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    Patty Farmer

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    While many people see networking as a function of their business, Patty Farmer has made networking her business. As the Owner and Director of the Dallas Hot Pink Mamas, a professional Business Networking Organization as well as the Corporate Trainer for Hot Pink Mamas nationwide, she has connected and taught thousands of business owners how to network and hone their skills to effectively grow their businesses while offering members very rich real-world member benefits.

    Her latest venture, DFW Biz Link, was an out-growth of years of helping business owners maximize and leverage relationships. With DFW Biz Link, Patty is utilizing her 20 years in the Banking/Finance industry and mentoring to create a dynamic program that will take networking to the next level. She sees North Texas as fertile ground for entrepreneurs and a perfect launch pad for DFW Biz Link.

    Contact Patty: Sales@HPMDallas.com (214) 407-6300

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    The Networking CEO Patty Farmer on The Mompreneur Model with Dori DeCarlo

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    Patty Farmer is a multi-award winning Marketing and Social Media Strategist, International Speaker, Trainer, Radio Host and Best-Selling Author. Patty has created a network of 100,000 + connections while teaching thousands of entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers and authors how to effectively build their online and offline communities, create profitable joint ventures and build a large and responsive e-mail list using a non-competitive and dynamic collaboration strategy. Patty was awarded the 2014 SWIBA award for “Social Media Influencer of the Year” as well as the 2014 “International Collaborator of the Year” award and is known internationally as “The Networking CEO.”

    I am thrilled to be sharing her here on The Mompreneur Model Show November 20th at 10amPT/1pmET and live on your time in archive. Join us as Patty shares a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Be part of the conversation by calling us at 646 595 3163.

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    Workshop Wednesdays with Guest Patty Farmer

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    PATTY FARMER, The Networking CEO™, is a multi-award winning and highly sought after business growth strategist, public speaker, radio show host and author of the highly acclaimed book “Make Your Connections Count” Recipient of 2012’s “Best Brand of the Year, 2011’s International Women’s Day Business Service Award as well as 2010’s “Best Business Connector in Dallas” award and a 2010 and 2011 “America’s Most Influential Business Connector” nominee, Patty has created a network of 100,000 + connections while teaching thousands of business owners how to effectively network and market to grow their businesses using a non-competitive and dynamic collaboration strategy. Her newest venture, Biz Link Global is an unparalleled B2B referral networking and educational online community which introduces experts in their field with their target audience and teaches entrepreneurs how to take their networking global… Patty Farmer is a Branding, Marketing & Social Media Strategist as well as the founder of the newly launched Biz Link Global, an unparalleled B2B referral networking and educational online community. Patty says that implementing a marketing or collaboration strategy doesn’t happen by accident. It requires a definitive system, approach, level of accountability and call to action. Patty assists entrepreneurs in creating a plan of action and time line to form joint ventures and strategic partnerships that cultivate business growth and collaboration to increase the bottom line for all. 

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    Tony Gambone Interviews Patty Farmer & Suzanne Frindt

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    Patty Farmer & Associates is a branding, marketing and mobile media strategy company that produces measurable results for our clients. We are passionate about helping small- to medium-size business owners as well as solopreneurs with their social media, mobile media, text message marketing and branding strategy. Founder Patty Farmer is a multi-award winning, highly sought-after marketing strategist, speaker, author and radio show host as well as the owner of a business networking organization. Through her own network of more than 50,000 connections,
    Suzanne Frindt’s clients and audiences view her as a unique fusion of passion and skill, with the ability to actively listen, comprehend and constructively connect with individuals and groups, guiding them to discover their own solutions.
    As co-founder and Principal of 2130 Partners, she is a recognized speaker on the topics of Accelerate Your Leadership™ and Productive Interactions™, addressing various organizations around the world. Also known as a popular speaker on women-in-business issues she has addressed women in such diverse environments as indigenous women leaders in Peru, college students in China, and women entrepreneurs in the Middle East.

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    Power Talk with Linda Ballesteros w/ guest Patty Farmer

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    Patty Farmer, “The Networking CEO™”, is a highly sought after public speaker, radio show host, author, and marketing professional.
    Recipient of 2010’s “Best Business Connector in Dallas” award and an “America’s Most Influential Business Connector” nominee, Patty has created a network of close to 50,000 connections while teaching thousands of business owners how to network using a non-competitive and dynamic collaboration strategy.
    Owner and Director of the Texas Hot Pink Mamas, a Professional Business Networking Organization and the Founder of DFW Biz Link, a unique online-based networking, marketing and collaboration program for entrepreneurs, Patty‘s newest venture, Biz Link Global, is set to launch in July, 2011.
    Offering pre-screened connections and collaborative partnerships, Biz Link Global enables business owners to expand their marketing endeavors worldwide through exclusive online tools and an unparalleled referral system.
    In an age where so many are distracted by technological bells and whistles, Patty Farmer is a shining example of how passionate leadership coupled with a truly personal touch can create a meaningful and enduring platform bringing lasting and very real-world benefits.

