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    Cowabungah! Personal Mastery Radio

    in Self Help

    Personal Mastery is ultimately what we are here to learn! Tune in as we have a lively discussion about personal mastery and peak performance in every area of life.

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    Cowabungah! Personal Mastery Radio

    in Self Help

    Join Mark Shepard and Chris Johnson as they discuss and apply tools, techniques and attitudes of personal mastery in all areas of life!

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    Cowabungah! Personal Mastery 101

    in Self Help

    Join your personal mastery mentor, Mark Shepard as he explores what personal mastery is and why you need more of it!
    Special guest Chris Johnson brings his two cents to the table as well and you are invited to call in and join the conversation.

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    Cowabungah! Personal Mastery Radio

    in Self Help

    Join Mark Shepard and Chris Johnson as they discuss and apply tools, techniques and attitudes of personal mastery in all areas of life!
    This week we have a special guest, Singer, Songwriter, Graphic Designer and Mom, Trina Brunk. We will get to hear some of her great original tunes as well how she manages to balance her creative, business, personal and parental life with an attitude of COWABUNGAH!

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    The Art of Personal Mastery, Live the Life You Love

    in Self Help

    Are you confused about your purpose?  Do you struggle with trying to figure life out?  Is your mental chatter getitng the best of you?  Do you wish you could start living your life rather than just make a living?  If you answered "YES" to any of these questions please join me for an amazing show focused on Personal Mastery, loving your life.

    Call in with questions:  626-231-0306

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    The Alchemy of Awareness: Accomplishing Personal Mastery

    in Self Help

    After successfully climbing Mount Everest, Edmund Hillary stated: "It's not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves."The key to joy, success, harmony and fulfillment lies in embracing the inner journey,which accompanies us to our outer destination; without this attention to our inner experience, we encounter undercurrents of unhappiness and a sense of incompleteness in our lives, which cannot be elevated by material progress.

    This is a challenge faced by most people today: to find that subtle balance between the pursuit of external rewards and inner fulfillment. Thus to truly create a meaningful life we need to learn how to attain this balance, how to foster self-discovery and support a higher purpose while living a mundane life. 

    In today’s show Paula and her guest RajivVij will talk about His new book, Discover your Sweet Spot which explores how you can create an ever evolving meaning and purpose in your life that leads to success in work, fulfillment in relationships and a holistic sense of well being. Paula will also lead an EFT protocol for clearing the obstacles that keep us from finding fulfillment in the journey itself.

    HOST:  Paula Horan Ph.D. (LaxmiDechenWangmo), is an American psychologist who lives in Asia. A Reiki Master for twenty five years and an author of eight books on meditation, alternative health, and non-dual awareness. Her new book Fierce Innocence, which conveys the wisdom of her Jnana Yoga retreats in fostering a radiant self-confidence, is now available at amazon.com/author/paulahoran. 

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    The Leadership Mastery Formula for Women with Felicia R. Davis

    in Management

    Felicia R. Davis stepped up and stepped into encouraging female leaders from around the country. She believes, "LEADERSHIP IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT." Her book, The Leadership Mastery Formula is a best-seller among the inner-circle of women who are making a diference in the world with impact, influence and integrity.

    It’s Time to Liberate the Leader in You! This shows features Felicia Davis' groundbreaking formula that teaches women how to develop a scalable leadership brand that gets them Noticed, Known and Called Upon.

    There is one universal truth for women that will never change and that is having strong leadership brand is an absolute imperative if you want to be cognized and rewarded for your contributions.  Her book, The Leadership Mastery Formula, teaches women how to build a magnetic and in-demand brand. This show with Felicia R. Davis is for any woman who is ready "to lead with impact, influence and integrity so that she can change the world with her message." To contact Felicia or get her book, visit www.feliciaRdavis.com

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    Personal Trainer Brian Martin

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Brian Martin.


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    The J Plan And Jeremy Allen Personal Fitness Training

    in Business

    The J Plan And  Jeremy Allen Personal Fitness Training ....

    Jeremy Allen is a Professional Fitness Trainer. On This Building Fortunes Radio Show, Peter Mingils interviews Jeremy Allen... and Jeremy Allen provides details of The J Plan.

    Discover How To BANISH Unwanted Body Fat The SMART WAY. This groundbreaking method empowers you to lose that ugly body fat despite eating delicious food AND avoiding daily workouts and mind-numbing cardio sessions!

    When you hear from Jeremy, you will hear him say:

    My name is Jeremy Allen and I'm a certified personal trainer. Earlier in my life, I enjoyed a high powered career as a professional football player. During that time, I rubbed shoulders with some very talented fitness coaches who, seeing my interest, revealed some amazing insider secrets, and ignited a passion in me to become a personal trainer and help other folks achieve their dream bodies. On retiring from professional football, I did just that. And, I slowly perfected my powerful weight loss system, The J Plan, which now works in spectacular fashion.

    I've cracked the weight loss code. I know exactly how to eliminate that constant problem that plagues just about every one wanting to lose some weight.

    Catch more from Jeremy Allen on Building Fortunes Radio  at: www.buildingfortunesradio.com


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    Live Prophetic Ministry - Episode 283 – Tuesday November 24, 2015

    in Christianity

    We will take calls for prayer and prophetic ministry.

    The number to call is (619) 566-0956







    Personal Prophetic Ministry:



    Get The Book:


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    Effective Communication Skills

    in Relationships

    Effective Communication Skills will make your life easier, honest and build more trust in your relationships by better listening and powerful expressing skills.  Amazing for relationships, anger management and ADD / ADHD challenges. Learn to relax also with these skills.

    These skills are knowm as effective communication, Nonviolent communication and many other terms. What matters is you are learning the most innovative communication skills in listening, empathy and expressing skills. Each program will deal in a skill of many that will build your communication and relationship skills that build self-trust and honesty with the people you are communicating with. 

    Used in business or personal relationships watch how your relationships, business and personal will grow and how easy these skills will add to your life. The skills will also be a relaxing tool from everday stress. You will see how a few minutes using these skills will be relaxing and stress free. You will be amazed. 

    These skills are taught by Rick Goodfriend who studied under Dr. Marshal Rosenberg. He credits tis mastter and the practice of life to learn these communication skills. He will tell you to practice, practice and practice these communication skills. 

    Rick has classes also on the internet so there is no real need to go to workshops. These online classes can be found at his website http://RickGoodfriend.com in the link at the upper left side of the homepage.