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    Rastafari SabbatHical Studies - RSS # 17 - Parsha Overview Show

    in Spirituality

    This Week's Portion #17

    ???| Yotor [Yitro | ???? | "Jethro"

    Torah Reading

    Exodus 18:1-20:26

    Prophets Reading

    Isaiah 6:1-7:6; 9:5-6

    New Testament

    Matthew 8:5-20

    Portion Outline

    Exodus 18:1 | Jethro's Advice
    Exodus 19:1 | The Israelites Reach Mount Sinai
    Exodus 19:9 | The People Consecrated
    Exodus 20:1 | The Ten Commandments
    Exodus 20:22 | The Law concerning the Altar


  • 12-29 Boxing Promoter Murad Muhammad / Adam Voice of The People

    in Religion

    1st Hour: Imam Shakur Adul-Rahim interviews Boxing Promoter Murad Muhammad and the implementation of Al Qur'an and Sunnah.

    2nd & 3rd Hour: Radio Host Bro. KARIM ABDUL RAHIM ,Bro. YAQUB ISLAM and SISTER SALEEMAH HADI discuss topics of concern from a Al-Islamic prospect regarding education, nature community life and other issues from the Bronx, Manhattan, Binghamton NY

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    Agent Storm: Inside al Qaeda for the CIA

    in Entertainment

    Join Me with Guest Tracey Leturno:

    Two worlds. Two identities and the ever-present, very real risk of death.

    That was the life of Morten Storm, a radical Islamist turned double agent, who's now lifting the lid on some of the world's best-kept secrets.

    His life is the stuff of spy novels, and he talks about it in his book: "Agent Storm: My Life Inside al Qaeda and the CIA," co-authored by CNN terrorism analyst Paul Cruickshank and Tim Lister. Both men are CNN contributors.

    He also recently sat down with CNN Senior International Correspondent Nic Robertson.

    Double Agent Inside al Qaeda for the CIA

    America's Most Wanted Terrorists

    Who's worse? ISIS or al Qaeda?

    "I had these different names. I had different personalities," Storm said. "I was Morten Storm, Murad Storm, Abu Osama, Abu Mujahid." More NFL fallout.

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    An Interview With Mr. Mohammed Murad, VP Of Sales, IRIS ID

    in Technology

    In today's radio show, we interview Mr. Mohammed Murad of IRIS ID, Vice President of Sales. As we all know, the eye is probably the most unique structure in the human body. For example, it consists of the Retina, as well as the Sclera. Iris Recognition involves scanning and extracting the unique features of the Iris, which is the colored region between the Pupil and the Sclera. Today, we ask Mr. Murad all of these questions and much more. For example, we find out how IRIS ID was started, and how it fares with the rest of its competitors. We will also find out more about the kinds and types of applications their products and solutions serve, as well as all of the Iris Recognition hardware and software that they manufacture. Finally, Iris Recognition has also started to being used in the very competitive wireless world, and we will find out how IRIS ID plans to stay ahead in this marketplace.

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    Leaving the Baggage of the Past Behind

    in Lifestyle

    We suffer through many things in our lives. Some suffer more than others as in the case of my guest Orit who was born Baghdad, Iraq during very turbulent times. In order to move forward with out lives it is sometimes necesssary to let go of baggage that is weighing us down and keeping us from the successful and joyful lives we want to lead. Join me and Orit Murad Rehany, author and teacher as we discuss her message of healing and moving forward.


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    Dr. Murad

    in Health

    An in depth discussion with Dr. Howard Murad.

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    Joan Lunden - Awaken

    in Self Help

    The Best Ever You Show is proud to welcome Joan Lunden to the show!

    Joan Lunden helped millions of Americans greet each day as host of ABC-TV’s Good Morning America for almost two decades. As the longest-running host ever on early morning television she reported from 26 countries, covered 5 presidents, 5 Olympics, and 3 Royal weddings and has continued to be a reassuring and informative presence in American homes for over 30 years.  Joan is an award-winning journalist, best-selling author, and a successful entrepreneur.

    As a health and wellness advocate Joan is the face of America’s largest senior referral service, A Place for Mom, she founded and runs a women's wellness retreat, Camp Reveille, has her own Resurgence skincare line by the popular Murad skincare, and she has a line of healthy sleep solutions called Awaken by Joan Lunden which she will be selling on QVC this Sunday! QVC will be featuring Joan’s Awaken Sleep Solutions line during a full hour show on May 18th from 5:00 – 6:00 PM. 

    In her spare time she is a mother of 7 including two sets of twins 9 and 11!

    For more information visit JoanLunden.com


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    (r)Evolution with HiC

    in Entertainment

    L*I*V*E READINGS ... skype or call 646.716.5510 during the show for your chance to get a reading L*I*V*E on the air.

    A conversation about the intersection between theatre, spiritualityand ritual as HiC is joined by this month's (r)Evolutionary guest, MAJD MURAD-AL-SHAIKH, actor, director, writer, maskmaker.

