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    Interview with Author Patty Wiseman

    in Books

    Don't miss this interview with Author Patty Wiseman, author of AN UNLIKELY ARRANGEMENT and AN UNLIKELY BEGINNING.   Her stories take you to a different place and keep your attention focused.  She's an incredible woman and even more awesome writer.  Get to know Patty and call in to ask questions if you like.  Check out her website at www.pattywiseman.com.  Patty will also be giving a book away on the show.  Tune in to Heart to Heart to find your next new favorite author.  There will be many more to come.

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    Kelly OConnell Show: Time, Tide & Trump

    in Politics

    The tide has risen, the sands have shifted again in the GOP Prez election. With the sky darkening, clouds begin to swirl overhead, as Ted Cruz stares into a vortex of annihilation. Donald Trump is currently at 996 delegates. He needs by direct vote, or by hook ‘n crook, another 241. Bearing in mind Trump should get 100 delegates from California, and with the winner take all Indiana leaning towards Donald, and Legendary Bobby Knight’s blessing, he might only need another hundred. This is game/set/match territory.

    The insufferable Cruz has misplayed a bad hand, with repeated last-minute mistakes. For example, he signed pacts with demons to rep the GOP and he also lay with Kasich. And what did he get for this selling of soul? What jewel of respect from the Grand Old Party did he harvest from such abasement? He's “Lucifer in the Flesh” according to John Boehner. That’s quite a thank you! And Cruz then chooses 1 delegate Carly “Peppermint Patty” Fiorina as his VP. A laughingstock! Meanwhile, innumerable articles plumb why Cruz is universally despised by his colleagues.

    So Trump has basically sewn this puppy up with a last minute surge. If he doesn’t poll to 1237, he can still pick up many free range delegates. So it’s buhbye time for the hated Cruz & inept/ self-worshipful Kasich. Next comes Trump pivoting to Swillery Swineherd Clinton, who acts like the obvious winner -- when not dodging the FBI. The real puzzler is how Trump has tied Hill’obeans at 38% before even going after her.

    Locally, we see continued disintegration of civility between the Sheriffs and Golden Earing Garrett. For his latest hijinks, Garret & hapless handpuppet Wayne Handcock hired a flunky to cook up a $48,000 study. The laughingstock by Dr Weiss was complete as he cannibalized another work for a 6 page cut n paste. Heavens to Murgatroyd. Advantage Kiki. And now, Open Topic Friday, Sportsfans.

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    Hot Or Not Reviews with Boss Lady @AtticaLundy Cooper & Queen Ifeelya

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    Tonight's segment of Hot or Not is Hosted by The Boss Lady @AtticaLundy Cooper aka @DearTrapMary and Co-Hosted by Louisville, Kentucky Beauty Queen IFeelya and our favorite panel members Hott Shadda & Peppermint Patty. 

    Hot or Not is the 1st step in getting music on rotation at On The Rise Radio.  If the song is HOT, we'll approve it and spin it, placing it in rotation.  If it's NOT, no need to worry...you'll get a 2nd chance on our Wednesday night Record Breaker DJ's show.

    Tonite's show is about INDIE MUSIC AND Celebrity News. We're placing HOT-RATED music that we'll be spinning for 1st and 2nd Quarter of 2016, along with some other favorites that made this season's playlist. This is a great time to give out shout-outs and to promote projects! Tune In!

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    Philly Shine Radio

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    The Pedowitz Group: Stop Passing Leads and Start Passing Intelligence!

    in Marketing

    Warning! This program is for revenue focused marketers who have a synergistic, revenue relationship with sales! Join us as Patty Foley-Reid, Serial Revenue Marketer, at Veracode shares her insights about the value of passing sales intelligence to sales, not just leads. Marketing is sitting on a data goldmine about prospect and client behavior, yet little of this intelligence ever makes it to sales. When is does, we see shorter sales cycles, higher average deal size, and more reps meeting quota. Find out how Patty has accomplished this impressive feat!

