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  • Can men and women be friends?

    in Television

    You have a woman in your life, or a man in your life, who you tell everything to. You go shopping together, party together, expose intimate secrets to each other, eat out and go to the movies together.  But you are just friends.  Sometimes your lovers are jealous of your relationship. Can they be right? Are you two too close for comfort? CALL IN THE SHOW AND TELL THE TRUTH. CAN WOMEN AND MEN BE FRIENDS? WANT TO APPEAR ON THE SHOW? HAVE A PRODUCT YOU WANT TO PLACE ON THE SHOW CONTACT DARLENERENEELEWIS@YAHOO.COM

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    Adore and Elite. & New Dev Group

    in Comedy

    Hosts: MTV, Nef/PDiddy, Sorality
    Topic 1: Elite and Adore Fued. We sick of it.
    Topic 2: LGND Dev group.
    Topic 3: Random.
    Topic 4: shout outs

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    Giovanni Talk. The Real New Order.

    in Comedy

    Hosts: Nef/PDiddy, Cash(doesnt know the topics), MTV
    1. How we feel on the "New World Order"
    2. The Giovanni Order.
    3. Making people like each other.
    4. Random
    5. Shout outs/ call ins.

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    The Nikki Rich Show -JT Money and Babs Pdiddy Making DaBand

    in Music

    The Nikki Rich Show -JT Money and Babs Pdiddy Making DaBand. Jeffrey Thompkins (Born in Miami, Florida) known by his stage name JT Money, was the leader of the Miami, Florida Hip-Hop group, Poison Clan. Thompkins was discovered by Luther Campbell in a Miami talent show. Eventually, Luke signed JT Money & Debonaire as the group Poison Clan to his Skyywalker Records. The group eventually disbanded after a dispute with Luke. JT Money is from the Norwood section of Miami. He assisted Luke in his feud with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg when they dissed him by rapping the main verses on the diss “Cowards In Compton.” Songs like “Action”, “Fire Up This Funk”, “The Girl That I Hate”, “Don’t Sleep On A Hizzo”, “Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya”, are some of his more popular titles. JT is the self proclaimed “B-izer”, or just call him “J-Baby”. JT has been quoted as saying “Today’s music and hip hop culture is watered down” and says that he will never change his rhyming style although major labels won’t sponsor his music.
    Babs From Making the Band to becoming the 1st Lady of the Streets and Bad Boys first female rap artist,

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    The Scandal of Scandals? From Television to Real Life

    in Family

    Join me as we discuss how our personal issues can have an adverse affect on people around us. Every day in America members of the African American entertainment community are afforded an opportunity to make decisions and choices, which affects the lives of their viewing or listening audience.  Over the course of the last week, the African American entertainment community has made choices, which at best, has raised serious concerns.  Porsha Stewart was arrested; Kerry Washington continues to disgrace the office of the Presidency and African American women in her adulterous role as the personal sex toy of the alleged President of the United States, and Mimi of a reality show issues a sex tape.  Aside, Shanesha Taylor cries in a mug shot as she is subject to arrest on allegations of child abuse.  Her excuse: "Single Parenting"! She gets financial support from people like Amanda Bishop and others who feel sorry for her stating she had no other choice because she had to attend a job interview. SHOWS SAY AMANDA BISHOP (IT IS SHANESHA TAYLOR)

    Should Sean "P Diddy" Combs speak at Howard University college graduation?  Is it the same as Bill Gates and the late Steven Jobs who are inventors and who employ thousands of people worldwide and who are great financial contributors to communities around the world?  Is it acceptable for a person to speak at a college who has not graduated?  Are they the best candidiate to teach people how to use a college degree in this market when they do not have a degree? Or is it best for them to speak at a high school graduation about alternatives to college?  

