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    MMH 12 - April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

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    Have you had an oral cancer exam? I bet you did and didn't notice it. 

    Do you, as a oral care professional, do oral cancer screening on your patients? Why don't they know?

    Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS and Shirley Gutkowski RDH, BSDH are known for bringing their mid-western sensibility to today’s health issues with an eye towards the future. With decades of experience in clinical dental hygiene, writing about it, speaking on it, and pondering over all aspects of it, Patti and Shirley challenge dental hygienists to reach higher levels of revolutionary thinking to meet 21st century patient needs, wants and expectations. Beware their infectious excitement, it can be catchy.

    Patti is the author of the fast selling Dentalcodeology  books and webinars  and popular speaker. Shirley is the coach and primary cheerleader at CAREERfusion and the author of The Purple Guide series of books for dental hygienists

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    Oral Cancer

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    Are You At Risk for Oral Cancer? What African American Men Need to Know.  African American men have the highest risk of developing oral cancer compared to any other group in the U.S. population. Tune in to this episode to hear this important information.

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    HPV-The other Oral Cancer

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    Shirley Gutkowski is out of the studio today and Diana Corbin is leading a discussion on her passion, HPV oral cancer, the fastest growing oral cancer. Listen in for a real education on how to stay cancer free.
    This is a discussion we need to have with our patient's!
    Comment at America's Dental Hygienist on Facebook. 
    Michael Douglas interview on his sexually transmitted oral cancer on the link below from an article posted June 2, 2013
    Michael Douglas: oral sex caused my cancer HPV infographic from Mount Sini Hospital

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    Dr. Angela Canfield Talks in Honor of Oral Cancer Awareness month on April 14

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    Dr. Angela Canfield Holds Second Inspiring Smiles Series Talk in Honor of Oral Cancer Awareness Month

    (SAVANNAH, GA) Dr. Angela Canfield of Sandfly Family Dental in Savannah, GA announces the second talk in the 2015 Inspiring Smiles Series will be held Tuesday, April 14, from noon to 1 p.m. The discussion is titled “Oral DNA and Periodontal Testing.”

    Periodontal diseases, such as gingivitis, are caused from bacteria that inflames the gums. Symptoms include bad breath, red or swollen gums, and receding gums. Dr. Canfield will explain the benefits of early detection and the process to determine patients’ risks of these diseases.

    According Dentistry Today, every sixty minutes, a person dies from oral cancer. The disease is typically associated with long-term tobacco use, but it is becoming more frequent in young adults who have never smoked. Besides tobacco use, the risk factors that could lead to oral cancer include DNA abnormalities or family history. But the main cause, especially in young adults who don’t smoke, is the human papillomavirus (HPV), which may be spread by sexually active people through intimate contact.

    “HPV is the leading cause of cervical cancer, which was once the leading cause of cancer deaths for women in the United States,” said Dr. Canfield, “Now that women routinely get PAP tests, which provide early detection of conditions that could lead to cervical cancer, those cancer rates are on the decline. In fact, these days, a person is three times more likely to die from oral cancer than cervical cancer.”

    The Inspiring Smiles Series will take place at Dr. Canfield’s office located at 7360 Skidaway Rd., Suite H2. It is free to attend. To RSVP, call Dr. Canfield at 912-349-0472. Dr. Canfield will also be giving away free oral cancer screenings during the month of April.

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    Improving the Quality of Life of Oral Cancer Patients

