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    Pet Radio Show-Canine Seizures and Pet Insurance

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    Dr. Michael Wong is one of fewer than 200 board-certified veterinary neurologists in North America. He was one of the first veterinary neurologists to complete the Advanced Neurosurgical Course.

    Dr. Wong has lectured at the local, state and national level, and has instructed veterinary students at the University of Florida. He has published articles on magnetic resonance imaging, new treatments for encephalitis, treatment of brain tumors and neurosurgery. He enjoys all aspects of neurology, neurosurgery, and MRI, but his passions include spinal surgery, seizure management, management of encephalitis, and MRI in the diagnosis of neurological disease.

    Have you been considering pet insurance but confused as to what it covers, or what type of policy to get, what to look for when shopping for insurance, and what the best fit is for your pets? Chris Middleton from Pets Best Insurance will explain everything you need to know to get the right coverage for your pets

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    Pet Radio Show-Halo Pet Foundation

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    David Yaskulka from Halo Pet will talk about the efforts of Halo to help feed rescues in need across the country and how you can help

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    Pet Radio Show-Understanding pain meds

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    Dr V returns to talk about pet pain meds. Learn more about pain meds, how, when, and why they should be used.  Short term and long term pain management.
    Also joining us is Hauspanther- learn about stylish pet toys and accesssories
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    Pet Radio Show-Ricochet Surf Dog

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    Meet Ricochet, the Surfice Dog! Ricochet has been surfing in the ocean since she was a puppy, and continues to surf for fun and competition, while helping to raise money and awareness for pet welfare. Ricochet won the Hero Dog of the Year in 2011.
    Learn all about Ricochet and her amazing accomplishments, guranteed to make you smile!
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    Pet Radio Show-Cat Fancy

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    Susan Logan, Editor of Cat Fancy Magazine joins us again and Rich Van Engers, Founder of Sturdi Products, the cloth pet carriers.

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    Pet Radio Show-Ferret Behavior

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    We had a technical glitch-first 8 minutes after the intro is blank! Skip ahead 8 minutes to hear the begining of the show.
    Ailigh Vanderbush joins us to discuss the behavior and care of Ferrets. In the dog training segment "Doggy behave" Rachel Friedman, trainer joins us and in the product spotlight Dana Singleton of Primal Pet Foods tells us about the raw meat diet for dogs and cats.

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    Pet Radio Show-Spring health issues

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    Dr. Jessica Vogelsang is one of the most popular veterinarians on the web. A graduate of the prestigious UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine with experience in both emergency and general practice, Dr. V- as she is known on her website- started her award winning blog pawcurious.com in 2009 as a way to share her enthusiasm with the world.
    Dr. V is a skilled writer known for making the complicated accessible, as a regular contributing author on Studio One Networks, pet360, Good Dog Magazine and Petfinder. She has been featured in multiple national outlets such as Ladies Home Journal, Outside Magazine, and USA Today.  She is often spotted talking pets on Fox 5 San Diego and at the annual Helen Woodward Animal Center telethon.
    Dr. V will be discussing spring and summer health issues for dogs and cats and taking your questions.
    Also joining us is the folks from Clear Conscience Pet.
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    Pet Radio Show-Canine Cancer Research USA

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    Steve Katz of Canine Cancer Research USA joins us for one hour to talk about this important subject.
    "Cancer is cancer regardless of species, and discoveries in either dogs or humans will have rapid acceptance in the other species."-- Dr. Stephen Withrow, one of the world's leading canine oncologists
    "Cancer kills up to half of all dogs more than ten years old." -- Shawn Messonnier, DVM (Preventing and Treating cancer in dogs)
    "Each of our own pet dogs is at risk to suffer the devastating effects of cancer. One in four dogs will die of cancer and cancer is the number one cause of disease-related death in dogs over the age of two." -- Dr. Patricia N. Olson, CEO and President of Morris Animal Foundation
    "We can learn more about cancer by working together. This program will advance our understanding of cancer in both animals and people." -- Dr. Douglas Yee, Director, Masonic Cancer Center
    "Cancer is the leading cause of death among dogs and cats in the U.S., Europe and Japan. In fact, your pet is more likely to get cancer than you are. More than half of all dogs will die of cancer, and some breeds have even higher rates of death from the disease." -- Dr. Karen Becker, DVM
    "One of the biggest oversights in modern medicine is the role of the immune system in cancer. Sure, it is researched, but there is almost no practical use of this knowledge in actual clinical medicine. If a veterinary client were to bring up the fact that systemic cancer almost always creates immune suppression to an average vet, there would be little actionable response." -- Dr. Demian Dressler, DVM

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    Pet Radio Show-Celebrity Dog Groomer

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    Jorge Bendersky, celebrity dog groomer was originally scheduled to join the show on November 3rd, but could not make it because of the hurricane.  He is now joining us December 15th.
    Jorge Bendersky became a celebrity dog groomer soon after moving to Manhattan from his native Argentina. Trimming and fluffing the four-legged children of some of the New York City’s elite. Today he is one of Manhattan’s sought-after groomers. His clients include top models, notable actors, infamous billionaires and popular recording artists. He now appears on Animal Planet.
    Cool Blue Dog Apparel, Owner and Designer Angela Cuce, talks about keeping your pets warm this season with Pawz Boots in the snow and with Hoodies and Raincoats from the elements. These new hoodies are unique for keeping "smushed faced" dogs warm! Great for hard to fit broad chested breeds.

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    Pet Radio Show-Troubled Youth Finding Homes for Dogs and Training Shelter Dogs

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    Since 1993, Project POOCH has successfully paired hundreds of unwanted shelter dogs with incarcerated youths. The youths care for, groom and train unwanted shelter dogs and help to find them new adoptive “forever homes." Youths (guided by professionals) learn to train the dogs, groom them, and find them new adoptive "forever homes." The dogs leave the program ready to be great pets, while their trainers re-enter the community with new job and personal skills and increased compassion and respect for all life.

    Dog trainer Colleen Demling discusses how to address the training needs of a dog adopted from a shelter. How to evaluate if your dog from a sheltewr may have baggage that needs to be addressed and how to give a rescued dog the best possible home.

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    Pet Radio Show-SuperZoo and puppy training

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    Get the inside scoop on this years SuperZoo trade show for pets with guest Melissa Kaufman of Bow Tie Inc.. Dee Hoult the Doggie DEEva returns and talks about puppy chewing behavior

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