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    Dr Simone Show - The Duality of Motherhood with guest Angela Burling

    in Self Help

    Angela Burling earned her master’s in nursing from California State University, Sacramento writing her thesis in 1991: “Screening Practices of Health Care Practitioners for Postpartum Mental Illness.” Her story was published in 2014 in “Motherhood, Mental Illness and Recovery: Stories of Hope.” In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s she appeared on a dozen talk shows including Donahue, Oprah and Live on Larry King. Patty Duke narrated a documentary about her experience in 1989, and recently Angela has been interviewed for two documentaries which are in production. She has been married for twenty-one years and is the proud mother of two adult children. Angela currently volunteers in the community as a health educator and is on the Board of Postpartum Support International. At her core is the desire to bring understanding about a tragic and misunderstood condition affecting mothers.

    Do you know what most people think of when they hear about post-partum depression or psychosis?

    Find out more about cases that exemplifies this condition.   

    What the different diagnostic conditions are? 

    Learn first hand about Angela's personal experience with post-partum.

    What helped Angela get through this difficult time? 

    What she sees as the failure of the medical and legal (including police force) systems!

    What she filled her life with? How she coped since her experience? 

    What advice she has to post-partum women who might be at risk?

    What are the major changes she''d like to see re. this subject?

    Learn more about the upcoming national Maternal Mental Health Day ...

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    Women of Golf - Symetra Tours - Ally McDonald & LPGA/PGA's - Nancy Quarcelino

    in Golf

    Welcome to the Women of Golf Show!

    Joining Cindy Miller & I this week for her Own Your Game Series is Symetra Tour Player - Ally McDonald.

    Ally competed this past weekend alongside many of the Legends in Women's Golf like Nancy Lopez at the 2016 Chico's Patty Berg Memorial.

    Later in the show we speak with LPGA & PGA Member - Nancy Quarcelino, one of the most respected teaching professionals & coaches in the business.

    Remember to join Cindy & Ted every Tuesday Morning from 9-10:00 AM Eastern at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/womenofgolf

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    SC EP:210 Encounter while investigating a property

    in Science

    It's a double hitter this weekend! SC EP:211 is coming! I am in the process of uploading it to the site. Here is EP:210 with Dan Baker who describes an encounter while investigating a property. Tomorrow I will have this available in a YouTube version!

    Dan Baker will be my guest on Sunday. Dan will be sharing with us his personal encounter. Dan writes “I was a 12 year old boy in 1967 when Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin made the historic film of “Patty” in Bluff Creek California. I always sat with my mom and dad in the evenings to watch the news. One evening, I saw that epic film of a large, hairy creature walking away from the camera. That was the film that sparked a lifelong interest in bigfoot. Over the years, I watched as many films and documentaries as I could and read about as much. The Internet allowed me to further my research, in some areas but I needed to start getting into the field, which I did along with my wife, Sue.

    On June, 6, 2013, I finally had a night time sighting through my night vision in Carroll County, Ohio. Soon after that, I began researching anthropology, paleoanthropology, and primatology in an effort to piece together possibilities of just what these creatures might be. Studying early hominids and great apes has given me a better understanding of bipedalism as well as an idea of how it works. I’m constantly exploring possibilities.”



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    Morning Coffee -Dr. Patty Interviews Sharon Hirsch CEO of Prevent Child Abuse NC

    in Motivation

    April is Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month. Every child deserves a great childhood because children are essential to the future of our society. When children grow up with abuse and neglect, the constant stress of living in fear and “on alert” causes a toxic stress reaction that results in long-term harm. Find out what you can do to prevent neglect and abuse in your community, by joining Dr. Patty for a LIVE interview with Sharon Hirsch, President and CEO of Prevent Child Abuse NC.

    7:30 am, "Morning Coffee," host Dr. Patty Fitzhugh:

    Grab a cuppa joe for your body, while Dr. Patty's inspirational messages fire-up your mind!

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    Dating Rescue 911!

    in Lifestyle

    I would like to welcome Michael Sartain a nationally known Certified Dating Coach who has talked on panels with celebrity Patty Stenger, the star of the Bravo tv show "Millionaire Matchmker", Tiffinie Tee is a local red carpet host of celebrity events in Las Vegas and the owner of Platinum Air TV and Rey Vinole is a local San Diego musician, socialite, and performer extraordinare to the show!  They will be discussing when to call it quits or take it to the next level.  Should you give him/her another chance? When is it the right time to commit or get married?  Be sure to tune into www.blogtalkradio.com/conscioustalkradio to hear these guests experts share about dating.  You can also listen in by calling (347) 850-8423.

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