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    The Pennsylvania Justice Project - Did Tim McEnany Get a Fair Trial?

    in Legal

    It has been about 2 years now, since I began to research and review the facts in the Timothy McEnany case — one of the worst miscarriages of justice in PA history, in my opinion. 

    McEnany was accused of murdering a Hummelstown woman in March, 1993; and despite mishandling and tampering at the crime scene by the victim’s family, gross errors and misrepresentations of so-called “expert witnesses”, and a litany of inconsistencies longer than your arm, McEnany was tried and found guilty of the crime he didn’t commit.

    In this episode, we'll talk about the suspicious chain of events during and following Timothy McEnany's trial for the murder of Katherine Bishop, and we'll ask why the most likely suspect in the case was completely ignored. 

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    The Pennsylvania Justice Project - Rewards & Promotions for the Corrupt?

    in Legal

    After hearing about the gross negligence, mishandling and possible manufacturing of evidence against Timothy McEnany, in the Katherine Bishop murder trial, we're going to explore the curious way in which those who went along with (and turned blind eyes toward) these obvious issues and red flags appear to have been quickly rewarded for their roles in the case. 

    And we'll spotlight one of the most corrupt players in the case, who went on to become a sheriff, recently asked to step-down in scandal, due to misconduct.

    Anyone listening to these "coincidences" is bound to agree that we need someone in authority to take a new look at this case, so that an innocent man can be set free (and Mrs. Bishop's real killer can hopefully be apprehended and tried, like he should have been questioned at the time of the crime.)

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    Meet the founders of the Pennsylvania Coalition for Informed Consent!

    in Health

    Join Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips and Pennsylvania Coalition for Informed Consent (PCIC) founders Charmaine Rusin and Alison Mullins as they discuss the founding of PCIC, success with a recent PA resolution regarding influenza vaccines, tactics and strategies for success at the state legislative level, and more!

  • Traveling Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania beyond the steel industry

    in Travel

    The famous biographer, James Parton, once referred to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as "Hell with the lid off", but today the city is vibrant, colorful and celebrated.

    The Senator John Heinz History Center traces its roots back to 1879, making it the oldest cultural institution in Western Pennsylvania. The museum and research facility presents over 250 years of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania life and it’s quest for storytelling is supported by the affiliation with the Smithsonian Institution.  On a recent visit to Pittsburgh we sat down with Brady Smith from the History Center, who shared how Western Pennsylvania helped author some of America’s most compelling historical stories.

    Pittsburgh was a main destination of the African-American Great Migration and that southern exodushern exodus produced a cultural mecca in the Hill District. The community inspired playwrights, musicians and Hollywood as it was the setting for the television series “Hill Street bBues”.   Marimba Milliones from the Hill Community Development Corporation tells us that remnants of the Hill District’s cultural mosaic during it’s hey-days from 1920 to the 1940s, can be seen today in landmarks that once housed synagogues and other places of worship, and in the architecture of some of the historic structures that accent the community. 

    Built in 1907 along the Monongahela River, Carrie Furnaces 6 and 7 still stand tall and they offer a rare look into early 19th century iron-making technology. Since the collapse of Pittsburgh’s steel industry in the 1980s, the Carrie Furnaces remain the only non-operative blast furnaces in the area.  

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    Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio Presents: Jimmy Hayes of Pennsylvania

    in Paranormal

    In continuing the North American Sasquatch Researcher series, Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio brings you a very special guest, Jimmy Hayes from Pennsylvania. Jimmy is a 42 year old from Philadelphia who owns his own landscaping business. He is an outdoorsman who plays hockey and rides dirtbikes when he can. Jimmy became interested in Bigfoot about 5 years ago eventhough growing up he never thought about them. He saw advertisements for the Finding Bigfoot show and became curious, setting out to see if he could see one. He did, a sighting that lasted for nearly five minutes, Join us tonight as we interview Jimmy and find out about the Sasquatch in Pennsylvania..

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    The Arc of Pennsylvania with Maureen Cronin

    in Culture

    Join The Arc of Luzerne County Friday, June 27 at 2:00 PM, for a conversation with Maureen Cronin, Executive Director of The Arc of Pennsylvania - on this special episode of PA Independent Living. 

    The Arc is the largest advocacy organization in the United States for citizens with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), and their families. The Arc of Pennsylvania is the state chapter of The Arc. In conjunction with its local chapters and the national organization, The Arc of Pennsylvania works every day to carry out its mission - to work to include all children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in every community.

    The Arc of Pennsylvania focuses on systems advocacy and governmental affairs, demonstrating leadership and guidance among all disability organizations in Pennsylvania.

    We'll discuss how The Arc of Pennsylvania and its chapters work to improve the quality of life for individuals with I/DD, the impact of important funding for persons with disabilities that may not be included in the final PA State budget for 2014-15, and how Pennsylvanians can align with The Arc's mission to support the full inclusion and participation in communities across the Commonwealth.