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    Wrapping up WoMMarch on The Mompreneur Model with Dori DeCarlo

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    Tune in on March 26th as we wrap up #WoMMarch with our final anniversary party show! Joining me are WoMRadio past guests Diane Trone, Donna Cravotta, Patty Farmer, Linda J. Alexander, Debbie Barth, and Kathy Shimmield. Also joining us, Nancy Mueller who interviewed me this past year along with show sponsors Dr. Christina Hibbert, Nicole Borota and well...you never know.  All I can say is that we are going to have a blast celebrating our anniversary month and hope you'll join is and have some fun.

    We are thrilled that WoMRadio is sponsored by Safety...it's in the Bag!  Today's show is sponsored by Dr. Christina Hibbert, Jersey Cookie Girl, TeaScapes and more. Meet all of our sponsors in our Mompreneur Marketplace on our website.

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    WoMRadio - the show for mompreneurs, the new business woman!

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    Chef Elliott is honored to share his technical skills and culinary wisdom of his friend and colleague: THE DISTINGUISHED AND PHENOMENAL, CEO & FOUNDER OF ARDY’S EATABLE  DELYGHTS (AED), NUTRITIONAL CHEF ARDY SPEED-JOHNSON!!!!

    Chef Ardy mastered the art of instructional cooking by becoming a recurring guest cooking instructor at Whole Foods Market. In 2012, Chef Ardy started specializing in nutritional meal plans systems that allow clients to focus on a healthy lifestyle change.  AED partnered with Temple Builders Fitness Center to provide Nutritional Consultations along with additional products and services.


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    Eating Out: Do We Have A Choice?

    in Health

    Join us April 16, 2015 7PM EST with Amy Myrdahl Miller,MS,RDN and Susan Linke, MS,MBA, CLT, RD,LD to find out what the Restaurant Industry is doing to assist  people with eating healthy with tips on how those with allergies/sensitivities can dine safely with friends and family. 

    Amy Myrdal Miller, MS, RDN, an award-winning Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, farmer’s daughter, highly regarded public speaker, published author, and founder and president of Farmer’s Daughter® _Consulting, an agriculture, food, and culinary communications firm. During her 20-year career in nutrition, Amy has worked for the agribusiness divisions of multiple food corporations and most recently The Culinary Institute of America a private, not-for-profit culinary college.  

    Susan Linke, MBA, MS, RD, LD, CLT, a registered and licensed dietitian and Certified LEAP Therapist (CLT). Susan received extensive training in immunology, adverse food reactions, and practical application of dietary treatment for food-sensitive patients.Since introducing delayed-type food hypersensitivity testing and therapy into her private practice, she has seen how the proper identification of food and chemical triggers, followed by the implementation of a proven, customized LEAP protocol can help patients reduce inflammation and recover health. Considered one of the most experienced CLTs in the country, she is actively involved in the training and mentoring of dietitians who are interested in applying this cutting-edge protocol into their practice. 

    For More Information check out: www.thewholescoopradio.com

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    How To Use Social Media and Other Great Tools To Grow Your Business

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    Join Patty Azar and SVP of National Bank of Arizona as they discuss how to transform your story into a thriving business.  Listen as they discuss how to use social media to build a business worthy of funding and the many options for funding available at your finger tips.  Patty will also spend time answering the most talked about issues impacting your success and joy.

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    In the Gravel Trap Episode XXIII

    in Sports

    The usual crew of Adam Tate and Joey Barnes of Tribute Racing, Christopher DeHarde of Motorsport.com and Josh Farmer of Motorport Monday are joined by Drafting the Circuits' Frank Santoroski.

    The guys will talk about IndyCar's forray into monsoon racing at Nola Motorsports park and look ahead to the historic Long Beach Grand Prix. They will also discuss F1's Chinese Grand Prix, with a look ahead to Bahrain. The 6 Hours of Silverstone in WEC and all the latest news with the Mazda Road to Indy series and Nascar.

    Hit the link to hear it all and more as we take you, "In the Gravel Trap!"

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    The Dace Man Show Ep 95 - GrundleCommie TakeOver

    in Comedy

    The Dace Man has disappeared yet again as we approach the 100th episode. Luckily the iron fist of Nicholas Andrew is here to run the show! Join Nick in his first take over special here on The Dace Man Show!

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