage with CLNS – Boston on many occasions.
    CLNS Radio’s postgame host Matt Rury will be joined by Sixers in 60′s, Brian McDermott and the host of Smack Talk Sports, Chris McCarthy. The Celtics Late Night Show’s,  Nick Gelso cannot keep his big mouth out of the Philly vs Boston post game show so he’ll be popping on-air as well.
    From TD Garden, we will get The Jungle Report from Aztec Gino. He’s be pumping up the fans outside North Station and will have a great give-away for the most passionate fan in the Aztec Warriors cluster of super fans.
    J-Weiss, as always, will have the report from inside the Garden with CLNS Radio’s locker room report.
    Matt and the rest of the CLNS crew will have all your post game coverage but they want to hear from YOU! …Sixers fans are welcome as well!
    Call 347-215-7771 or TOLL FREE 855-CLNS-NOW throughout the broadcast to get your voice heard! We’ll talk to you immediately following the game!
    Call in Toll Free 855-CLNS- NOW | Listen Live | Join the Chat

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    TSL Podcast: Phillies beginning, while Sixers are ending

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    On tonight's edition of the Total Sports Live podcast, Jovan Alford and Angela Montoni will be talking about those Philadelphia Phillies and 76ers. More in depthly, they will be breaking down the Phillies first week of regular season baseball as they are currently 3-3. Finally, they will be talking about the Sixers ending the regular season this week and the possibility of Joel Embiid may be playing in the summer league.