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    Transformation Via Orgone Energy Batteries, Meridians, Chakras, & Meditation.

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    Hi Everyone & welcome to Happy Hour , www.blogtalkradio.com/lifeissobeautiful

     Tuesday ,Jan.27th, 2015 at 3-4 p.m. eastern. 347-205 9957 & chat room.  Transformation Via Orgone energy Batteries, Chakras, Meridians & Meditation.

     My guest is Mari Morena Torres. She is well known as a Master Healer, who works with various Modalities of healing as in Crystal Healing, She’s founder of Orgone Energy Batteries  & a practitioner as well.  She does sacred sexual healing, sound Vibrational   healing . Teaches Sacred words of power of Manifesting through orgasmic focus and so much more. Yes she’s  a gift to all of us for healing in such a time as this. She’s doing readings so call in.

    Thanks for joining. Love & light Vanda Maria Guzman

    The Life is So Beautiful radio show with Vanda Guzman. I will have many wonderful Guests every Tuesday at 3pm eastern time. Please join us!

    Call in Number is 347-205-9957.

    Visit www.LifeisSoBeautiful.net to leave prayer requests, sign my Guestbook, Buy my Music. All Donations are appreciated!

    Follow me on www.Facebook.com/VandaGuzmanMusic. Guests can email me at VandaGuzman@yahoo.com .

    Click the link for this show to listen LIVE or to listen to later, or right click to download it.



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    Orgone Energy Generators with Kim Cull Vorgonite

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    Sign up for my newsletter at www.msblisscoach.com, and I will send you periodic emails with helpful tips on holistic living that I don't share anywhere else!  Also, when you sign up, I will send you a link to download my latest e-guide, “Five things you MUST do to develop your intuition!” 

    Today's Episode: Orgone Energy Generators with Kim Cull Vorgonite

    Interview with Energy Healer Kim Cull Vorgonite, creatrix of "Divine I AM 2." Kim will share her story of healing and awakening and why she is now on a mission to teach others how they can heal with Orgone Generators.

    "It's proven technology, besides clearing and raising personal and environmental vibration--orgone energy generators and devices protect you from harmful effects of cell phones, EMFs, computers, electronics, and lower dis-ease orientated vibration--- and according to one customer, not so nice X-husbands too! 

    Every product is hand made and produced right on or very close to the lava field with Pele's flow in line of sight. According to locals and customers from all over the world, the orgone energy produced here is powerful and extremely effective. I think that living and producing it from this very special corner of planet Earth has a lot to do with it. You can feel the vibration of Pele from our powerful vortex. The mono-atomic properties of the lava combination with the pure orgone energy is divine! 

    Find her creations on Etsy


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    Orgone Energy

    in Spirituality

    Join the Blue Clique as we delve even deeper into the realm of Spiritual Science with Bro. Q!! We welcome you to join us in the discussion about the uses and benefits of Orgone energy, as well as Himalayan salt, and the necessary practice of Griding!  This promises to be a VERY INFORMATIVE show!! join us and share the link!  

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    Curious Times - Orgone Energy, Yvette Howell and Anne Rose

    in Spirituality

    Join us for 2 hours at 10 PM Eastern.
    We will discuss Orgone Energy, Orgone Accumulators, Orgonite, cloud busting and all the other stuff associated with this "hypothetical universal life force".
    Join us in the chat room or feel free to call in to share any information or experiences you have had with this. 

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    Elevating & Awaking your Chakra and Kundalini Energy with Orgone Energy

    in Romance


    Join us tonight as we discuss sexual energy, Sexual entrepreneurship, Orgone energy, and more right here on Erotic Talk Radio, with our special guest Mari Torres A.K.A Sex Energy Goddess 13. Get ready, because this is going to be one powerful, juicy show you don’t want to miss.

    If you are on facebook come and join our group at Erotic Talk Radio and ask to join the group, you can also follow us on twitter at eroticpleasure.

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    Healing Secrets of ORGONE & ORGASM by Agenisz Samadhi and Lester Loving

    in Self Help

    Tonight's show will be a two part presentation exploring the science of orgone and orgasmic energy. The first hour will be presented by Lester Loving on the history and modern application of orgone energy and how the energies are related. The second hour Agenisz Samadhi-Tantric Doula will share the feminine approach to the magical healing energy of orgasmic expressions.

