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    Copblock and Open Carry with Kory Watkins

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    On this week's Cop Block Open Carry show we will have on Dominic Alexander. He is the founder of Next Generation Action Network and the Kelley Alert Foundation. Mr. Alexander is currently attending college to studying Philosophy, Economics and Political Science. He is a ordained Minister and has been called The New Era Civil Rights Father by CBS. After that, we will have on Micah Naziri of Ohio Open Carry. Micah is very involved in the open carry movement but also police accountability. We will chat with him about that too. Finally, we will hit the phones and take all the calls we can muster. We have 3 special guest in studio tonight. Kenny, my co host is not truck driving this week. He is here with me. 2nd we have in studio a person I think we are going to be making further contact with much more often in the future. Scott Phillips a lawyer friend who ran into us when we were in Irving, in the middle of the median, standing our ground against the police when they were trying to get us to move. We will talk to him about what he seen that night he pulled up on us and why he got out to tell us if we needed a lawyer he would be there for us. It was amazing. Finally, We have the LA Times in studio with us. Man, this is going to be action packed, I plan to go the full 3 hours tonight so BUCKLE UP!! Tune in, call in, and share this message! Share to facebook, twitter, and all other outlets you can. We appreciate any and all support. 9PM Central time Friday!!! Call in number. (347) 857-4397

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    Cop Block and Open Carry With Kory Watkins!

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    Tonight on Cop Block and Open Cary with Kory Watkins:

    Tonight on the radio show I will have members of "Hell's Saints" on to talk about their open carry group in Michigan.

    Afterwards, we will talk about the panic button in Austin and our recent visit.

    You won't want to miss this. Finally, we will take a plethora off phone calls on police accountability and so much more.

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    Cop Block and Open Carry With Kory Watkins!

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    On this Friday’s edition of “Cop Block and Open Carry With Kory Watkins!” we will have Kenneth Rogers of Kokomo, Indiana on. We will be talking about his open carry group "Open Carry Kokomo, Indiana" and what they have been doing and why. After that, we will have a cop block veteran on the show. Deo Odolecki from Cop Block who holds down the Greater Cleveland Cop Block. We will discuss some of the wild events that are going on in Ohio with police overreach and abuse. Deo is the man and knows a lot about police accountability. Later on, we will take phone calls all the last hour about anything on the topic of guns, open carry, police accountability or other political issue. We are going to rock the air waves this FRIDAY! 10pm Central time!

    Hit the LINK to join us in the chat room and listen on your computer


    Call on your phone to just listen or to speak to the Hosts and guests- (347) 857-4397

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    Cop Block and Open Carry With Kory Watkins

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    Tonight is the launch of “Cop Block and Open Carry With Kory Watkins!” on We Resisters Radio.

    We are excited to have Kory join us with his proven commitment to open unflinching activism.

    Kory Watkins, Super activist spawned during the Ron Paul campaign is now active in many different things. Ran for a small position in local county politics and won, taking 60% of the vote. Shortly after that he helped lead the Open Carry and Cop Watch movements in North Texas.

     Hundreds of people active with him and thousands of supporters behind him. Now bringing his activism to the air waves to help further educate and motivate others to join the movement.

    Join us in lively discussions of all things Liberty Activist.



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    In this Special Edition of We Resisters Radio we welcome Kory Watkins. Super activist spawned during the Ron Paul campaign is now active in many different things. Ran for a small position in local county politics and won. Taking 60% of the vote. Shortly after that he helped lead the open carry movement and cop watch movement in North Texas. 100s of people active with him and 1000s of supporters behind him. Now bringing his activism to The air waves to help further educate and motivate others to join the movement.

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    Truth has come to you...A Conversation with Open Carry Texas ...Gun Rights

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    Open Carry Texas (OCT) is an organization dedicated to the safe and legal carry of firearms openly in the State of Texas in accordance with the United States and Texas Constitution and applicable laws. 

    Our purpose is to 1) educate all Texans about their right to openly carry rifles and shotguns in a safe manner; 2) to condition Texans to feel safe around law-abiding citizens that choose to carry them; 3) encourage our elected officials to pass less restrictive open carry legislation for all firearms, especially pistols; and (4) foster a cooperative relationship with local law enforcement in the furtherance of these goals with an eye towards preventing negative encounters.


