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    Summer Colour Palettes with wall coverings, and paints

    in Design

    Happy Wednesday and welcome back tonight!

    This week we discuss in the area of wall coverings, paints, and color palettes. We bring together the dynamics, elements, and enhancement of making your space aesthetically pleasing, by starting with your basic walls, and bringing it alive with color palettes, paints and wall designs. Also we provide ideas of how to transform that space into your own individual personality and character. Join us tonight for an exciting segment!

    See ya there!

    10:30 pm pst


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    Adding creativity with wall coverings, paints, and colour palettes

    in Design

    Hello Family, and welcome back

    This week we discuss in the area of wall coverings, paints, and color palettes. We bring together the dynamics, elements, and enhancement of making your space aesthetically pleasing, by starting with your basic walls, and bringing it alive with color palettes, paints and wall designs. Also we provide ideas of how to transform that space into your own individual personality and character.


    See ya there!

    10:30 pm pst

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    Divatosity-Back To School, Festivals, Grapes and Paints

    in Hobbies

    Back to school in your household, grape picking, and Grapes and Paints.

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    Hard Starboard Radio: "Draw The Prophet" Paints A Jihadist Picture

    in Politics Conservative

    Pavlovian Muslims: "Draw The Prophet" contest "draws" bomb threat, shooting, two fatalities; How not to look at the Garland attack; Fight speech with speech, and guns with guns; How much more obvious does a terrorist need to be?; The purpose of the free-speech event was to highlight the threat posed by Islamic supremacists; Why the Bill of Rights would never pass today; and my review of Avengers II: Age Of Ultron.


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    Storytelling, Part V: A Path to Happiness

    in Relationships

    Welcome to Happiness Index.  This month began with laughter and stories and we are ending the month with laughter and stories.  we continue our focus on storytelling.  July is the essence of summer and it inspires, evokes and awakens our heart with stories that are telling.  Storytelling is an ancient art form. Storytelling paints events with words and images often by improvisation or embellishment.  Stories are rooted in every culture as a means of entertainment, igniting joy, knowledge, inspiration and education.  Stories are intercessors and they offer a way for us to connect with our ancestors, ancient cultures and moral values. We need intermediaries. Tune in and share your story. Call 347-539-5818 and share a story with us.  

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    Understanding Oil Paints with Robert Gamblin

    in Art

    Join artist and marketing expert Leslie Saeta as she highlights way to sell your art. Leslie is joined by February co-host Margaret Sheldon. Today's show features an interview with Robert Gamblin. Robert is an artist and founder of Gamblin Artists Colors. If you ever wanted to know anything about oil paint, this show is for you!

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    The Edge Portal (062815) Dan Gordon Interview

    in Christianity

    Larry interviews author and IDF solder Dan Gordon about his latest book, Day of the Dead:  Book 1: Gaza,  a frighteningly realistic thriller.  A page-turner which paints a compelling portrait of Mid-East combat and espionage in the age of ISIS and Hamas.

    Richard Shaw calls in during the second hour.


    Dan Gordon's Amazon author page:  http://www.amazon.com/Dan-Gordon/e/B00MC5ZU9C/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1435175671&sr=1-2-ent&pebp=1435175658896&perid=1RXSS9RS3NX07Y0XGE1P


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    Orlando Presentz....Before the Fame: Open Mic

    in Radio

    Today we are having a Open Mic, what that mean's is what ever is on your mind call in to the show and lets talk. We will still keep it respectful so understand that, but we need to open some dialogue im going to let you speak ask questions all that good stuff, plus we have our Feature Artist of the Day, He goes by the name Focus he  is from Hampton Roads Virginia, Gospel Rap Records, with his Single, Fell in Love with a Singer, from his up come Album Misery Love's Company, release date August 8,2015

    Misery Loves Company”, that will be released on August 8, 2015 below. The single is entitled, “Fell in Love with a Singer”. The meaning behind fell in love with a singer is left to the listener. The tittle and chorus of the song will have you hooked as you listen to it. The song paints a picture of love, physical attraction, & sexual purity all wrapped up in one song. Here are a couple of quotes from Focus about his artistry. If you have any further question or concerns feel free to email us back.

