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    The P. Missick Encouraging Show #17/ How To Overcome Depression

    in Spirituality

    Has something happen in your life that caused you to be sad? Do you feel that you will never get out of sadness and depression? Does every thought you have towards life cause you to be depressed? Do you feel you have no one to turn to? Do you feel you can hardly breathe from the depression you are experencing? Do you feel and wish that someone could help you out of this terrible feeling? Do you feel that there is know one in your family who encourages you? Do you feel like your friends can't help you because they have too many of there own problems? Do you need a kind word? Have you ever gone to someone who you thought could help you but they are leading you in the wrong way? What do you do? Well, we are going to talk about those feelings and how to overcome them!!!!!!!!!

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    Blaine Benson - Overcome Depression Today!

    in Self Help

    Blaine is a personal life coach who works with women in their 20's who struggle with depression. She is committed to helping her clients over come depression 

    create a meaningful and fulfilling life for themselves. 

    She offers a wide range of coaching services from one-on- one coaching to seminars and courses. Visit her website at blainebenson.com and sign up for a free coaching session.

    Strategic Intervention Coaching's aim is to develop a practical method for taking action in a strategic way 

    to get things done so that human needs are fulfilled and elevated.

    Black Dog Depression Video Link

    Empathy vs Sympathy - Brene Brown


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    Overcome Depression from Chronic Disease

    in Health

    Depression is a major side effect or symptom of chronic disease. I have experienced my fair share of it throughout the past 15 years of living with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lyme disease.

    Depression is not unusual, nor is it something to be ashamed of. Depression is a natural emotional state that everyone experiences at some point in their lives, in different levels of severity. But with extreme life challenges - like a chronic illness - depression can be much worse.

    It can overtake us if we don't have the right tools for coping or overcoming the depressed emotions. 

    I'll share some of my bouts with depression and how you may overcome it without relying on medication. 

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    How to Overcome Depression About Your Diabetes

    in Health

    Just becuase you're diabetic doesn't mean you can't enjoy traditional holiday activities and fun! This week we talk about enjoying holiday eating, traveling and great family time while managaging your diabetes.

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    Lord Cover My Head

    in Religion

    Prophetess Deniece Senter, teaches you how to cover your mind, body and spirit with the helmet of salvation. These valuable tools will help you overcome depression, mental abuse, self-sabotage and much more. Deniece speaks through the guidance of the Holy Spirit to help you acheive your dreams, goals and visions. This show is a must for those who are really ready for the next level. God has so much in store for those who are ready to make a change. 

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    Talking Out Loud with A. L. Cooper: How to Overcome Holiday Depression

    in Current Events

    A. L. Cooper is the face behind the voice of 'Talking Out Loud"She is a native of Columbia, SC; however, has traveled the world and lived in different major cities in the U.S. and abroad. A. L. Cooper is currently living in the prosperous city of Atlanta, GA and is proud to call the southern diamond her home. The show is a success because of her outgoing, charming, quick-witted personality. Fans love the intelligent comedic banter between her and fellow co-host Alfonso Todd. Visit www.TalkingOutLoud.biz to learn more about the show!!

    Tonight's  "Indie Artist Music Out Loud" Spotlight is Hip Hop Artist "Crevy" and the name is his album is "Corporate Balance"

    "So Wus Up" Creyv (Produced by Knex Lev)

    "Highway" Creyv feat. Amadi"(Produced by Knex Lev

    Click on the link below to hear more music form our Spotlight Artist!!!




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    Taking The Fight To A Common Enemy: Depression

    in Christianity

    Its that time of year where we get caught up in all the gatherings, Christmas parties, meeting with family and friends and yes plenty of shopping. We find ourselves moving at a fast pace, with the great temptation to keep up with the Jones. And some how all of these things that were suppose to bring great joy, end up delivering great misery, sadness and depression. US World News reports researched and found that the suicide rate is the highest its been in 25 yrs. And really we just still have a difficult time finding ways to cope with this common enemy. Were afraid to speak to our friends, minister and find ourselve in a pit of despair. For those who have battled depression, they understand how dibilitating it is. The shame and stigma of not having it all together. Lossed loved ones, unexpected divorce, traumatic childhood. How can we fight this enemy and defeat it? Whats a proper response to it? And how can we encourage others rather than casting blame? 

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    How To Overcome Satan Daily

    in Christianity

    The truth is we have already overcome Satan and the only power he has is lies and deception. So to us we gain from the truth and application by faith the truth of Gods word.

    The devil is a liar and the father of lies and He is relentless in lying to you and keeping you in the dark. If he is able to keep you in the dark you miss out of the truth that sets you free and the oppression of Satan can keep you bound in a very dark and depressing place if you are not careful to obey the truth.

    The truth thats sets us free is the word of God and even if we dont FEEL change God's word never can fail nor will it. God cannot lie nor does He, It's the greatest truth the world has ever known or will know and I pray tonight you will discern and gain lasting freedom over the lies and deceit of the evil one.

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    How to Overcome Betrayal

    in Christianity

    Do you know how to overcome betrayal? While growing up, many of us had problems with friends betraying us, or turning against us to go be with a new friend. Some of us, continue struggling with feeling isolated and many are betrayed by fellow employers and employees. I’ve seen married couples who are madly in love fall apart because of infidelity. But what happens when we’re betrayed by members from the same church? We try leaving the world behind, but the world seems to follow us no matter where we go.  On this episode of Faith Time, learn three steps that will help you overcome betrayal.

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    My Life Story Made Me This Way. Good!

    in Psychology

    Inspirational Espresso with a Splash of Satire

    Welcome to The Grumpy Gator Cafe' where I serve up a cup-o’ inspirational espresso loaded with the sweetener of cathartic satire for mature audiences. I debunk and remove the mystical bullshit that is perpetuated by the psychological and self-help industries here in ‘Merica: two industries that generally over complicate, over medicate and twist the art of healing into unnatural, your life is not-so-normal is pathological knots.

    It is psychology satirically simplified for adults with open minds and souls who actually are interested in getting their head out of their ass and their ass off of the couch for the purpose of living life to its fullest.

    Today’s episode looks at how our life story, the crises in our lives, the shit storms, creates the composite of the person who stares back at us in the mirror. I know my life story has fucked me in in ways and made me a better father, husband, counselor and entertainer. And I am OK with that.

    I have traveled to hell and back so often I have frequent flyer miles. I have learned a thing or two while learning how coping with and healing from the bullshit of life and I share my stories via my live radio show that becomes a podcast the minute I sign off. Buckle up and laugh your ass off while healing.

    Visit my website or follow me on twitter and like me on facebook.

    My podcasts are intended for mature audiences with an open-mind and soul and a real desire to take personal responsibility for their own healing. I’s cranium-rectum extraction time people, listen at your own risk of actual healing!

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    Dealing With Holiday Depression

    in News

    WSJ's Bill Fantini reports on shaking off the holiday blues. Also, a look at volunteerism in America.

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