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    Start Managing Your Personal Finances - Now! (Part 2)

    in Technology

    Please join me for this afternoon's for Part 2 of my broadcast entitled "Start Managing Your Personal Finances - Now!. I will share during this broadcast more about the MYPF Learning Program that I created as the result of a major health obstacle that I was forced to deal with in 2014 that created unforeseen and unfortunate financial hardships for me and my family.

    The "MYPF Learning Program" teaches how to use varying levels of Microsoft Excel concepts to build a customized tool for managing and tracking monthly expenses and income.  The goal of the program is to provide individuals with additional skill sets toward becoming a more effective, efficient and productive user of technology. Successful understanding of the training program instills individuals with the ability to use, manage, and undertsand technology which translates into increased employment, career advancement opportunities, and individuals better equipped to becoming successful managers or directors.

    Learn more about the full MYPF Learning Program which consists of three Modules; Basic, Budget and Analysis Module.


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    Start Managing Your Personal Finances - NOW!

    in Technology

    Happy New Year!

    Please join me for this afternoon's broadcast as I declare 2015 as the year that I "Take the First Step" to getting my finances back in order. 2014 has taught me that waking up with what appeared to be a simple 'neck crick' can become a life changing and financial stability altering event. It was such a devastating event that it affected my health, my employment status, and my mental stability, including putting a financial strain and unfortunate stress on my wife, family and friends.

    Therefore, I would like to introduce to you my "MYPF Learning Program" which teaches how to use varying levels of Microsoft Excel concepts to build a customized tool for managing and tracking monthly expenses and income.  The goal of the program is to provide individuals with additional skill sets toward becoming a more effective, efficient and productive user of technology. Successful understanding of the training program instills individuals with the ability to use, manage and  which translates into increased employment, career advancement opportunities, and individuals better equipped to becoming successful business owners and entrepreneurs.

    My vision is to provide individuals with the necessary and essential skill sets and information become technologically self -sufficient.  Individuals will then possess the ability to quickly put into practice the skills and knowledge gained as a result of my project-based training programs and services, such as the MYPF Learning Program.  



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    Balancing Personal Finances Leads to Healthier Wealth

    in Finance

    Nisha Jackson, CEO of Financially Brilliant Women's Institute will be on our next show. Test yourself to see if you can relate to one or more of the following:  

    You are tired of just making ends meet...
    You want to rid the constant stress of making ends meet...
    Experiencing feelings of being fed up with not living the life you desire...
    Once and for all, you're ready to be free of debt...

    A business revenue strategist who happens to be an international author and coach will share valuable tips and life learning to help you move forward, "one pebble at a time to full brilliance."  Join us Monday, April 13th at 3:30 pm, PST.


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    YMM PM - Spring Cleaning Your Personal Finances

    in News

    Giving your personal finances a spring cleaning and determining your financial literacy. WSJ's Dan Loney reports.

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    Clearing The Paper Piles Organizing Your Financial and Tax Related Paperwork

    in Self Help

    Bank statements, receipts, invoices are you struggling to keep your financial paperwork and files organized?  Do you get stressed and overwhelmed each time tax season comes around?  Join me as I share how I have helped cliemts organize  personal and tax paperwork to conquer the piles and find things the first time they look. Tune in and get keys to keep the piles clear.

    Want a FREE audio book? Go to Audible.com and you can get one. Listen to today’s podcast to find out which book I recommend for you. 

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    Soul Management of Your Finances

    in Self Help

    Ever wonder what your soul thinks of the way you manage, or mismanage, the energy of your finances?

    If money is just energy, then could it be that your soul determines your strengths and challenges from the way you manage your financial affairs. In fact, have you ever thought that perhaps your soul has even charted your financial stressors as a way to inspire you to learn how to command the energy of the universe and even invites you to partner with it to come into harmony, body, mind, heart and soul?

    Won’t you join me today for the 3rd (of three) broadcasts during which we will bundle the baggage of your financial challenges; pave the way for you to listen to the voice of your soul so you can take advantage of the lessons your financial challenges present to you?

    Did you miss the Overview offered in the 1st Broadcast?  Click here to listen!

    …the 2nd Broadcast during which we tapped into your limiting beliefs, frozen feelings and physical manifestations all related to the way you manage your financial affairs? Click here to listen!

    Need more help? Call Cathryn at 612.710.7720 to schedule your FREE 15-minute Assessment!

