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    Cowabungah! Personal Mastery Radio

    in Self Help

    Join Mark Shepard and Chris Johnson as they discuss and apply tools, techniques and attitudes of personal mastery in all areas of life!

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    Cowabungah! Personal Mastery 101

    in Self Help

    Join your personal mastery mentor, Mark Shepard as he explores what personal mastery is and why you need more of it!
    Special guest Chris Johnson brings his two cents to the table as well and you are invited to call in and join the conversation.

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    Cowabungah! Personal Mastery Radio

    in Self Help

    Join Mark Shepard and Chris Johnson as they discuss and apply tools, techniques and attitudes of personal mastery in all areas of life!
    This week we have a special guest, Singer, Songwriter, Graphic Designer and Mom, Trina Brunk. We will get to hear some of her great original tunes as well how she manages to balance her creative, business, personal and parental life with an attitude of COWABUNGAH!

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    The Art of Personal Mastery, Live the Life You Love

    in Self Help

    Are you confused about your purpose?  Do you struggle with trying to figure life out?  Is your mental chatter getitng the best of you?  Do you wish you could start living your life rather than just make a living?  If you answered "YES" to any of these questions please join me for an amazing show focused on Personal Mastery, loving your life.

    Call in with questions:  626-231-0306

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    Cowabungah! Personal Mastery Radio

    in Self Help

    Join Mark Shepard and special guest Marylynn Grimes, Facilitator of "The Work" of Byron Katie as they explore and demonstrate how the "work" can reduce and eliminate the suffering caused by our thoughts and beliefs.
    Marylynn Grimes: http://byron-katie-work.com/
    Bryon Katie: http://http://thework.com
    Mark Shepard: http://Cowabungah.com

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    Personal Mastery for Men - Introduction

    in Self Help

    Boysen Hodgson - Marketing Director for Mankind Project - Personal Mastery for Men is about men mentoring men to develop the tools and skills to handle anything; any transition, any life stage, any set of circumstances. It’s about developing not only personal resources but community resources to support men and help them deepen their level of self-awareness and personal responsibility. Unlike traditional socialization for men, personal mastery for men does not ask men to repress, hide or deny their emotional lives, but rather pushes them to experience and integrate all their emotions and use them to learn, adapt and succeed in the world. A man with Personal Mastery uses all the streams of input he experiences rather than trying to block out uncomfortable sensations to stay in the ‘safe’ zone of modern masculinity. Men who strive for Personal Mastery are happier, more relaxed, healthier, less likely to be engaged in long term conflict and much better equipped to succeed in business and relationships.

  • Your Eternal Salvation as an Eternal Divine-Human Personality !

    in Religion

    Part 48 of many. Come learn and share this current, profound, Fifth Epochal Revelation of Truth !   Show # 432 Live 30 minute inspiring show and open Chat Room.   We are led in Spirit here in Jesus with us, to progressively become more aware and receptive in soul and in mind of God's pure spirit Essence -- God's will -- within each of us, and also Jesus Christ fully here in Spirit upon all humans worldwide and universe-wide, leading us truth-lovers into All Truth and eventual Eternal Residence on Paradise. We freely serve in the worldwide Brotherhood of man and in the Family of God. Please click "Follow" and tell your friends about this show. Thank you.   The first 50 shows are a comprehensive, Revealed, Advanced Christian Theology Course  Then shows #51-242 are a long series on the fuller, Revealed Life and Teachings of Jesus. Shows #267-324 are on God's Creation and progressive Evolution. Email me for further information and further studies, all free.  We are Spirit of Truth led, eclectic Christians, trans-denominational, trans-ecclesiastical and perfecting faith-sons of God.  Love, peace and progress in Spirit and in Father-Son Truth ! Teacher Brother Dave  My Large website with much more is http://www.PureChristians.org or (same website) http://www.LedByJesus.org

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    Hearing the “Vision of the Heart”

    in Spirituality

    Join Sue Graywolf and Smokie Whitewolf Steiner for the Womens’ Healing Hour Radio on Sunday, 12/28 at 1 PM MST, 3 PM EST, 8 PM London and 10 PM Israel time as speak about listening to - and hearing - the voice of your heart.

    When we listen and are still enough to hear the voice that is within our hearts ... we can then find our greatest gifts.  Our dreams, our desires, our joy, this is our personal heart vision.  Our heart vision helps us as individuals to accomplish our life lessons and bring forth fulfillment of our Spirits mission. 

    We are all guided by those still quiet voices in our head.   This voice is very subtle and exact.  It is our choice to move in the direction our spirit is guiding us or not.  We all have choices in life.  Some of us moved in directions that didn’t quite turn out the way we had hoped but even those circumstances have brought us closer to our “Vision of the Heart”. 

    We welcome you all to join us and share your wisdom and experiences of following your hearts vision and where it took you on your journey.  Smokie Whitewolf Steiner and myself will share our heart filled stories and where our hearts guided us as well.  This journey together will allow us to open our hearts so we can continue to move in the direction our spirit is guiding us.  A’ho

    We invite listeners to come and participate in the discussion and sharing of knowledge. And we thank all our listeners for truly “being” the shows we air.

    ~ Join the conversation on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/455896104456562/

    ~ Adopt a month of Ciracle Radio and support the ripples by donating $39 to www.sotem.org.

    ~ Ciracle Radio is a member of the Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother family

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    Al Diaz, Lynn Pierce Rewrite Your Story with an ageless lifestyle

    in Lifestyle

    Al Diaz and Lynn Pierce share their insights on Rewrite Your Story with an ageless lifestyle.

    Sunday, Dec. 28th  11am PST

    Lynn Pierce founded of one of the first annual events for women entrepreneurs, “Women’s Business Empowerment Summit” in 2004. For more than 30 years she has taught thousands of people worldwide the principles required to live an ageless lifestyle, while building a business that grows out of living the life of your dreams.

    Her personal and professional development systems help you have an ageless body, mind, spirit and an ageless lifestyle. She is a #1 best selling co-author of Wake-up ... Live the Life You Love, Walking With the Wise, Inspiration to Realization, and over a dozen other books. Lynn is also the author of Breakthrough to Success; 19 Keys to Mastering Every Area of Your Life.

    Lynn personally mentors people who have achieved success in their career and now choose to do something more personally fulfilling to them—living an ageless lifestyle while pursuing their passion and life purpose. 

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    Part # 1 Dealing with the Conscious and Common Law

    in Current Events

    What makes personal consciousness so powerful ?

    How do the Conscious use Common Law ?

    Have pencil and paper for this one 

    Feel free to visit our Blog Spot, http://www.tarhaka-el-bey.blogspot.com/.
    GET OUT OF DEBT NOW ! http://www.newdebtelimination.com
    TO LISTEN TO PAST SHOWS BY TARHAKA GO TO,http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tarhaka.

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