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    Chris Wharton of Basecamp-Expeditions dot com

    in Marketing

    Today we have with us a great friend and more importantly for this show and you ... someone that is dedicating his life to helping everyone prepare for the worst of times.
    Chris Wharton, founder of Basecamp-Expeditions.com is a former firefighter & Hazardous Materials Technician.
    He has worked in the Middle East, Europe, East Africa, and Asia. A paragliding fanatic, Chris originally started an outdoor company (he wanted to avoid real work by creating an extreme sports utopia.)
    His experiences during the Japan Earthquake/Tsunami in March of 2011 caused the birth of Basecamp-Expeditions and its commitment to saving lives BEFORE a disaster strikes rather than after one does.
    Chris is opinionated, outspoken and not as funny as he thinks he is. But… he is very committed to passing his skills on to all those he comes into contact with and showing people how simple, inexpensive, and realistic it can be for EVERYONE to be able to master bad situations.
    Chris is also manager of the Typo Department… it’s all his fault folks. If you need to complain, Chris is your man.
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    D Travels Around with Diana Edelman

    in Travel

    Diana Edelman writes, "I recently returned from traveling Europe and parts of Africa for seven months -- on my terms. At 30 years old, I woke up one morning and realized the life I was living was the life I had dreamed of (I was a successful PR practitioner who had spent most of my career in Las Vegas and recently relocated to Atlanta), but was no longer the life I wanted to live. For months, I struggled with this idea, and trying desperately to figure out what I wanted from my life. After spending my 30th birthday in Croatia (my first holiday in years), I decided I wanted to risk it all and leave America. In between October 2009 and February 2010, I began to live a double life. I started a blog, got on Twitter and began to get recognition for my travel writing and tales of adventures. With the support from social media, I finally decided to quit my job, put my life in storage and book a ticket to Europe. It wasnt until I left my job that anyone there knew I was an entirely different person outside of the office.
    I traveled to Europe in March 2010, bopping around Western Europe for three months, mostly falling in love with Spain, and then heading down to Rwanda on a press trip to experience World Environment Day and learn about the amazing tourism opportunities in the country. Then, I went to Morocco and over to Eastern Europe for another three months.
    There were so many risks I took -- both emotionally and physically -- backpacking solo through countries where I didnt speak the language and knew no one. I can tell stories of falling off of a cliff in Turkey (yup ... paragliding can go wrong); trekking for gorillas in Rwanda; going topless in Barcelona and all of the delicious adventures in between."