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    Overcome Pessimism! The Unrealistic Negativity!

    in Self Help

    We are examining the world of pessimism!  Want your free consultation in discovering how you can overcome pessimism?  Are you struggling with a negative outlook.  Are negative individuals more realistic than optimists?  Life can be simplified and less stressful if we understand pessimism and discover solutions to overcoming it!  This show is for you....we will take you on a journey in order to understand the Unrealistic Negativity you carry and how to influence others in overcoming their pessimism!  Become the individual you want to be and make positive changes in life!  You get one life, so live it to the fullest with optimism....happiness and true joy!

    Join our 1000 members for positive change!  Special bonus ....you will get the opportunitity to experience a visualization process for you to grow confidence and relaxation during the show!  This works!   

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    (Our Sunday's Choice) - A Time Of Utter Darkness

    in Current Events

    This show will prove to you beyond any shadow of doubt that the old world of the caucasian/anglo or Western world has fallen headlong deep into the judgment and that the saying of the prophets of old are now coming to fruition. It will empower you on you the time and what is coming in this time, and also show you where you should be in this time of poverty, war, dissaitsfaction, dread, and pessimism. So join us because you will not want to miss this! Why? Because your life and lives of your loved ones may depend on it

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    The 15 Diseases of Leadership, According to Pope Francis #12

    in Business


    The disease of a downcast face. You see this disease in those glum and sour persons who think that to be serious you have to put on a face of melancholy and severity, and treat others—especially those we consider our inferiors—with rigor, brusqueness and arrogance. In fact, a show of severity and sterile pessimism are frequently symptoms of fear and insecurity. A leader must make an effort to be courteous, serene, enthusiastic and joyful, a person who transmits joy everywhere he goes. A happy heart radiates an infectious joy: it is immediately evident! So a leader should never lose that joyful, humorous and even self-deprecating spirit which makes people amiable even in difficult situations. How beneficial is a good dose of humor! …

    For more information on this article written by Gary Hamel: https://hbr.org/2015/04/the-15-diseases-of-leadership-according-to-pope-francis


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    Oklahoma is developing nitrogen or laughing gas mixture for death row inmates

    in Politics Progressive

    Our show is two fold tonight.  Rachel Maddow states wtih sketchy pessimism that the US Supreme Court may overthrow the use of lethal injection, Oklahoma has a Plan B.  They plan to use another lethal substance to eliminate inmates on death row.

    The debate of marriage rights will even become more divisive in 2016 Presidential hopefuls.

    Finally, how to find peace in your daily walk with God.

    Coping is fairly easy if you don't have 20 mile commutes; if you open your Bible every a.m. and Read Psalms 31 or 91.  Keep it peaceful and manage your life.

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    Maya Schenwar: Locked Down, Locked Out: Why Prisons Don't Work

    in Politics Progressive

    Join Maya Schenwar on Human Rights Demand Blogtalkradio channel, Monday, Feb. 23. Call-in at (347)857-3293. She will discuss her book, "Locked Down, Locked Out - Why Prisons Don't Work and How We Can Do Better." What did Angela Davis and Michelle Alexander say about this book, which was written by the Sr. Editor of Truthout? Their reviews are below:

    “Maya Schenwar's stories about prisoners, their families (including her own), and the thoroughly broken punishment system are rescued from any pessimism such narratives might inspire by the author's brilliant juxtaposition of abolitionist imaginaries and radical political practices.”
    —Angela Y. Davis, author of "Are Prisons Obsolete?"

    “This book has the power to transform hearts and minds, opening us to new ways of imagining what justice can mean for individuals, families, communities, and our nation as a whole. Maya Schenwar’s personal, openhearted sharing of her own family’s story, together with many other stories and real-world experiments with transformative justice, makes this book compelling, highly persuasive, and difficult to put down. I turned the last page feeling nothing less than inspired.”
    —Michelle Alexander, author of "The New Jim Crow"?

    Through the stories of prisoners and their families, including her own family’s experiences, Maya Schenwar shows how the institution that locks up 2.3 million Americans and decimates poor communities of color is shredding the ties that, if nurtured, could foster real collective safety. Schenwar profiles community-based initiatives that successfully deal with problems—both individual harm and larger social wrongs—through connection rather than isolation, moving toward a safer, freer future for all of us.
    Website: http://www.mayaschenwar.com/?

