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    Pat's Perspective: NFL Edition

    in Sports

    In today's Pat's Persepctive. We talk ALL THINGS NFL. We will talk about the NEW decision in Cleveland with Mike Pettine making his QB decision. Hoyer? Manziel? Connor Shaw???? We got the fallout. We will also look at the latest on the arrest of Le'Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount in Pittsburgh. What's next for PITT? My new segment "Stock Up, Stock Down" as well as some Fantasy Football talk! That and all of your calls at 347-637-3521. Come on in and join us for awhile!

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    The Evolution of Perspective and KMack Knokville

    in Hip Hop Music

    Ellen Gee welcomes Baltimore veteran emcee KMack Knokville back to this episode of The Evolution of Perspective. Since his last visit, KMack has been stretching him limits, creating new music, and venturing in directions that artists can appreciate. With Knokville Entertainment and Tami TooMuch standing behind me supporting his efforts, he stays ACTIVE. He is ACTIVATED on so many levels and he updates the listeners and his fans on what's been happening since his last visit on The Evolution of Perspective. 

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    The Evolution of Perspective Last Listening Party

    in Music

    Ellen Gee hosts the final Listening Party ever on The Evolution of Perspective. She digs in her archives to find old music and scours the internet to find new music to quench your thirst for good music. With a mix of hip hop, ambient, world, and non-genre music, this last Listening Party will definitely put you in a mood and help Ellen Gee end the Evolution of Perspective Listening Party with a bang. 


    Follow Ellen Gee on social media: Facebook.com/ellengee.evolves  IG: @msellengee Twitter: @MsEllenGee

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    The Evolution of Perspective and The Renaissance Zone

    in Dads and Family

    Ellen Gee welcomes Sean Robinson of The Renaissance Zone to this episode of The Evolution of Perspective. Mr. Robinson is the brain behind The Renaissance Zone movement and will give the listeners information about what they can expect from him, it, and the partnership between TRZ and The Evolution of Perspective. The Renaissance Zone will be joining The EoP channel this fall and Sean gives the listeners a taste of what they can expect. Follow The Renaissance Zone on Facebook, Twitter, and look for them soon on Instagram. 

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    The Evolution of Perspective presents 2Point

    in Hip Hop Music

    Ellen Gee welcomes rapper, poet, and overall cool kid 2Point to this episode of The Evolution of Perspective. He comes to the show to discuss love, creativity, and gives us a peek into the world of someone who is wise beyond his years. He's quiet but when he does speak, the gems he drops are beyond amazing. He says he's not in for the glory. He represents the real ones with a story. It will be my pleasure to get to know him this evening. 

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    The Evolution of Perspective presents Ladi Glori and Counter Clip

    in Music

    Ellen Gee welcomes Ladi Glori and Counter Clip to this episode of The Evolution of Perspective on Blog Talk Radio. Ladi Glori, a local Maryland poet, spoken word performer, and actress, joins Ellen Gee to share her artistry with the listening audience. Counter Clip, a musical producer based out of Long Beach, California, joins Ellen Gee to share his music and perspective. They both share their story. 

    Follow Ladi Glori on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ladiglori. 

    Listen to Counter Clip on Soundcloud.com/CounterClip 


  • The Evolution of Perspective

    in Lifestyle

    Bridging the communication gap one conversation at a time. 

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    The Evolution of Perspective - Saying Goodbye - SHOW FINALE - LAST EPISODE EVER

    in Social Networking

    Ellen Gee closes out The Evolution of Perspective on Blog Talk Radio by reflecting on her 2014 experiences and some of the most memorable experiences while host The EoP on BTR. She says goodbye in this show finale and last episode ever. 

    The Evolution of Perspective began in 2010 with its first episode airing January 2011. Ellen Gee wanted to create a platform to help bridge the communication gap between the listeners. The show evolved to a space where Ellen Gee could get to know positive people in the community, listen to and showcase new music, and interview others. 

    The EoP on BTR with Ellen Gee ends on a high note with Ellen Gee looking to 2015 as the year for more opportunity and bigger things on the horizon. 



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    pilot - The Teen Age Perspective! Why?

    in Entertainment

    what is The Teen Age Perspective?

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    The Evolution of Perspective - Hey Ellen Gee

    in Current Events

    Ellen Gee updates the listening audience with the 2014 4th Quarter Schedule of events and reads an excerpt from her blog The Evolution of Perspective (theevolutionofperspective.blogspot.com). Follow Ellen Gee on social media: 



    IG: MsEllenGee

    Twitter: @EllengeeEvolves

    Twitter: @TheEoPonBTR

    IG: TheDivasDISH

    This episode of The Evolution of Perspective is being sponsored in part by Purple Honey Music & Entertainment. Visit www.purplehoneymusic.com to get information and tickets to the September 14 show that stars Krystle Est, Ama Chandra, April Sampe, Comedian Stiletto, and Poet Rebecca Dupas. 

    Visit msellengee.com to find out more about Ms. Ellen Gee






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    The Evolution of Perspective presents Mo Rece of StinkiFace Music

    in Business

    Ellen Gee welcomes the man in charge of the band, producer and musician Mo Rece to this episode of The Evolution of Perspective. He brings almost 20 years of musicianship, producing, arranging, song writing, and sound engineering to the table. As the head and Chief Visionary Executive of StinkiFace Music, LLC, he's responsible for helping artists achieve creative freedom and artistic control of their sound, while making sounds business decisions. 

    He joins Ellen Gee tonight to talk about his current and future endeavors in the music business. 

    Visit him online at www.stinkifacemusic.com 


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