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    The Corrupt Federal Government

    in Politics Conservative

    Well the left looks at issues that the rest of us currently look at and are concerned with and think it's a witch hunt, or partisanship.  But for many of us who simply want a government that's competent, accountable, open,and ethical we look at things like Benghazi, the IRS targeting scandal, the DEA, the Secret Service, and Planned Parenthood- not to mention the VA, and we know how sad of a shape everything is in today.  Most people in the country regardless acknowledge that something is wrong.  They just don't necessarily know what.  Well, the "something" may not be all wrapped up in what I'm talking about today.  But nevertheless, I will discuss Hillary at the Benghazi hearing, some news on DEA officials that might make you lose your lunch or dinner, as well as the IRS and maybe even Planned Parenthood- slightly good news there.  That's on American Faith Today at 4:30 Eastern time and archived afterward.

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    A look at the Benghazi hearings with Richard Baehr of American Thinker

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    Guest:  Richard Baehr, Chief Political Correspondent of American Thinker, joins me for a look at the Benghazi hearings...........partisanship was high..........how can you have a serious inquiry when the Democrats are in the tank for the witness?   The GOP asked tough questions but the Democrats were utterly irresponsible........what does it say about the US Congress and the upcoming presidential election...................

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    Partisanship and the fall of the Economy

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    Partisanship has everything to do with the current situation within our own economy. What is it going to take? Independence from cheap politics that has run afowl.

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    Jay's News and Coffee Break: Candidates, Migrants, Syria, Russia, Oil and USA

    in War

    Building a Frankencandidate. Refugees fleeing native lands. What are they fleeing? Why flee to Europe? Are Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria and/or other nations pulling the strings behind the scenes? Jay talks about it, and more without the blind partisanship that continually divides our nation.

    Join Veteran Broadcaster, Freedom Fighter, Domestic Terrorist and The Founder of The Truth Radio Network, Jay every Wednesday at 2:00pm ET/1:00pm CT for news, politics, commentary and much more.

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    Episode (56): Washington Partisanship and Leadership

    in Lifestyle

    Continuing our course, this week, of addressing four of the major issues highlighted in this 2012 presidential election, tonight we will address partisanship in Washington and leadership. In one of our past shows a listener called in and asked why people seemed not to change. The question blossomed into a spirited discussion, partially insinuating, people believe in their personal “rightness” more than they believe in the integrity of evolving and learning new things. The court of public opinion has deemed Washington broken. Is it Washington that is broken or is it that we the people are divided? Need we someone to pull us back together? Tonight we are going to call on our listeners to speak to whether or not one person, namely the office of President, can change the – I am just playing for my team – spirit that is alive throughout our nation and subsequently in Washington. What kind of leader will it take to turn the corner on the idea of republican, democrat and independent to The UNITED States of America?
    When tonight’s conversation ends you should be versed enough on the subject to take a look at President Obama or GOP nominee Mitt Romney and decide who would be better to bring our nation together. Join in our conversation and lend your opinion and lets ‘Grow Your Greatness.’
    The Move Crew Radio Show is in place to help you to be the best that you can be. Ralph and Shawn are your hosts and with their experience, education and passion you will be guided to the best path that allows you to experience today and ultimately " Grow Your Greatness." The tag line for this show is 'in order to grow great we all must communicate.' Join us and let's grow together.  

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    The View Up Here commits to Know Thine Enemy, Canada, Know Thine Enemy

    in Politics

    October 19, 2015. It is approaching fast as the usual bluster emanates from Ottawa. The pillar of status quo and conformity, the corporate media, continues to sensationalize and distract from the things that truly matter regarding the future and stability of Canada. An exhausted Elizabeth May tries to be someone she is not, utters the F-bomb twice in nine minutes, and this is suddenly the moral dilemma of the nation. Not election fraud. Not insiders awaitng trial, on trial, or under criminal investigation. Not $3.1 billion that went "unaccounted for". Not policy that benefits the top 20% or less of the population. Not the walls of secrecy or threats of retribution for speaking the truth. Not the obscenity that is omnibus legislation that changes acts of Parliament without relevance, debate or scrutiny.

    Canada is blessed with many intrepid investigators and reporters that seek the truth. But once they find that truth, the real hard part begins. Beancounters and message controllers masquerading as editors and producers have an agenda that differs from those that seek to inform and expose. Corporations keep the advertising revenues flowing as long as the message suits their aims. The false rallying cry from the establishment of the "Leftist Media" continues as the government of Emperor carries on with seeming impunity. Canadians need to awaken to see a different F-bomb in their midst. Government and corporations. It is Fascism.

    There are lessons to be learned from the Alberta election. The opposition parties keyed on their common enemy, not each other. The lies and incompetence were exposed. The voters were left to choose their replacement freely. It is time the federal parties did the same for the benefit of Canadians. It's not like there is no evidence to condemn Emperor and the Corporate Pacification Committee. Let's attack the enemy, not each other. For Canada.



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    Legislators for Tomorrow (Trending)

    in Politics Progressive

    Tom Bunting is a fourth-year student at UVA studying Government/ American Politics who decided to join Legislators of Tomorrow.  A liberal overall, Tom brings the progressive perspective to the table.  However, Tom and his associates see it as their job to put aside ideological preferences and to see what can be achieved beyond partisanship.