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    Barbara Besser - Art on Wings - ARCTURIAN Knowledge - Rev. ANALEIA STARWOMAN

    in Spirituality

    Please welcome Barbara Besser.    Barbara Besser is a Visionary Artist based in Southern New Mexico. She creates art from inner realms that connect with multidimensional energy. The artwork serves as a catalyst for inner spiritual connection for the viewer. Barbara is a caring and compassionate lightworker...offering spiritual life coaching  in her private and group sessions.  Barbara, also known as Rev. ANALEIA STARWOMAN  and  offers SPIRITUAL ESSENCE PORTRAITS as a way of service to the planet. Each painting is likened to a TRANSPERSONAL MIRROR to the soul of the client. They are unique and beautiful just like you. Ascension Activation Art is created with and through Divine connection, Barbara paints illuminated forms from inter dimensional sources and is deeply connected to pure loving energy. Appointments available with Barbara for a personalized SPIRITUAL PORTRAITS - Channeled from the soul of the client at the beginning of each session, the unique portrait emerges onto the paper in the specific colors, shapes, symbols and forms that capture that momentary imprint of the client's soul essence.
    These penetratingly personal portraits open a window of communication between Spirit and Form. The portrait can reveal with astonishing accuracy a snapshot of your Spirit at the moment in time of the portrait. Visit Barbara's Web Site  Contact Barbara

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    Celebrity Juice Features Holly Elle

    in Entertainment

    Holly Elle proves to be a force that is unpredictable in the best way possible. “Mirage” is now available for free download on Soundcloud.

    Holly Elle teamed up again with Isaac Hasson (Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez) after enjoying a successful collaboration on her previous singles, “Lifeline” and  “Lose Control.” While her last release was an urban party anthem, “Mirage” moves with a cool and tranquil sound, pairing a crunchy, industrial synth beat with her sultry vocals. The result is an addictive combination that will stick with fans long after the first listen. Elle evokes the sentiment of an uncertain lover with the hook, “is this love a mirage?” The idea of seeing an unreliable lover everywhere, haunted by the thought that he may disappear at any moment paints a melancholy picture. While her catalogue tends to showcase strength, liberation and fearlessness, Elle shows a softer side with this song while still maintaining the intensity she is known for. 

    Call in to listen live at 646-595-4937!!

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    Amy Wax (Color Consultant)

    in Radio

    Amy works with architects; designers, builders and homeowners to select the colors for paints and other products that help their projects stand out. Fifteen years ago, she created Your Color Source Studios Inc., a firm that specializes in selecting colors for residential and commercial architectural use. A list of the company’s many projects include aiding in the development of color palettes for a Fortune 500 company, color and product selection for two projects that received Gold LEED status from the U.S. Government’s Green Building Council, and the creation of color palettes for numerous residential and commercial buildings.

    Amy created the Color 911 app and blog to help people add color to their lives—whether someone is selecting colors for their home or business, or selecting colors for fashion, graphic design or another artistic use. The app shows how color enriches our lives, and it turns what is a difficult process for some into something that is truly satisfying and fun. Just a few of the accolades it has received have been being named a “Product of the Year” by This Old House Magazine, a “Can’t-Live-Without” app by Architectural Digest and a “Must-Have Resource” by Lonny Magazine. 

    Amy is the author of Can’t Fail Color Schemes, a national bestseller on interior and exterior color ideas for the home. Published by Creative Homeowner, Can’t Fail Color Schemes was named Book of the Year by both Foreword and the Independent Publishers Association. It was also a Next Generation and Best Book Award finalist. After the success of her first book, Amy wrote Can’t Fail Color Schemes: Kitchens and Baths.