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    Out of Body Experience = NDE, ADE, CDE

    in Spirituality

    On this episode of my show I will discuss near death experience in full detail. I will explain what actually happens 'step by step' when you die. I believe it was Mr. Moody that termed the phrase "Near Death Experience". But there are actually three types of OBE relating to the near death experience. I will also explain the three types of death experience within the process of OBE or out of body experience. Please don't miss this show. All of your questions will be answered concerning this phenomena.   

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    The Mystic Circle: Astral Projection/Out of Body Experience

    in Spirituality

    The Mystic Circle is a group of 6 spiritually gifted, Holistic Mystic Soul Sisters, covering topics from the mystic to the holistic. Join us every Thursday at 9:00pm Eastern. 

    Adrienne Michelle: Raw Food Chef, Food Blogger, Photographer, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader and Numerologist her website is tasteoftwoplates.com

    Carrie Lynn States: Reiki Shaman/Spirit/Life Coach, Psychic Intuitive /Emapth /Animal Communicator and Minister, Artist and Author. her website is http://ascending78.wix.com/higher-state and http://carrielynnstates.blogspot.ca/

    Lorrie Cabral: Psychic Medium Intuitive Empath, Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Advisor, Minister, Animal Communicator and Paranormal Investigator. Her email is Lorriec3290@gmail.com

    Mindy States: Shamanic Reiki Master/Spiritual Teacher/Coach/Mentor, Psychic Intuitive Empath, Holistic Mystic, Animal Communicator, Photographer, Minister, Author, Card Reader, co-host of Soulistic on BTR and Mom of 3, Wife of 1 :-) Her website is www.mindysmojo.com

    René Crowe: Reiki Master and Teacher, Spiritual Healer, Psychic/Medical/Herbal Intuitive, Karmic Healer, Paranormal/Spiritual Communicator and Transitioner, Holistic Mystic, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, co-host of Soulistic on BTR, and Mom of 6. Find her at Nature Mama Wellness on FB and email at Renecrowehealthcoach@gmail.com

    Sarah Helen States: Shamanic Reiki Practitioner, Psychic Intuitive Empath, Animal Communicator, Holistic Mystic and Mother of 3.

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    Simplicity and How to Obtain an Instantaneous Out of Body Experience

    in Spirituality

    What if I told you that you could have an out of body experience instantaneously?  "Snap" just like that.  Well we're not that far off from it.  Tonight on Simplicity Radio we talk about what you can do to easily obtain an out of body experience.  Call in with your stories.

    Simplifying your world with your host Brian Treybig.  We bring you helpful topics and special guests every night at 10pm central.  Call in to speak with the host 646-478-3271.

    Follow us at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/simplicityradio

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    If you would like to advertise with Simplicity message us on Facebook or email us at briantreybig@gmail.com

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    A guided journey into a lucid dream/astral projection/out of body experience!

    in Health

    A very special call next Sunday

    Special Time 1 hour later than normal!

    8AM West Coast, 9AM Mountain, 10AM Central and 11AM East Coast

    Tim is releasing a special audio on Sunday's call. 

    Be ready to listen with head phones.  You will hear a 55-minute recording, which will guide you into a deep trance state and allow you, if you are ready, to travel out of your body.  

    What else is possible for you and how did you get so lucky? 

    Tim will be taking calls to answer questions on his new audio after the 55 minutes recording. 

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    NDE: Out-Of-Body Experience, Consciousness and biological evolution

    in Music

    Nelson Abreu is the vice-director of Research and Scientific Communication at the non-profit International Academy of Consciousness. Born in Portugal to Goan parents, he began experiencing and studying consciousness in 1998, shortly after moving to Florida in the USA.
    He went on to found the University of Florida's Science of Self Club, which organized a number of symposia and the first curricular psychology course on consciousness featuring the consciential paradigm, a scientific framework centered on consciousness. He has presented at University of Arizona, Utah Valley State College, University of Miami, Florida International University, Miami-Dade College, University of Florida, Penn State and in California, Tennessee, Texas, Canada, Mexico and his native Portugal. A power systems engineer and project manager by profession, he has served a

    s Student Representative for Society for Scientific Exploration and is a contributing author of Filters and Reflections: Perspectives on Reality (ICRL Press), where he initiated his  in on consciousness and physical systems. His research has encompassed consciousness and biological evolution, consciousness and physics and engineering, out-of-body experience, subtle energy and psychometry. He is also a collaborator with International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL), formerly Princeton University's PEAR Lab. 