    Patrick MacDonnell is the co-president and co-founder of the Legislators of Tomorrow at the University of Virginia. He is a conservative Republican and contribute this perspective to the organization.  

    The 13 member organization, 'Legistlators of Tomorrow', was a direct motivator and contributor to HB 206, a bill the House of Delegates in Richmond passed 99-0.


    *The Founding of Legislators of Tomorrow and its Mission


    *The Specifics of HB 206

    *The Tragedy of Senator Creigh Deeds and Suicide of his Son Gus  

    *Unknown, but existing Mental Health resources at Virginia Colleges and Universities

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    Outside Looking In w/ Bruce Negrin

    in Current Events

    Listen to the show that talks about the issue that emanate from Montgomery County and Beyond! Show time is Tonight (4/21) at 8pm. Listen Live by clicking on the following link http://www.blogtalkradio.com/brucenegrinradio

    And do not forget, this is two way talk radio so give us a call and get your opinion heard.

    Call into the studio at  773 897 6423. 

    Tonight's Topics

    No Joke, Im scared.  Partisanship has prevailed
    The Washington Post - Do I sense a slant?
    The National Hockey League - A Tale of Two Seasons. Why do they give refs whistles for the playoffs?
    Marijuana Legalization?  I was against it until I went to a Grade K youth soccer game
    You Have a Cause?  Lets have a concert everybody else does? 
    Let's Go Rangers!
    Let's Go Mets!
    And So Much More I just wont get to.

    Listen In and Call In - Step up to the mic because nobody is gonna say it for you


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    PNN - Truth and Dare - the Ladies Edition

    in Politics Progressive

    PNN - Brings you a special report on POLITICKS in Florida - the land of Flowers

    PNN's News Director Rick Spisak brings you breaking News Leaders -  Ms Anna Eskamani of Planned Parenthood will discuss the latest Tallahassee PROTECTION PLAN for the little ladies of Florida - Who (they seem to think) need to be nudged and delayed should they seek to end a pregnancy. RESTRICTIONS, RESTRICTIONS, RESTRICTIONS they name  is REPULSICAN LEADERSHIP.

    We also have an EXCLUSIVE ONE ON ONE Interview with Brook Hines, a Daring Woman Political Operative who dared to challenge the conventional ?'wisdom"? of the democratic party that the best hope for the democratic party, nay not just the democratic party but the democratic voters is another democrat cut from republican clothe. Dare we question Rep. Patrick Murphy who proclaimed he left his REPUBLICAN VOTING HISTORY BEHIND, when he jumped into a democratic costume for his last run for office, and yet, and yet - ONCE ELECTED formed a "BUY-PARTISAN" caucus charmingly framed as "United Solutions". UNITED BEHIND a REPUBLICAN benefits gutting, Wall Street embracing, TPP loving and XL Pipeline promoting agenda.

    PATRICK, PATRICK, PATRICK, how quick ye've changed. RUN as a dem yet vote as a REPULSICAN ???? We dems who supported you as a less painful pill than the lunatic Alllen West the heavily armed Tea Party general who has since returned to the poisonous swamps from when he came.

    The democratic party has so embraced diversity and open debate that when the Democratic Progressve  Caucus called for a open primary - has found itself under the shadow of calls for its severance from the party proper (whatever) the NORTHERN "dem" poobahs decide that is, this cycle.

    One thing we can count on, not only a lively discusson on PNN but the party moneyship  - oops LEADERSHIP, one more cardboard dem. JOIN US  today at 2pm!

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    The SOTU Obama Should Have Given .... He Said Too Much

    in Politics Conservative

    As the stereotypical Italian Mother in the Prego commercial said ....."It's in there!"

    Obama gave the speech his Liberal Regressive Smurf base wanted to hear (except for trade) as Elmos balked that Obama had not gotten the message the electorate sent him last November.

    I say that Obama did indeed give the speech he needed to give ..... he just buried in rhetoric, partisanship and class warfare. The message he needed to give, got lost.

    I will identify that part of the speech tonight .... the part I'm proud of ..... the ONLY part Obama should have given.

    We will also revisit Ferguson, Missouri .... briefly.

    We will also jump ahead to 2016 because the Elmos are showing signs of making the very mistake that I warned them not to make (like they really listen to me anyway).

    All this and more on tonight;'s show ...... I hope you will Jump Right In!

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    Time to Reconsider the Death Penalty? Harry Reid to Retire...Hooray!

    in Politics Conservative

    The death penalty debate is in the news again. While the right has traditionally been pro-death penalty and the left against it, the lines are beginning to blur. Liberals have long characterized death penalty supporters as hypocritical because they are anti-abortion but pro-death penalty. Others say the death penalty is not a deterrent to crime and that many are wrongly convicted and sentenced to death. A group called Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty (CCATDP) is selling the merits of an anti-death penalty position. Marc Hyden of CCATDP will call in to discuss a number of death penalty stories in the news and explain the group's platform. Also...Harry Reid announced this week that will not seek re-election to the Senate from Nevada. We look back at Reid's record of hyper-partisanship, character assassination, and questionable ethics.