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    The NFL & Banking -- Hiring Trailblazers

    in Business

    Candace Weist,  President, CEO of West Valley Bancorp, Inc, and West Valley National Bank, takes us on a journey of her unconventional path to the top.   She will share with us the trailblazing  she has done along the way, moving into uncharted territory.  Through her story, she will share her insight into how she did it so successfully…again and again.  She will talk about how you too can discover your correct path and how to have the courage to step fully into a path of fulfillment.  Her practical tips and insightful wisdom is something you don’t want to miss.  


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    Morning Coffee - Suicide or Homicide? What Really Happened to Sandra Bland?

    in Motivation

    How did Sandra Bland really die? It seems to be a mystery to all of us, we have heard the scientific findings, but why would a woman who had such a strong future ahead decided to take her own life after she identified that her calling was to tell everyone that "black lives matter"? Why would Sandra Bland commit suicide after she had moved to Texas to take a new job and start a new life? There are many unanswered questions in this case.

    7:30 am Eastern, "Morning Coffee," host Dr. Patty Fitzhugh:

    Grab a cuppa for your body, while Dr. Patty's inspirational messages fire-up your mind!

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    How Do You Stay Afloat While Waiting For Your Disability Decision?

    in Motivation

    Dr. Patty talks about things you can do to stay motivated while your going through the lengthy process of waiting for the decision regarding your disability. She interviews special guest "Charles", who shares some of his experiences with living with congestive heart failure, how it has changed his life and what he has done for the past 18 months while he waits for a hearing to be scheduled. If you are considering an early retirement Dr. Patty talks about 5 things most folks don't know when considering an early retirement.

    7:30 am Eastern, "Morning Coffee," host Dr. Patty Fitzhugh:

    Grab a cuppa for your body, while Dr. Patty's inspirational messages fire-up your mind!

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    in Spirituality

    Tom and Patty Strawser are Founders of Spiritual Engineering, the new science for happiness and extraordinary relationships. They have introduced these groundbreaking concepts through lectures, seminars, and couching in China, Mexico, the Middle East and the US. Currently, they are working on a fascinating project: PERSONALITY UNIFICATION CHILDREN CAMP. The goal is to introduce children to the Natural Order of Relationships© - an innovative approach and a curriculum to build these relationships. Together, and in collaboration with a growing number of volunteers, they are facilitating four Children's Camps this summer:
    1. First session: Building Relationships and Finding Happiness
    2. Second Session: Find a Higher Power - Access the
    3. Third Session: Developing Healthy Self-Love
    4. Fourth Session: Relationships and Loving Service

    In addition to these formal activities, children will participate in silent walks and meditation to practice silence and reflection through meditation, contributing to the creation of healthy habits, decision-making and emotional self-control. The daily sessions of one hour duration-of "walking in silence" include an "inspiring" word, which reflects "the fruits of the divine spirit" designed to encourage reflection and personal growth. These fruits are: Loving Service, Unselfish Devotion, Courageous Loyalty, Forgiving Tolerance, Merciful Ministry, Unfailing Goodness, Enduring Peace, and Endless Hope.

    Music, painting, drawing, poetry and dramatization give childrn the inspiration and opportunity to express themselves. Exploring nature in all its glory, setting up their own tents, the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, the indescribable magnificence of the starry night skies, the songs of birds, the singing of coyotes at night provide the perfect setting to introduce children to "Worshipful Problem Solving."

    Join us to learn more!


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    Principles of Building & Sustaining High-Performing Cultures

    in Business

    Join Ginger Hardage, Senior Vice President Culture & Communications for Southwest Airlines Co. as she talks about building and sustaining the legendary culture SWA is known for.   Ginger will speak to how they have carefully created and nurtured a culture based on just a few principles.  In a time when the war on talent is fierce, Ginger's insight will allow you to recruit, hire and grow an amazing workforce fully aligned to drive the organization's success.  

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    Travel Today -- Boise, Idaho

    in Travel

    This weekTravel Today with Peter Greenberg comes from Boise, Idaho. Joining us is Rocky Barker, journalist for the Idaho Statesman, describes what makes Boise such a great place to visit—from its easy access to outdoor activities to its thriving cultural scene.

    Then the Basque Museum & Cultural Center Director, Patty Miller, details the ways the large Basque community based in Boise passes down its heritage and traditions to the younger generations. Volunteer for Preservation Idaho and Boise Historian Amy Pence-Brown talks about the city’s expansion and how early models after Washington D.C. have allowed Boise to grow seamlessly.

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    Fame With Fortune -- Speaking & Getting Paid For It

    in Business

    Vickie Sullivan, Principle of Sullivan & Associates discusses with listeners how to move beyond fame with no fortune to fame and fortune.  She will give us the top mistakes leaders make that drive fame but no fortune.  Vickie teaches leaders how to differentiate themselves in an otherwise crowded market.

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    Leading Through Conflict & Crisis

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    Join Ann Harkins, President & CEO of the National Crime Prevention Council as she shares insights into her tremendous successfrom leading the anthrax investigations to testifying before the Senate, Ann gives listeners simple steps to remain calm and lead with command and success. 


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    The Dace Man Show Ep 103: Face-Off

    in Comedy

    In the world of Podcasting there is only one show where you will get it all! Join Chris "The Dace Man" Dace as he assembles a crew every Wednesday at 8PM EST to talk about all things sports, weird, political, and celeb related. Also enjoy popular segments Weird News with Gibby, Franks Corner, On Capital Hill with Nick Andrew, Gibby Sings, The Douchebag of The Week, and Who Said it.

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    Networking CEO: Cat Williford | The Authenticity Advantage

    in Business

    Cat Williford is on a mission: to make sure women thrive in business and life AND experience outrageous amounts of love!  This mission inspires her work as a Transformational Self-Development Coach, International Speaker, Author, Wise Woman, and Conversation Starter.


    Clients love her fast-acting, deep-dive work and report it champions sustainable can-do confidence, authenticity, self-love and best of all, results.  


    Cat is a pioneer in the field of Coaching and Coach Training and was one of the first certified coaches in the U.S. in 1994. She has coached thousands of women and trained more than eighteen hundred coaches globally.

    Certain there is no one-size-fits-all approach, Cat’s unique systems blend a wide array of tools from multiple coaching modalities, esoteric wisdom, creativity principles and brass tacks common sense strategy.


    At home on any stage, she’s been a guest expert on The Maury Povich Show, keynoted international conferences, and coached live on ABC radio.


    Her motto: You can overcome anything...especially that thing you think you can’t.


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    KNOW BEFORE YOU GO ~ Wenck Travel ~ Co-owner Patty Wenck

    in Travel

    Listen and find out what you need to know BEFORE you take your trip out of the country. Tune in to hear travel expert, Patricia Wenck, share information and tips that can ease the possible strain of your next getaway. When you partner with Mrs. Wenck, your only agenda will entail relaxing because she knows how to take the stress out of traveling by organizing your vacation from start to finish. 

    Patricia Wenck is a native of Illinois and has a Master's degree in Education from the University of South Alabama. Today Patty is a the co-owner of Wenck Travel in Douglasville, Georgia.  She helps clients by saving them time; researching the best value for their investment; and creating "forever memories" experiences.

    Contact Wenck Travel today and start planning the time of your life.


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