    Want more information?  Visit Cathryn’s website at http://eftforyourinnerchild.com/




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    Relationships and Finances........That other "F" Word

    in Romance

    There’s nothing like a man’s authentic love for his woman. But is love enough to pay the bills?! Similar to love & sex, finances play a major part in relationships. Whether you’re in the romance stage or the commitment stage of a relationship, money has probably came up at some point in time. Finances are one of the top things that break up relationships and marriages. Because financial issues can stem way before you say “I Do”, should a man be financially stable before considering a relationship? How important do you think money is in a relationship? If a man is considered broke, can his relationship survive? Many men may claim that it’ll be nice if their woman treated them on dates. You know, pick up the tab sometimes. Or whomever asks, should be the one to pay. Should a woman hold her man down, if so, for how long? Are the rules different if you’re just dating vs if you’re married? Would you breakup with your spouse if they fell on financial trouble? Ultimately, does love prevail in the end? So many endless questions! Find out what After Hourz has to say about money and relationships! We want to hear from you! Listen! Call in! Share!

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    How to Become Financially Free

    in Finance

    Robert Berger, attorney, personal finance expert, and creator of the Doughroller website, defines the meaning of financial freedom. Can you achieve the standard of living that you want and be satisfied with your financial life?

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    in Spirituality

    Tune in to the International Show Setting The Captives Free @ 10:30pm on Saturday May2, 2015 with host Kim Henderson and special guest Pastor Evangelist and Chaplain Pamela R. Poston, ordained to serve in ministry. Pastor Pamela is also the Author of her New Book Release "Answers to Relational Healing 101" She is a leader alongside her husband Sr. Pastor Walter L. Poston of Highways and Hedges Outreach Ministries in Las Vegas, NV. If you are an individual seeking answers to complex personal questions in regards to your relationship with God, within yourself and with humanity. If you are needing answers to questions regarding homosexuality and same-sex marriage, society's hottest relational topics. Tune in tonight as Pastor Pamela shares the wisdom the Lord has given her through His Word to affirm God's healing and delivering power that is so real and powerful TODAY, GOD IS THE SAME YESTERDAY TODAY AND FOREVER...  HE LOVES YOU!!!!! :-)

    To order your copy of Answers to Relational Healing 101, go to www.amazon.com (put in Pamela R. Poston click on the book and take a look inside) (702) 449-5855 or 449-4580 www.Highways4JC.com

    Guest call-call in (516) 387-1736

    Listen to the International Show "STCF" every Thursday @ 9:45pm central time on GOSPEL 1570AM WBGX CHICAGO, www.gospel1570.com,    you can download Tune-In-Radio (free app. on your cell phone) LIKE US ON FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/settingthecaptivesfreeradio

    THANK YOUR FOR YOUR PRAYERS & YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT, you may go to www.kimhenderson.org, support page to give financially into the Ministry of STCF (Helping the poor)  MAY THE LORD CONTINUE TO INCREASE YOU MORE & MORE YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN, FAMILY, MINISTRY AND BUSINESS IN JESUS NAME!!!!!

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    5/2/15: DET/KC Postgame; NFL Draft; Where are the FOX Sports (Detroit) Girls???

    in Sports

    The Tigers look to claw their way back to within a game of first place in the American League Central Division with a win over the Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium, as David Price starts on the pitcher's mound against Edinson Volquez.

    More NFL Draft (Lions) coverage.

    Where are the FOX Sports (Detroit) Girls now, and why did FOX Sports decide to drop the concept of the Regional FOX Sports Girls? Fans, including myself, are heartbroken and upset because I could tell by seeing that their Facebook pages and Twitter handles are suddenly gone. You can still follow Angela's and Emily's personal Twitter handles and Instagram accounts, and I'll tell you their account names. You can also follow Allison Ochmanek's Twitter handle and Instagram account @allieoch.  Also follow Lauren Elizabeth Bacall's Instagram @laurenebacall and Stephanie Kives's Instagram @stephaniekives.  I will keep putting pictures of me and the FOX Sports Detroit Girls as an album of cherished memories forever.

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    Fight for the Living

    in Finance

    April 28th has been proclaimed Workers Memorial Day. It is a day set aside to remember workers killed in incidents at work, or by diseases, disabilities or injuries caused by work.

    All too often we fail to plan for the aftermath of an accident. We may have insurance, such as health insurance, to take care of the current medical bills. But what of long-term care, or a long rehabilitation time when you cannot draw a paycheck? Are you prepared with short and long-term disability insurance? Will the incident be considered an OSHA incident and send you to unfamiliar doctors with long waiting periods?

    We will discuss many ideas that can help rebuild your financial life, plus precautionary measures that could be taken to soften the financial impact.

    Your Money Your Matters focuses on how to achieve greater financial security. We discuss everything from debt management to life experiences. We explore what tools are available to help consumers better manage their personal finances, and we answer your personal questions.

    Your Money. Your Matters is a weekly show broadcasting every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to noon Central Time, featuring radio personalities Rick Grady, Cornerstone Credit Union League; and Jenny Stewart, Consumer Credit Counseling Services.

    Each month, we discuss financial issues that are most importance to consumers. Tune in; share your thoughts; and gain helpful advice.