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    Doctors of the USA welcomes Linda Miles, CSP, CMC, an internationally recognized consultant and co-founder of Oral Cancer Cause foundation, and Dr. Jeff Blackburn, award-winning dentist and one of Richmond’s best known general and cosmetic dentists for over twenty five years, to talk about how OCC (Oral Cancer Cause) helps families and patients during and after medical treatment. Listen in as they share their personal stories of loved ones having oral cancer and those that survived the disease who are now spreading the word so that others may not suffer as they did with later stage diagnoses.
    Award-winning dentist Dr. Jeff Blackburn has been one of Richmond’s best known general and cosmetic dentists for over twenty five years. During that time he has developed his dental practice to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience for people looking to transform their smiles and oral health.
    Linda Miles, CSP, CMC, Virginia Beach, VA, is an internationally recognized consultant, speaker and author on dental practice and staff development. Linda is a successful businesswoman who not only founded LLM&A, a leading INC 500 dental management consulting firm in 1978; but also founded the Speaking Consulting Network in 1997 and co-founded Oral Cancer Cause foundation in 2013.
    Visit Linda’s website.
    She can be reached at lindamiles@cox.net or 757-721-3125.
    Check out Oral Cancer Cause website or follow them on Facebook or YouTube.

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    Diana Corbin - Setting the media straight on oral cancer

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    Diana Corbin takes over today talking once again about oral cancer prevention. Oral sex is in the media again with the revelation that Michael Douglas' oral cancer was transmitted to him during oral sex. The Human Papilloma Virus is the root of most evil in oral cancer, making oral cancer in young people growing by leaps and bounds. 

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    End Oral Cancer with Dr. Jonathan A. Bregman

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    Doctors of the USA welcomes Dr. Jonathan A. Bregman, DDS, FAGD, a clinician, speaker, author, trainer, and personal coach, to talk about early oral cancer detection. Listen as he shares valuable, cutting-edge information, coupled with the how to maximize an effective system of early oral cancer detection that can be applied to any dental practice.
    Dr. Bregman has personally led successful dental practices for more than 30 years, worked as a part time Adjunct Faculty member at the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry as well as faculty at the University of North Carolina Hospital Dental Clinic. He has presented over 150 programs on early oral cancer detection in over 45 states and abroad in just the past 3 years plus just as many programs on practice management topics. 
    In the past year, Dr. Bregman created the website “End Oral Cancer” along with a simple device called the S.M.I.L.E. mirror… with the letters of smile representing the 5 steps to doing an effective oral cancer self-examination. Smile mirrors are available upon request through this public service website.
    Check out his personal website, like his Facebook page or follow him on Twitter.  
    Please visit the Oral Cancer Cause (OCC) website and Facebook page to know more about this non-profit organization.

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    Oral Cancer Screening

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    A discussion with Ms Lydia Taylor of Perceptronix, a Vancouver -based company that has developed a unique product for very early detection of oral cancer for dental use

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    "Can Cancer Be Healed Naturally?" - Dr. Ted Watkins M.D.

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    Dr. Ted Watkins M.D. graduated from the Howard University College of Medicine in 1977. He works in Washington, D.C. and specializes in General Practice and Family Medicine.

    As a regular guest on HealthWealthandDivine, Dr. Watkins has  shared his expertise with us on "How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Naturally" as well as, 'Overcoming Adrenal Fatigue".  Don't miss this very informative interview.,  Spread the word and remember information is powerless unless you use it. 

    Tune in from 8:30-9:30pm est. Please call in at (347) 324-5727. 

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    Breast Cancer Survivor Cheryl Ash-Simpson Shares Her Amazing Life Journey

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    Breast cancer survivor and filmmaker Cheryl Ash-Simpson joins your national award-winning family radio talk show Let's Talk America with Host Shana Thornton to share her amazing life journey. She talks about her award-winning film "Sunshine, Noodles and Me" and more.  Listen in with someone you love.


    *Thanks for visiting us and please visit www.letstalkamericawithshanathornton.com.  #LTARadio 

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    Health & Wellness the Spring Edition!!!

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    We're in the second season of the year. It's springtime. As we prepare to push our health and wellness goals into a higher gear, let's also find out the latest on the health and wellness scenes around the world. We will explore the topics of fitness - the controversial Biggest Loser Contestants and their weight gain; What is Nine Nineteen? The recent annual meeting of the American Association of Cancer Research - what's new in the world of cancer. The Vice President Biden's Cancer Moonshot Program and his efforts to end cancer. Sean Parker's pledge to fight cancer and more...