    Open Carry Texas is looking to make good healthy relationship with the Black Community. They believe in one community and that includes the Black Community you have a right to own and carry weapons legally, and they are willing to stand with you in doing so.......Truth has come to you~

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    El Paso Liberty Hour - "Open Carry Texas - El Paso"

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    Please join our fabulous Podcast hosts, Rachel Marie, Mark Ortega, & Eamon Donahue as they interview Lawrence E.D. and find out all about Open Carry Texas - El Paso events, mission, and organization.

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    nWo's Impending Revelation Radio with guest Travis Kuenstler/ Open Carry Texas

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    Join us tonight on NWO Truth Radio as in the first hour we go over our current events and all call in listeners are urged to participate in this discussion. And in our second hour we will be interviewing  Mr. Travis Kuenstler. Founder of @TheLogicalTruth and Chapter Coordinator for Open Carry Texas: Howard County. OCT: Howard County is hosting the "Big Spring Meet & Greet" on June 21st and Mr. Travis Kuenstler will be giving us the details, keynote speakers, and the reason behind Open Carry Texas. To find out more about our guest, search @TravisKuenstler on Google+ or Twitter!

    Call ins will be welcome for second hour as well but we want Mr. Kuenstler to get all his info out before we will take callers in second hour. Join us as we only wish to bring you the finest in quality de-programming.

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    Open Carry as well as some stealthy, at home, prepper stuff...

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    We're back May 16th with a fresh program.

    Open Carry. Are people really freaked out when they see someone lawfully carrying a gun in an open manner? Gun control fanatics would have you think so, but we'll share evidence to the contrary.

    Meanwhile, Doug's been doing things that have raised eyebrows at home. No, he's not on the outs with the family, but he's been sleeping on the back porch this week. We'll let him explain way.

    Doug's also been resurrecting an old bike found at a thrift store. While there seems to be bicycle boom going on in the city, you don't see many bikes in the 'burbs anymore. If you've been to a metal recycler lately, chances are you've seen nearly new bikes piled in the scrap heap. What's up with that?

    Potential political topics we may tackle: 

    Some MSM folk seem afraid Hillary Clinton may have hurt her chances of becoming president. And it has nothing to do with Benghazi...

    And then there's Lois Lerner, formerly of the IRS, now held in contempt of Congress by the House. There's a bunch of people who act like it's a big deal. The same kind of folks who thought holding Eric Holder in contempt was a big deal. Yeah, who even remember that one? Will anyone still be talking about Lois Lerner by our show on May 16?

    Plenty else may come along to spark conversations between now and showtime. 

    Join us for the May 16th Don and Doug beginning at one o'clock Friday (Eastern Time). Phone calls, chat and tweets are welcome. 

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    RadioFreeRover presents Open Carry etc also cocks

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    #r3belutionRadio Group presents #RadioFreeRover 

    The worst show on BTR returns to have another craptastic episode!


    Tonight we are joined by @Sixlette to talk some responsible gun ownership.


    Take a breath all you #RWNJ we are not coming for your guns!


    YET ;)


    Also talking some E cigs...Yes I joined the ranks of people who Vap.


    We may try and call the crazy b1tch in Texas again...maybe


    Also the hot topics of the week.

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    TX HB195 Handgun Carry Bill; Jason Orsek CATI; Economic Collapse Update

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    Welcome back everyone! My apologies for last week’s technical issues and last night's lack of show. We are working on some things on our end and hope that we can iron them out and return to our normal schedule soon. If all goes well tonight, we will be talking about TX HB 195: Summary: Relating to the carrying of handguns; providing for the open carrying of handguns; removing the requirement that a person who may lawfully possess handguns obtain a Concealed Handgun License in order to carry a handgun lawfully in the state of Texas, and conforming changes.

    We also are planning to talk to Jason Orsek, the VP of Come And Take It (CATI) regarding non-legislative enforcement barring Texans from carrying firearms on the Capitol grounds. Organizations like CATI are on the front lines of the fight against Tyrannical abuses of power by state governments and agencies in TX and around the country.

    Peace, Love, and Conspiracy! -Dave and Wes

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