• The Gift of Christmas: A Path to Happiness, featuring Kokomon Clottey & Aeeshah

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    Welcome to “Happiness Index”, in our last episode, our conversation was on Mindful Practices: Journey to Joy. In light of the fact that today is Christmas, our focus is on the importance of the celebration and its implications for us, personally, our family, friends and community. Christmas has nothing to do with the things that we can acquire.  Its focus is really not on the haves and the have-nots. It’s true focus is on love and our ability to tap into our love essence and recognize that our essence is love. 

    This Christmas let us apply mindfulness practices to truly participate and become the spirit of the season. This show is about being happiness and truly celebrating the season by making it a season for all times.  One might ask. What is Mindful Practice?  How does mindfulness leads to happier life in an age of chaos?  We have the Holiday season to remind us.  We are closing the days of Hanukkah, celebrating Christmas today, tomorrow we move into Kwanzaa and Kwanzaa ends on the first day of the New Year, 2015.  Today is Christmas Day.  Let Christmas show us the way. Let us remember that now is the only time there really is.   

    The moment we have been waiting is here. Today is the day of Christmas! Today is to make merry and to ignite happiness. Our focus and conversation is on the gift of Christmas: A Path to Happiness!

    Conceptually, Christmas celebration started as a result of an event that took place two thousand years: the birth of Jesus. In essence Christmas is a gift to mankind. It is telling that on this day, the celebration ignites such happiness that one can only reason that the birth of Jesus was the gift. There is a sense of urgency and shared genuine peace and love everywhere. The strong need to share peace, love and happiness is palpable.


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    That's What He Said S04E15-Palpable Absurdity

    in Comedy

    It's SDCC weekend and we've got all kinds of news and announcements! We've got our first look at Batman Vs Superman's Wonder Woman, Superman's Jedi outfit, an image of Vision from Avengers 2, some news on The Simpson's 25th year, and a new take on Manimal. We'll also be talking about Tekken 7, the Goosebumps movie, an Evil Dead TV series, and Hot Tub Time Machine 2. Plus, we've got more tech news and the announcement of the biggest crossover event of the year: Planet of the Apes Vs Star Trek! Give us a call during the live show at 323-693-3811 and don't forget to check out our website http://www.twhsmedia.com!

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    Kristy's Connection to the Soul

    in Spirituality

    Join me as I talk about moving into this time of shorter days and longer nights. Find out how you can maximize the sunlight within your own life. As someone who is very sun sensitive, I really understand how palpable this lack of light season is for sensitive people.  I will share some helpful insights that I have found that really work for me. I will also talk about how we can find a healthy balance between the work that we are meant to be doing during this dark season while also managing our inner light and need for outer light.
    Connect With Me: www.kristymayala.com

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    Studying Our History:Determining Our Future (Part 4)

    in Politics Progressive

    This series is using world history to help us, as Progressives think about, discuss,plan and carry out actions and activities as activists within 12 blocks of where we live. We have a very short time to become the citizen patriots our nation calls us to be during this November's elections.  

    History can inform, illustrate, and highlight both causes and effects from a national or international perspective. In case you missed it, 3/4 of the entire world population is looking to America as their last, best hope for freedom. Tyranny is very much alive and well, and many would claim that statement to be true right here in the USA. Can history inform us? Will we dare, as citizen to look at, evaluate, process and understand our history well enough, soon enough to make our future history reflect our current realities, goals, plans and dreams as Americans? 

    November's election will surely answer that question. Which answer do you wish it to be, and which answer should it, in fact, be? In this episode, we are going to frame our discorse around the period of World War and Depression.  WWI (The Great War), The Great Depression, and WW II have much to teach in in terms of who we were, who we are today, and who we could become tomorrow. 

    Many in today's American Society talk as if solutions used during these historic times would be preferred for those who find themselves living in a time, a condition, and a land they barely recognize. Fear of power is real, and palpable--and possibly for a very good reason. As the November election approaches, the important question this show always tries to address comes clearly into view:

    What are YOU going to do about it?

    Call us and let your voice be heard. Join us in our lively chat room and engage the conversation. 

    We're on the air!

    We'll see YOU there!

    The Tennessee Progressive.

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    Defeating Your Fear of Interviews

    in Jobs

    Who says job hunting has to be so hard?

    Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter has been helping people find work by recruiting, providing great information and coaching without any BS for more than 40 years. He is a LIvePerson job hunting expert.

    You can receive a complimentary subscription to No B. S. Job Search Advice Ezine (a $499 value) at www.Jeff Altman.com.  While you're there, explore the great content and job search tools to help you find work.


    On this show, Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter looks at some of the palpable ways your fear hurts you and how to defeat them.

