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  • 01:43

    Brown-Eyed Perspective Anniversary Edition: Episode 1

    in Current Events

    Your co-hosts are excited to celebrate their one year anniversary of the Brown-Eyed Perspective and will talk to Ms. Tenesha Duffy, Elementary School Teacher, and one of the educators on the Department of Education's 2016 Delaware Dream Team as she discusses excellence in the field of teaching.  We will also hear from Deneen Moore-McDonald to talk about geneology (tracing your roots).  As the hosts continue to educate the community we will also talk about the legacy of Tommy Coveleski and the coverage of sports in the Cape region since 1972 from Mr. Dave "Fredman" Frederick, Sociologist and Sports Encyclopedia.



  • 01:10

    A Brown-Eyed Perspective Christmas: A Walk Down Memory Lane

    in Current Events

    We want to hear about some of your favorite memories from Holidays past.  What songs help you to feel the spirit of Christmas or burst into a song?  What did Santa bring or not bring that you wanted? Call us and let us hear your voice.   

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    in Sports

    Tonight on Pat's Perspective, we are talking all Fantasy Football for 90 minutes. I got my rankings by position, sleepers and busts for each position and also ranking the rookies to target and what rookies could be sleepers! I also want to here from all of you, call or tweet your Fantasy Football questions, callers and tweeters make the show great and I can use all of you guys and gals! 


    To get in touch on the phones, you can call 347-637-3521 or tweet at me @patcle330 using #AskPat.

    Come on in and stay awhile! I got ya for 90 minutes starting at 1am EST

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    A Father's Perspective

    in Prayer

       Last week we talked about the prodigal son.

    This week we are discussing the older son who got angry with his father, and refused to celebrate the return of his brother. 

    Have you ever had to take sides in a situation? Having to take sides and explain your position can sometimes be challenging if it is not done in love. Today we will explore a father's perspective.

    How do we get someone to see the BIG picture?

    We will use biblical scripture, poetry, and song during our discussion. Join in!  SE Scott

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    Pat's Perspective: NFL Edition

    in Sports

    In today's Pat's Persepctive. We talk ALL THINGS NFL. We will talk about the NEW decision in Cleveland with Mike Pettine making his QB decision. Hoyer? Manziel? Connor Shaw???? We got the fallout. We will also look at the latest on the arrest of Le'Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount in Pittsburgh. What's next for PITT? My new segment "Stock Up, Stock Down" as well as some Fantasy Football talk! That and all of your calls at 347-637-3521. Come on in and join us for awhile!

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    Change Your Perspective If …

    in Christianity

    You may need to change your perspective if you feel: defeated, overwhelmed, discouraged, hopeless,emotionally exhausted, and ready to give it all up!  Your perspective may be the difference from thriving in victory or wallowing in despair. Let's create a strategic plan for a new way of looking at things!

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    The Evolution of Perspective and KMack Knokville

    in Hip Hop Music

    Ellen Gee welcomes Baltimore veteran emcee KMack Knokville back to this episode of The Evolution of Perspective. Since his last visit, KMack has been stretching him limits, creating new music, and venturing in directions that artists can appreciate. With Knokville Entertainment and Tami TooMuch standing behind me supporting his efforts, he stays ACTIVE. He is ACTIVATED on so many levels and he updates the listeners and his fans on what's been happening since his last visit on The Evolution of Perspective. 

  • 01:00

    Flowing With Spirit :: Changing Perspective

    in Spirituality

    In this episode of Flowing With Spirit on the Mystic Moondays series, Essence Ka tha'ras, Kyra Merna and Katsura Balanza will be opening up conversation sharing all about perspective.  We'll be sharing upon different kinds of perspectives, what can get us into certain perspectives.  In the case that we are in a perspective we are not content in, we will share upon little tips and techniques that can help us break change our perspective breaking free of thoughts and ideas that do not serve our highest purpose. Assisting in bringing us living in a state of being that is most holistic.  

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    A Proper Perspective Of Thanksgiving

    in Christianity

    Exactly what does it mean to have a right perspective of Thanksgiving? Perhaps it means it is possible that we can lose our focus on Christ or maybe even suggest there's enough in this world that can throw us so far off course that we forget our mission, our blessings  in Christ and have placed values in the wrong things. So what is the proper perspective of Thanksgiving?  2 Cor 9: 11-12 says You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God. 12 This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of God's people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God. Well, it seems to suggest that Thanksgiving is more than just one day of the year, it should be a lifestyle. Even through trouble, sorrow, sickness and trials we face we can still be thankful through it, in Christ alone. And its because His grace and mercy we can have the proper view of thanksgiving.

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    The Evolution of Perspective and The Renaissance Zone

    in Dads and Family

    Ellen Gee welcomes Sean Robinson of The Renaissance Zone to this episode of The Evolution of Perspective. Mr. Robinson is the brain behind The Renaissance Zone movement and will give the listeners information about what they can expect from him, it, and the partnership between TRZ and The Evolution of Perspective. The Renaissance Zone will be joining The EoP channel this fall and Sean gives the listeners a taste of what they can expect. Follow The Renaissance Zone on Facebook, Twitter, and look for them soon on Instagram. 

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    The Evolution of Perspective Last Listening Party

    in Music

    Ellen Gee hosts the final Listening Party ever on The Evolution of Perspective. She digs in her archives to find old music and scours the internet to find new music to quench your thirst for good music. With a mix of hip hop, ambient, world, and non-genre music, this last Listening Party will definitely put you in a mood and help Ellen Gee end the Evolution of Perspective Listening Party with a bang. 


    Follow Ellen Gee on social media: Facebook.com/ellengee.evolves  IG: @msellengee Twitter: @MsEllenGee