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    Outrageously funny**Comedian/Impressionist/Actor/Writer ** Reggie Reg **

    in Culture

    To Perform December 22, 2013 Bene

    December 22, 2013, BET's Comic View, HBO's PDiddy Presents The Bad Boys of Comedy, and former Kings & Queens of Comedy Search; Outrageously funny, Comedian Reggie Reg will bring down the house at his benefit concert featuring stand-up comedy and hilarious impressions at The Upscale Ballroom, 3900 Bexley Place, Suitland, Md., for one show only at 6 p.m. Joining this benefit concert are R&B performers V Rich, Damila Adams, Tyreke Farmer, Aaron Young, and DJ Tonez on the mix.

    fit Concert in D.C., Metro Area
    Performing live on the Late Show with David Letterman, Reggie Reg started the comedy circuit in Chicago performing at the Cotton Club; All Jokes Aside; TNT Comedy Hook; the Regal Theater; Riddles Comedy Club; Zannies; Barrel of Laughs; Isaac Hayes Restaurant; BNJ’s Comedy Club; Live in Hollywood with Keke Sheppard; Bill Bellamy's Who's Got Jokes; Jamie Foxx's Laffapalooza; and the No. 1 Syndicated, Steve Harvey Morning Show.This standup comedian will have you cracking up as he performs a wide range of real life impressions from President Barak Obama, Denzel Washington, Richard Pryor, DMX, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Morgan Freeman, Al Pacino, and Bernie Mac to Bill Clinton, George Bush, and others.

    To schedule your interview, please contact Sister Brenda Parker Muhammad, 240 421-2765 or bdp_associates@aol.com.     Please tune in as I am honored to once again be joined by extraordinary guest.. Call in # 424-243-9523

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    On the edge with Lady Ga, Mozart, Biggie, Justin, Ellington…

    in Music

    Show 6-ACC host Bill Banfield interviews Producer/ recording engineer, Prince Charles Alexander(...Bigge Smalls, Mary J Blige..) on the edges with  Rhianna, Biggie Smalls, Ellington, Mozart, PDiddy, Justin, John Coltrane, Jayzee  and Mary J. Blige. The talk centers on who is defining the marketplace, how and who wants to " take it back", technology and how we go forward in contemporary popular music culture. Host Bill Banfield does a Banner Song commentary on Lady GaGa, and interview from Barlett Square, visited by our regular guest commentator " Marva", on looking at the cross roads of our "cultural chaos", and hope post government shutdowns into societal springboards forward. The ACC show not to be missed this week.

    Be sure to follow us now on Twitter; accbillbanfield.


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    in Motivation

    GUEST:  1/3 OF FORMER BAD BOY GROUP, TOTAL, PAMELA LONG   Tune in each & every Wednesday to talk with Shaunesi about every topic under the sun ranging from dealing with everyday drama to looking adversity in the eye with a smile!!!!    Topics : Single Parenting, Finding Self Worth, Dating, Dealing w/ drama, becoming your own boss & more!!!   CONNECT WITH SHAUNESI ON THE WEB: www.Shaunesi.com Shaunesi on Facebook

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    AFTER show!

    in Blogcritics

    The after Show , Call in .. TUNE in ..

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    Ghetto names

    in Fun

    This is by far the best 30 mins in your whole life. Listen here for the most ghettoest names EVA. 
    Live with Afrikuh , Retouch , PDiddy , LaurenLondon , Colure , Clvpp.

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    Giovanni Anonymous

    in Comedy

    Hosts: MTV, Maertice, Ito, Guh, Bori, Rondo, Sorality, And Maybe 2Pac since he always callin in bein a host
    Topic 1: Kae AKA Elite Want This Beef Over A Fagg?
    Topic 2:  Roast Session
    Topic 3: New Giovanni Comming Up
    Topic 4: Call In and Promote Products and Shop
    Topic 5: IMVU Tier System - Dont Be Mad If You Aint Tier Up
    Topic 6: Prank Calls
    We Do This All Day Everyday
    Join Giovanni
    # Call In And Repulse