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    Bermane Stiverne vs Deontay Wilder Preview

    in Sports

    Welcome to 2015, ye oulde fans of boxing. Not enough has happened yet this calendar year to be able to say how it's starting out, but like always, we'll complain both before and after, no matter what. This weekend is the first bigger boxing weekend of the year, though, centered around a match between two heavyweights that's actually interesting. This week on TQBR Radio, James Foley of Bad Left Hook and The Queensberry Rules' Patrick Connor preview Bermane Stiverne vs Deontay Wilder on Showtime, and accompanying undercard. Look alive and you might just catch some movie quotes, lame humor, pessimism and whatnot. Thanks for tuning in!

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    The Lady in Number 6: "Music Saved My Life"

    in Psychology

    The importance of music, laughter, and having an optimistic outlook on life is a valuable experience shared by Alice Herz Sommer, a 109 year old Holocaust survivor. It is her connection to her inner JOY that has allowed her to live a happy life, despite all the hardship and anguish she had experienced. 

    In an Oscar winning 2013 documentary, The Lady in Number 6, Alice reveals how she achieved a long and happy life despite horrendous setbacks. "I have lived through many wars and have lost everything many times -- including my husband, my mother and my beloved son," she says on the documentary's website. "Yet, life is beautiful, and I have so much to learn and enjoy. I have no space nor time for pessimism and hate."

    In this program join Dr. Sadigh and his special guest, Jasmine Daghighian the Associate Producer of this award winning documentary directed by Malcolm Clarke, to learn how Alice's love for music and her ability to attract humanity has become an attribute that we can all cherish.

    Jasmine Daghighian's projects are diverse, but she believes in a single idea: people and characters may be imperfect and unstudied but they are authentic and worthy of portrayal.

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    The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown

    in Books

    Meet author Richard Tiller. Richard will be chatting with me about his book, Tough Conversations with the Heart of Jesus.

    About the book:

    If you will ever have to face another tough conversation, this book was written for you. Tough Conversations with the Heart of Jesus offers a Biblical perspective on how to anticipate and engage in these encounters in a way that will achieve the best results for everyone involved. The key to success in tough conversations lies in the heart. Skills are important, too, but if you have the right heart for tough conversations, the skills come more easily. Jesus shows the right heart for tough conversations. The biggest obstacle to success in tough conversations is fear. Eliminating fear changes everything. Jesus shows how to replace fear with courage, anxiety with calm, weakness with strength, insecurity with confidence, and pessimism with optimism. Tough conversations have been some of the most difficult challenges that human civilization has faced throughout history.

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    The High-Altitude Mentorship Show: The Optimism Bias

    in Entrepreneur

    Challenges happen to all of us; how we handle them separates the high-performers from everyone else. The spectrum between pessimism and positivity is wide, but is there a "better" middle ground? Or is there value in being pessimistic? The answer may surprise you!

    Join JT as he explores the concept of "rational optimism", inspired by a SUCESS Magazine article by positive psychology expert Shawn Achor. 

    Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far!

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    Positivity & Pessimism Feat. Adult Entertainment Legend Olivia O'Lovely

    in Motivation

    On this sunday episode edition of Moore To Life Radio. We discuss Positive & Pessimistic people. We discuss what cause both actions and what can be done. What causes for people to be more positive? What causes Pessimism? We discuss examples of both in people and how it has affected society all together. This is a very important topic for people mentally and we will go live Sunday 6PM to discuss another classic topic
    Also, On the Moore To Life Radio show we interview Retired Entertainer  Olivia O'Lovely. Being close friends with Host Antoine Moore,they have bee setting up this interview for almost 5 months. We will talk about her former career. What she is doing now? Being A Parent? How is her cupcke business? What are her future plans? Becoming a wrestling manager? So many questions for the legend Olivia Olovely!
    Please, tuned in sunday for another classic episode of Moore To Life Radio

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    Dallas Cowboys Pregame Show Week 1 vs. 49ers

    in Sports

    Strap your helmet on and get ready for another action packed and insightful year of The Sports Narrative's Dallas Cowboys Pregame Show. The expectations for the Cowboys are as low as they've been since the Jason Garrett era began. Even Jerry Jones has expressed his pessimism about the Boys season.

    It all begins Sunday afternoon in Arlington against the favored San Francisco 49ers.

    Dustin Copening and Jeff Feltman are here to guide you through Week 1, with expert input from Jeff Bowers. The guys bring back the staples from last year, with the Coach's Slant and a look Inside The Numbers. 


    Finally, they give their predictions for Week 1 and the Cowboys season as a whole, and then take a look at other matchus of note in the NFC East and the rest of the NFL.

    Welcome back for another year, and thanks for listening.