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    23 - FILTHY PHIL

    in Comedy

    Palpable sexual chem all over this ep! Phil flips out under the guise of chivalry. Nikki tackles fan mail and divulges her technique for the perfect nude selfie. Childhood masturbation stories. The root of sexual proclivities. Dry humping. UTIs, IUDs and a stress-inducing tangent about acronyms. Porn star relationships, open relationships, cold feet, and marriage.

    Follow @nikkiglaser @philmhanley @anyamarina @standupnylabs.
    Visitwww.StandUpNY.com to see when Phil and Nikki are performing live at Stand Up NY. Listen to all our other great podcasts at www.StandUpNYLabs.com

    Check out all of our shows at standupnylabs.com

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    Dr. Simone Ravicz on Expert Insights Radio!

    in Self Help

    3pm ET / 2pm CT / 1pm MT / 12pm PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 646-727-1711)

    Viki Winterton interviews Dr. Simone Ravicz!

    Dr. Simone Ravicz is a certified business and life coach, brain expert, speaker and three-time author. She embraces her roles with a passion and enthusiasm which are palpable and come across whether she is speaking publicly, coaching, hosting webinars and even through the pages of her books.

    Dr. Simone has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and an MBA, which have allowed her to maximize her knowledge of human behavior and business. She worked as a psychologist for years before making the move to coaching which she feels allows her to spread her inspirational messages to more people.

    Dr. Ravicz has been studying neuroscience for the last ten years. She helps her clients, small business owners and entrepreneurs, learn how to make positive changes in the structure and functioning of their brains, thereby boosting their mental acuity, problem-solving, decision-making, productivity, memory and creativity and reducing depression, stress, anxiety, addictions, anger and other difficulties. Her clients experience powerful transformational shifts and are freed to move forward taking limitless strides toward business and personal success and joy.


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    Peace Amadi - 6th September,2014

    in Lifestyle


    Dr. Peace Amadi (Psy.D) leverages her intellect, mental health expertise, colorful personality, innovative thinking, personal style, and creative appetite to bring out the best in the people around her. With the gift of vision, palpable compassion, and razor sharp instincts for strategy, she is a catalyst for purpose-finding and personal transformation in the lives of future world changers.

    Equipped with a doctorate in psychology (Psy.D) from Azusa Pacific University and BA in psychology from UCLA, Peace is a mental and emotional health expert, apsychology professor.

    We talk to Peace about mental halth issues, how do we look after our mental health, what do we have to be aware of? Are there particular issues that we need to be aware of as a person of colour? 

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    La Salle Lancers vs Colerain Cardinals Football Part 2

    in Sports

    JC McCoy, Rob Lucas, Barrett Cohen, Mike Nie and guests bring you the first meeting between these teams in 10 years.  Part 2 includes the halftime show, the second half and the post-game show.  The excitement was palpable at Miami University's Yager Stadium and the game did not disappoint.  Originally aired on ClassX Radio.

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    La Salle Lancers vs Colerain Cardinals Football Part 1

    in Sports

    JC McCoy, Rob Lucas, Barrett Cohen, Mike Nie and guests bring you the first meeting between these teams in 10 years.  Part 1 includes pregame and the first half.  The excitement was palpable at Miami University's Yager Stadium and the game did not disappoint.  Originally aired on ClassX Radio.

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    Greg Evensen & Steve Quayle on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

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    Most Americans have become "Zombified" and oblivious to the current state of war against the citizens of the U.S., and all citizens in the West as a confluence of preplanned events begin to accelerate to an orchestrated, life changing end of the lifestyles and freedoms to which we've become accustomed. There is a palpable escalation of events that lead to the inescapable conclusion that none of this is happening by accident, but by plan.

    We have been engaged in a covert global war by proxy, however this global war is now beginning to become more overt as situations continue to heat-up in Ukraine, Syria and all across the Middle East. The globalists are pushing and instituting their technocracy through gunboat diplomacy, tied directly to the U.S. dollar, which is facing its own death at the hands of these neo-Satanic globalists. America's sovereignty and very existence is at stake.

    The United States military is being systematically dismantled from within by these same Satanic globalists who are creating untenable positions for those who reject orders of subjugation to a world power. Ranking officers within the military who refuse to forsake their oaths to the U.S. Constitution are being dispelled and identified as threats. Military personnel are beginning to realize their expendability, and might soon experience the same under this regime of tyranny.

    There is the pathogenic Ebola nightmare that is taking place throughout Africa and in select cities across the world that also threatens us in the U.S. and all across the West. Medical surveillance of the various Ebola variations suggest potential if not real weaponization.

    We are witnessing the convergence of events, a series of preplanned and orchestrated crises, that will impact every listener to this program. We need to be in a state of spiritual, mental and practical state of readiness as everything is in motion for the crescendo of events.

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