    Connect with The Arc of Pennsylvania on Facebook!

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    Pennsylvania Probate Abuse: Genevieve's story

    in Parents

    Hosted by Marti Oakley & Debbie Dahmer

    Guest:  Mary Bush

    Genevieve Bush lost her husband to a stroke in June 2004, what was to follow his death was nothing she could have ever prepared herself for, although she tried she has now become the victim of guardianship abuse.

     In 2005 my mom removed the POA my brothers obtained in 2004 having both parents sign estate plans and wills they wrote and assigned themselves after my father's stroke. Mom sued the brothers for return of monies they moved to themselves in 2007. The brothers disappearing out of our lives after winning the 2007 suit then returned at the end of 2009 filing a lawsuit on both mom and me to obtain guardianship over mom. The court used this petition in its own wish to mend a broken family by awarding guardianship to myself and back to the sons mom removed Through now over seven years of non stop court hearings during which the court in 2011 stripped my mom of all her rights she has now been taken from her home and held in a facility since May 18th without a hearing. The Department of Aging claimed due to conflicts arising in moms care, was in danger and had to be removed from her home.

    Since being removed mom has been injured in the facility, she has been diminished, isolated and restricted from walking and even going outside. The Emergency involuntary commitment hearing has been scheduled for August 24th.. There are also other court hearings and filings surrounding this guardianship still active in others courts not yet finalized.


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    Weird Pennsylvania - with Frater Julian

    in Radio

    On Thursday May 28th, 2015 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will have as its special guest Frater Julian of the Benjamin Franklin Encampment who is an expert in Pennsylvania folklore relating to witchcraft and magick. We will be discussing his paper on the mysterious Roman family in the colonial Quaker community, Johannes Kelpius "The Wizard of Wissahickon," and his Cave of Kelpius, and Apocalyptic prophecy in the 1690s. The Epherata Rosicrucian Cloister, then moving up toward modern times with Dutch pow-wow, hexcraft, the curious case of the Hexencat and its capture. The York County 1920s Hex murder case. So if you want to catch up on your American occult and witchcraft heritage be sure to tune in for Weird Pennsylvania
    on the air.

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    Green Party of Pennsylvania ~ Winning Elections

    in Elections

    Green Party of Pennsylvania, Friends, Supporters, Volunteers, Members, Workers, Candidates & Leadership~ WELCOME! Call in or check archives to get Training, Tips, Share Lessons from the Field, Inspire one another, ask Questions and in general get and STAY GREEN FIRED UP! about mobilizing the millions of disaffected voters of our Commonwealth to Take our Place on Our Ballots & in Our Governments NOW! What are the hot issues you are finding in your canvassing of your county... Violence, Abuse, War & Military Build up; Justice, Respect, Diversity, Equity, Equal Opportunity & Tolerance; Fracking, Clean Water & Air; Sprawl & Land Use; Green Economy & Jobs; Responsibility, Recycling, Waste Management, Education & Prison Reform; GMOs & Food Security; Climate Change, Energy Costs & Policies; Future Generations, Elderly & Youth Services; Health Care; Marijuana Legalization & retroactive decriminalization; Separation of Corporations & State: Decentralization & Empowered Communities...? TRAININGS: Fundrasing, Petitoning, Phone Banking, Candidate Development, Voter Registration, Live Broadcasts & MORE! http://www.gpofpa.org/2014_petitions. http://www.gpofpa.org/2014_campaign_fund http://www.gpofpa.org/join http://www.gpofpa.org/issues When you call or chat in, please state your name, county & role(s). Working for a Green Commonwealth of Pennsylvania such that the Generations THANK US! Read more: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/shaniasantewaasherylstrothers/2014/06/21/green-party-of-pennsylvania-winning-elections#ixzz35IiDbEPw

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    Ground Hogs Day - Your Home Based Business Success

    in Marketing

    If you recall the movie "Ground Hogs Day" starring Billy Murray and Andie McDowell among other greats and of course Puxatony Phil, the world famous Ground Hog as the little town celebrated the annual event on February 2nd, to see if there would be six more weeks of winter.  Well as the story unfolds the main character Bill Murray is basically stuck in a time warp, where he repeats Ground Hogs Day over and over and over again... 

    With each passing day that passes as portrayed in the movie, he learns many things about people, about himself, about events and of course is given multiple chances to right a wrong and to make others around him, start to like him as he in fact starts to like himself, thereby becoming a much better person..

    Your Home Based Business Success is based on how you continuously repeat what you have learned from those who have achieved success in your industry.  Today we discuss on how you can easily change your way of thinking and also remind you on how to stay focused and pursue what is important to you and how you can achieve your goals and dreams of what you are most passionate about.. 

    Please check out my blog at RJOKWILLIS.ONLINE

    Enjoy Frankie Yankovic and the Pennsylvania Polka