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    Free For All Friday Open Mic at Sweet Perfume and Leather Jackets

    in Lifestyle

    Okay, bring me your dilemma, your celebration moments, your love, your dislike, your favorite subject, your least favorite subject and we can talk up a storm today.  It is open mic here at blogtalkradio.com with your host Jill Reed.  We can take a look at the world around us as it is and take a look at how it could be.  We can dissect any topic and find the value creation/production and value destruction.

    Wasn't all you ever wanted in life was to not be limited by others?  Be honest, it is okay to not like be told to follow!

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    Free For All Friday Blog Talk Radio's Sweet Perfume & Leather Jackets open mic

    in Lifestyle

    What is it you would like to talk about?  It is Friday and it is open mic day at Sweet Perfume and Leather Jackets with host Jill Reed.

    You take the mic and the topics can roll from one to the next.  We will be looking for the value in the topic and where the loss of power happens if you feel like you are up for the challenge, take the mic

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    Making Moves

    in Hip Hop Music

    Sweet T & Kali Kold Gives Advice About Making Smarter Moves.  Plan Out Your Next Move!  They Also Interview, Husschboy's Own, Castro, Representing, Richmond, VA! Tune In! 

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    Making Money on your Own - Inside the Freelance Lifestyle

    in Finance

    Michelle Jackson left stable career as a university professional to venture into uncharted waters as a freelance professional just over one year ago. She had expenses, money challenges to overcome, and a little anxiety about taking the plunge. She's sharing the ups and downs of managing a life without a steady paycheck. The challenge has been rewarding, but not without drawbacks.

    While she's transitioning to a new business model, she's still very much in love with the idea of depending on self to reach her financial goals.

    All resources mentioned today will be in the show notes at DebtFreeDivas.org for the episode: Making Money on your Own: Inside the Freelance Lifestyle

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    Making Fun of the Latest Celebrity Gossip with Heather Brooker

    in Women

    Host Anna Lind Thomas and guest Heather Brooker from Motherhood in Hollywood make fun of all the latest celebrity gossip including drama surrounding Beyoncé's hit album Lemonade, Kelly Rippa pissed Micheal is leaving Kelly and Michael for Good Morning America and Lena Dunham moving to Canada if Donald Trump is elected president.

    I'm also excited to announce today's podcast has been sponsored by ThriveMarket.com. Go to HaHas for HooHas to learn more about getting a sweet deal when becoming a member.

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    Arts and Science Together in Business

    in Lifestyle

    Can you imagine a world without business?  It looks pretty desolate, doesn't it?  Can you look around you and see the impact of people in art and science through business in your life?  It looks pretty awesome, doesn't it?   Why is it we don't celebrate all the value creators in business instead of those who enteretain us through politics?  

    What went wrong to cause America to fall off its' course of growing into a nation full of every individual crreating values?  Is it possible there is a solution to poverty?  If so, how would the world look?  I bring this up on a Thursday hoping to stir you into returning for "Free-For-All-Friday" at blogtalk.radio.com.  I spend all week long helping you see the lowest common-denominator in many topics and have a hope that on Friday you will add your two-cents to the open mic day of the week.  Perhaps you don't like something I said, then, let me have it.  If something I shared doesn't make sense, then, come ask me a question on Friday!   Let's look at a world void of arts, science, business and then look at all the values we have because individuals merge their art and science with business.

    Bring in a better future by knowing where value comes from and where it is exchanged and why prices go up that cause declining standards of living, as you listen today.  Thanks for being here!

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    Temporary Orders Hearings in Texas Divorce and Family Law with Mark Scroggins

    in Legal

    Welcome to the Rule Scroggins Family Law podcast series. This program features Texas Board Certified family law attorneys Keeli Rule and Mark Scroggins who share information about issues affecting Texas families in divorce and family law.

    Temporary Orders Hearings in Texas Divorce and Family Law with Mark Scroggins:

    The purpose of the Temporary Orders hearing and subject matter decided;
    Priorities in preparing for a Temporary Orders hearing, making advance agreements;
    What to expect in court, what procedures are involved in a Temporary Orders hearing;
    Do not anger the judge and the process, what not to do in a Temporary Orders hearing;
    What to do if temporary orders of the court are not being followed by the other party.

    Board certified in family law, Mark L. Scroggins (214) 578-0941, is an aggressive and experienced trial attorney with a sound understanding of business matters that serves him well in family law. An accomplished speaker and author, Mr. Scroggins has practiced family law throughout the state of Texas for over 20 years. He has written about family law matters for Texas Lawyer and numerous other periodicals and has spoken about litigation technology before numerous organizations and corporate clients. Mark Scroggins has a unique background in cutting-edge litigation technology, utilized by the entire Firm to increase the benefit to its litigation clients.

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    Life is Good Presents Mom's Day gifts with Karen Firsel

    in Entertainment

    Karen Firsell presents Mother's Day gift ideas on Life Lessons.

    Truthfully, showing her you love her with a gift that’s exclusively from you. Things Remembered is the perfect store to find the perfect personalized gift for YOUR mom this Mother’s Day. For More Information Visit: www.ThingsRemembered.com


    Anything you can do to make mom’s daily grind easier is a gift that is always appreciated. LG Electronics has been making really user friendly appliances for a long time.  Their new LG TWIN Wash features the revolutionary, industry-first SideKick pedestal washer, a smaller washer that fits under the main large front load capacity washer, letting you easily clean custom care items, such as delicates or active wear, while you clean larger loads on top even at the same time!  Let’s face it, every mom could use her own Sidekick to help her busy day, so here’s a mom-friendly laundry appliance from LG Electronics that will give her just that!

    For More Information Visit: www.LG.com


    I love Lands’ End for their timeless style and this year they have launched the #DearMom Campaign to help express love and gratitude to moms this Mother’s Day. 

    For More Information Visit: www.LandsEnd.com/DearMom

    This show is presented by Gracefully-Yours greeting cards, America's favorite encouragement and thank you cards for mentoring.

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    Nurturing, developing and closing deals. Prospective from a Sales Leader

    in Management

    David Tyson, Host of Diversity In Selling, tackles the questions that every sales person and sales leaders wants to know.
    How to nurture, develop and close a profitable deal.  Isaiah Marshall, Managing Partner of Sable Internation will provide insight.

    This is the show of the month, because it deals directly with making money through closing deals ontime, and with bottom line profit.  Join us!

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    Trucker Friday on TalKCDL The Trucker Internet Radio Talk Show!

    in Work

    As always, Friday is the best day of the week! Time to sit back, relax and recap all the crazy topic of the week and thank our fellow truckers who wont be making it home this lovely weekend. Drive safe truckers and remember, be the captain. 

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    in Spirituality


    Four Questions: Every thought, feeling, belief and action is either making a deposit or a debit in my Spiritual bank. So with that understanding I am asking myself these Four questions.

    1. What does what others wanting me to believe, think, feel or do have to do with my money?

    2. Do I have the Money in my account to fund this behavior, relationship or activity?

    3. What Investment can I make that increases the value of my personal portfolio?

    4. How do I increase my Magickal Power to Make Money Magick to get what I want, even in a unrighteous monetary system?

    "Bring Your Brain, Body and Bible."

    Magus Richard Bullard, ThM