    Born in  into a Chaldean (Catholic) family in Baghdad, Iraq, Majd's earliest memories are of the Gulf War before his family fled in secret to Jordan and then made their way to the United States. His sophomore year in high school, he came out as gay, but didn't tell his parents because his brother threatened to kill him (an « honour killing ») if he did. While majoring in theatre at UC Riverside (California), his parents put a « Yes on Prop 8 » sign on their lawn, prompting him to come out to them, even as his brother once again threatened his life. Fear caused him to escape into sex, and while still in his early 20's, a man he trusted intentionally gave him HIV. Subsequent health complications caused him to drop out of a professional training program in theatre and move to LA.

    Majd wrote a one man show, Blood Fruit, about his story of coming out to his family. The show was well received and got accepted into the Best of the Hollywood Fringe festival. He returned to school and completed his theatre degree, graduating in 2013. He then moved to SF where he currently resides, working in theatre and preparing to bring Blood Fruit to the stage once again. The late Eddy Gutierrez became a friend, mentor and « brother » to Majd, supporting him in his coming out process and helping him get in touch with his spiritual side, eventually initiating him into the Unnamed Path, a shamanic path for men-who-love-men that Eddy founded.

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    MTG kicks off the show with Tuffet Schmelzle to chat about the recent Thanksgiving holiday, Time.com’s article on “You Can’t Be Fat and Fit”, a Nigerian man who survived 3 days 100 feet underwater in the Atlantic ocean, and the untimely death of “Fast and Furious” movie star, Paul Walker. Then it’s time once again for “WORD UP!” -  a word/mind association game where MTG says a word, name or phrase and our “OH MTG!” sidekick, Tuffet has to say the first thing that comes to her brilliant, colorful mind.  And this week’s “Shitz & Giggles (Or Crap That Makes You Laugh)” is one to really make you shake your head, “California Woman Rescued After Getting Stuck Between Buildings.”

    Our featured guest, Carlos Torres, has an extensive background in public relations and maintains premier editorial alliances with the country’s most widely read and seen media outlets. Carlos has worked with Guess, Old Navy, Murad, Rrivre Works, and OPI to name a few. Carlos has found his niche in the lifestyle arena specializing in beauty, fashion, and health.  He gives us some real insight into what makes him tick romantically as we delve into the beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully conceived, “Love and Misadventure” by internationally recognized poet, author and artist, Lang Leav.

    MTG, Carlos and Tuffet weigh in on this week’s JUST THE TIP! segment – a how-to moment where we give you just enough info to get you started.  This week’s topic: “10 Signs You’re Falling In Love (Whether You Like It Or Not).” Tune in to find out how MTG, Carlos and Tuffet match up to this revealing list as they discuss their current love affairs.

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    Talking About the Middle East

    in Health

    Welcome to The Healthy Baby Boomers Network Blog Talk Radio Show.  I am your host, Dr. Erica Goodstone, Relationship Healer helping YOU heal all your relationships through Love, author of the book: Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me and the romantic novel Love in the Blizzard of Life – available at Amazon.com, director of HealthyBabyBoomersNetwork.com , speaker, mentor and seminar leader.
    This show is all about living your dreams, fulfilling your life purpose and creating and sustaining love and health and total well-being for the rest of your life, no matter how old you are right now.  In every episode I speak with vibrant, exciting and positive men and women who are proving that life can, and often does, get better and better as we reach our 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond.
    Today I am speaking with Orit Rehany, an author, jewelry designer and expert on the situation in the Middle East.  Orit grew up in Ramat Gan, Israel and later received her Bachelor Degree in Montreal, Canada.  Truly a citizen of the world, she cares deeply about the Middle East.  Orit shares her knowledge and love for that unique culture in her regular local South Florida events where she creates a true Middle Eastern experience with food, authentic belly dancing, and a comprehensive overview of life in that region.

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    "Hey There, Career Girl" with Kalei Kekuna

    in Business

    What is Hey There, Career Girl?

    We all want to know what it's like to be other people, right? What does their life entail, what do their jobs look like and feel like? Hey There, Career Girl, gives you that looking glass into a powerful woman's life. You'll find out about her passions, her mission, her day-to-day, and more. We pick some of the nation's most fascinating women and ask them what makes their career tick!


    This week, Marcy Twete is talking with Kalei Kekuna, owner of Lovely Marketing Group.

    Access the recording below or subscribe to our iTunes channel to see all of our past and future podcasts by clicking here.


    Abou Kalei:

    Kalei Kekuna is originally from Hawaii, but has since lived and traveled all over the world.  Her experience includes spans companies like MTV, Proactiv, Murad, and others. Kalei has lived a bi-coastal life, working in both New York City and California throughout her career. In 2013, Kalei launched her own marketing consulting company, Lovely Marketing Group, and is a full time student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She recently joined the Board of the nonprofit organization Impact Giving, a women’s collective giving fund, and is an active member of the Junior League of Orange County and her church.


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