    Agenisz Iman Samadhi is personafied, as a Goddess, Warrior Woman, Healer & Priestess of The Sacred Art of Creation
    Transformational Facilitator, Tantrika, Doula, Goddess Coach, Empath & Poet
    Her parent company "Divine Deliverance" offers services such as Tantric Consultations, Workshops, Retreats, Moon Gatherings, Astrology, Empathic Readings, Doula assisted births & more
    she also owns a Travel boutique "Bliss Life Travel" specializing in the Caribbean and abroad.
    Agenisz has been serving the community for over 15 years and has been a light bringer of Conciousness through her soulful & eloquent delivery of transparent and relatable truths.
    Maintaing the lineage of the Mystic, Gypsy & Medicine Woman architypes Agenisz is an Ancient soul here to revitalize the masses and bring about the Rebirth of Love.
    Being that 2016 is the year of "9" her focus this year is on the Birth of Creating desired realites. Her Motto is "Live Life Blissfully" and she is here to assist you in fufilling your highest ideals.

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    Journey into Twilight - Orgone Energy with Nick Limos

    in Paranormal

    Independent researcher, Nick Limos, talks to us about Orgone energy and the possible Mars connection.  See the show notes. 

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    Orgone Energy/Sexual Energy- by Mari Morena Torres aka Sex Energy Goddess 13

    in Self Help

    Tonight's show will be featuring the much requested presence of a famous healer, Mari Morena Torres. She is a Master Healer in various disciples ranging from Reiki, Crystal Healing, Orgone pendants, sacred sexual healing, healing through sound vibration, sacred words of power, the power of manifesting through orgasmic focus, cultivation of mental visualization, crystal chakra healing sessions, and simple but powerful applications of direct intentions in the multiple forms of sonic quartz activation.

    Her website is www.sexenergygoddess13.com

     The 2nd hour will be Q&A followed by collective crystal healing from the listening audience. All are encouraged to apply the use of crystals held over your heart and/or your forehead. This will be a guided meditation combined with meditation music. Listen in to the archived show and continue to send healing to your self, your friends, family, and our planet. The Hawaiian healing system of Ho'Oponopono will be and is always encouraged.  "I'm Sorry." Please Forgive Me." "I Love You." "Thank you."

    Enjoy the show




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    SEG13 Healing Session - FEAR

    in Energy

    Spiritual Healing is a 24/7 process you don't just do it once a week. Deprogramming all the junk that went in takes time to heal. As long as we are active in this vessel we will need healing, we are built to regenerate and rejuvenate, each has to make the choice to commit.

    This Fridays Healing Session is about The Energy of Fear how and where it forms in your energetic body and manifests itself in the physical these become the symptoms that tell you something inside of you needs fixing. 

    Fear, the strongest force of energy used on the planet for control. the root Chakra is constantly being bombarded with frequencies of fear. All programs are based on fear, Religion, Politics, Education, all of these systems are run on fear. Soul Beings manifest onto this earth with a program, that' triggers the Survival Instinct. Deprogramming from Fear is like trying to get clean from an addiction, it requires constant work. The good thing about deprogramming yourself is that no matter how long the program has existed in the body it can be healed  and reprogrammed instantly. 

    This week we will focus on ways to transform fear and use the energy to our benefit. For more information on working 1 o1 with SEG13 or in a Work Group go to The Orgone Energy Self Healing Center contact 818 233 5776

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    Welcome To ( Over The Rainbow Show ) With Your Host Bob Brown On Blog Talk Radio

    in Lifestyle

    Welcome To ( Over The Rainbow Show ) With Your Host Bob BrownOn Blog Talk Radio On Wednesday 13th January at 3.00pm Eastern 12.00pm Noon Pacific 8.00pm Uk Time ...The call in number today is 347-539-5367 From Uk 001-347-539-5367 Chat Room Open....My Special Guest Today is Mori Morena Torres also known has Mahri AKA SEG 13 Welcome to the Orgone Energy Self Healing Center, a Portal where you can learn to transform your whole being, Using Orgon Energy Batteries ( OBE AND Ancient Self Healing Methods. OBE`s clear your mind of toxic thoughts negative frequencies. Detox from the harmful toxins, radiation and electro magnetic pollution that exist all around the planet from our digital world    On Today Show Mori will take us through how to use  ( OBE and Ancient Self Healing Methods ) Thank you for joining me today for my show love and peace

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    SEG13 Healing Sessions - Meditation

    in Entertainment

    Sex Energy Goddess13 Author of the Book MasterVibe Introduction to Self Healing is offering FREE healing sessions Live every Friday. Get tips, tools and techniques on how to master your self and raise your vibrational frequency through meditation, mantras, Orgone Energy Batteries and the Forces of Nature. Learn what your energetic body is, how it works and what you can do to heal your mind, body, soul & spirit.

    Each week get introduced to new and different ways to bring balance to your being. Call in with questions, get a reading on your energy levels or share some of your personal techniques on healing.  Friday 1/22/16 the topic is Mediation why it matters in your healing.