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    in Spirituality

    Join us for another fascinating discussion exploring the nature of consciousness.

    Exploring the Difference


    'NDE' Medical / Spiritual Understanding
    'OOBE' Causes and Effects
    Meditation & Astral Travel

    The Emerald Alignment
    A practical Self Help approach to Energy Field Alignment, Healing, Sealing and Protecting the auric field.


    Rainbow Light; Rainbow Light Studio; Carol Lamb's Blog

    Paranormal Matters Radio Shows

    Rainbow Light Forum

    Epiphany Press

    Rainbow Light Foundation; Rainbow Light Foundation YouTube; Rainbow Light Foundation Radio

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    The Out of Body Experience

    in Spirituality

    On today's show we'll be talking about the Out of Body Experience / Astral Travel
    Have you ever had an Out of Body Experience or a Near Death Experience?
    Let's discuss your experience.
    Thank you for listening to my shows.
    Love, Light & Many Blessings to All.

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    Out-of-Body Experience Stories & Tips

    in Paranormal

    Charles Colemon and Tyler Hardy will be sharing some of their most significant out-of-body experience stories as well going over some tips. OBEs are critical for understanding the multi-dimensional universe that we live in through direct personal experience as opposed to just believing what "could" be true based upon what we can fathom intellectually. We would love to hear your stories as well.

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    Strange Things

    in Paranormal

    Hello and Welcome to 'Strange Things!'  We are making our Radio Show, fun, interesting and informative!  Have you had Strange Things happen in Your Life? Maybe You have seen UFO's or been abducted by Aliens. Perhaps You are a WhistleBlower or You want to be one. Do You work for a Government Agency that deceives the public and You want to tell Your Adventure Stories? Do some of Your Friends find You Strange? If so, we want to talk to You and possibly have You on our Radio Show. We welcome spies, outcasts, secret agents, double agents and even Normal People that just want to tell their side. Join US and Talk with US, Jake & Ernie

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    Are you ready to travel outside of your physical body and get some healing too?

    in Fitness

    Tim Janakos and "From Time Without Beginning" is so happy to bring to you this second show of OOBE or Out of Body Experience Healing. 

    On this call, Tim will be playing a 40 or so mintue audio, which will guide you through an Out of Body Experience (AKA Lucid Dream or Astal Projection). 

    So if you can lay down or sit down in a very comfortable place and if you could listen to the call with headphones attached to your phone or attached to your computer to hear the call it will be much more powerful. 

    Tim is not going to be doing any live healing on this call.  But this audio will do so much healing on you if you are really open to it. 

    Tim however will be taking your calls after the audio to answer any quesitons about Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming or any other of the Phase State Consciousness/OOBE experiences you want to talk about or to hear what you experienced during the audio on this show and last Sunday's show. 

    Also thanks to Mr. Meeble for letting us use the background audio on this recording and to Sound Made Clearer whose song, "Your Son" was played on the call. 


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    51 ~ Your DreamVisions Now with Eva & Duane

    in Dreams

    Val at this week's fair, antiques!

    Eva tells a story about Manuel,

    The five bodies, Physical, Astral, Causal, Mental, Etheric - Taplining,

    Chris reads a blog post on Agreement/Taplining,

    Awareness and body-types,

    Sounds of the Past, systems of control,

    No freedom within Creation,

    Contrast and Comparison,

    Becoming Aware and making sense of what is taking place,

    Past lives and attachments,

    Prison Planet Earth,


    Adventures of Rebazar Tarzs - The Mountain People,

    Exploring beyond what has been decided,

    Created Consciousness - Coming out of The Matrix,


    RealGuidance and RealEducation,

    The idea of "Spiritual Protection"

    Responsibility for your own actions,

    Insincerity, Deception, Contempt, Real Intentions,

    Astral Attacks,

    "Is there hope to save the Planet Earth?"

    WakeUP and Pay Attention to what IS Real. Test The NU-U for yourself, meet with Rebazar Tarzs and The RealGuides, and begin your own 'Journey to RealFreedom' today.