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    One on One with Dylan "The Kid" Goldman and Clint Starling

    in Sports

    On this live edition on One on One, the guys discuss the following - 

    SB 50 talk: Broncos defense one of the best ever? Will they resign Von Miller or Brock Osweiler in the offseason? Do we still love Cam Newton?

    NBA talk: Knicks fire Derek Fisher. Is Luke Walton the next Knicks coach?

    NFL talk: Terrell Owens snubbed from Hall Of Fame? Lesean McCoy, Johnny Manziel involved in offseason incidents.

    Guest Appearance: Former ESPN Hawks Truehoop writer and editor Buddy Grizzard joins the show!

     State Of the Heat: Trade rumors....... After Hassan Whiteside gets into another incident are the Heat trading  him?

     NBA Talk:  Is anyone beating the Warriors in a seven game series?

    Rockets want to trade Dwight Howard?

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    Talk! with Marie Presents One Billion Rising 2016 & Live Music in Second Life

    in Music

    This weekend is packed with social events and live music in Second Life. Tune in to learn more about what's happening and how to get involved. This week I attended several live music concerts in SL from Ceci Dover@, James Olmos@LC Live & Nashville Row, Collin Martin@LC Live, SaraMarie Philly@The Grey Owl, Tukso Okey@Metro Paris to Mapoo Little@Wonderful Dreams. The big event of the weekend is One Billion Rising in Second Life. Its annual global event is taking place on Sunday, February 14. Check out OBR's site for schedule of events. Blue Myanamotu, a recent Talk with Marie guest, is one of the featured SL artists. 

    About OBR

    ONE BILLION RISING began as a call to action based on the staggering statistic that 1 in 3 women on the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. With the world population at 7 billion, this adds up to more than ONE BILLION WOMEN AND GIRLS. ONE BILLION RISING: REVOLUTION calls for a radical shift to end the global epidemic of abuse that women face worldwide.

    One Billion Rising Second Life

    Virtuosity 11.11

    James Olmos

    Tukso Okey

    SaraMarie Philly

    Collin Martin


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    A. Deep Live: Maxayn

    in Entertainment

    There are singers and then there are Vocal Architects. Maxayn Lewis is the latter - not only a coveted session and touring vocalist but a passionate and conscientious instructor and coach for people in all walks of life to use their voices to their maximum capacity. Just call it "The Max Factor!"

    The resume of Maxayn Lewis is an impressive one that includes recording with artists ranging from Dionne Warwick, Diana Ross and Celine Dion to Michael Jackson and Madonna. She has toured with Quiet Storm greats Brenda Russell and Gino Vannelli, jazz legend Les McCann and renowned blues man Bobby "Blue" Bland, as well as many superstars in the Japanese pop world such as Omega Tribe, Toshinobu Kubota, Anri, Akina Nakamori, Sanno Motoharu and Namie Amuro.



    Maxayn (pronounced max-ann - the "y" is silent) grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma as Paulette Parker, a region renowned for producing great musicians - from rocker Leon Russell to funk masters the GAP Band (both of which she has worked with). She came upon her vocal gifts naturally from her mother, C. Lorene Parker, who was a fantastic gospel singer but, more practically, a chef by trade. Maxayn cites her as well as the incomparable Nina Simone as major inspirations. She sang in a classical conservatory and later honed her chops in jazz nightclubs and the particularly demanding Marshall amplified music of rock clubs.



    Her big break arrived when the legendary Tina Turner blew into town and recruited her for a world tour. On this tour, Maxayn wowed critics and musicians alike including English rock royalty David Bowie and Mick Jagger, who referred her for gigs. 

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    Uplifting Communities

    in Education

    Join us Sunday 02/14/2016. Private Investigator Mr C. J. Ford will be our Special Guest. Mr Ford is the CEO and Founder of C. J. Ford Investigations..He is currently working on California Death Row inmate Kenneth Clair case and making great progress..Mr Ford believe in fair Justice and going the extra mile to make sure people get fair treatment..He is a role Model in his Community and many Communities around the United States..He also provide services for people in other area's..He will be Discussing the harsh reality of the system and other subjects..THIS IS ONE SUNDAY YOU WANT TO TUNE IN...Host Author John L Brown Co-Host Jacquie Allen..Call in # 607 203 5336..3pm PST, 5pm CST 6pm EST..Press (1) to join us...TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENT.. 

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    One God One Truth

    in Religion

    How can Christians be united with so many different doctrines floating around? Why is the so called Pope so revered when he is a false prophet? Where did denominations come from? Join us as we reveal God's uncompromised truth!

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    GET an A+ in COUNTRY, a fine Pres: 120 Million Write-In Ballots: Curtis Clinton

    in Elections

    You have seen the Glamour of the Democrats’ & Republicans’ Debates. You have heard their Clamor. You have assessed 

    the answers of these Political Candidates. Each answer was a Political one since each is a Politician the moment each one took a Party designation. At this moment, the future of our Country must, not should, be in the hands of all non-Politicians, all Democrats with Republicans unhooking their voting umbilical cords. Why, because it is necessary to avoid the Political Parties’ voting mistakes of the past. It seems that right now Democrats and republicans are oppositely charged

    Politicians: ions of opposite charging. A future President from either Party will still be charged with opposite ions and provoke another term of stagnation. The only smart and even way to a better future is with a non-Politician, not of Political Pedigree but born from among the people who never make it into Politics, into the Directorships’ & Secretaries’ of our Govern-ment Agencies and their Sub-Departments, into the CEO Chairs of Industry, into Congress, into the Governo-rships, into the Seats of State Legislatures, into the Political Boards of County/Town Education, Councils, Police and the Haunts of HOAs: Home Owner Associations – mine is unfair and others follow suit – legal suits against homeowners. Our DAILY World needs a person clear of Politics, Negotiation and Deals. I can deliver fairness, rescue, answers, solutions and better well being. c2itfor us both, Curtis Clinton 

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    in Poetry

    UN-nintellectual Sports opinions of Denver based,Doctor William S. Bonnie , Thomas Kapaun take their weekly showdown on which one of the two has better sports knowledgeand spill it out into the open airways as this is not just a bar fight or car yelling match anymore,no,this is bonafide,laid out half-assed sports talk made for YOU,the dedicated sports fan...or for YOU the person whom enjoys a good chuckle through tense and unscripted moments of insanity and deeply biased opinions...So come on,gang! Lend us your ears for more un-intellagent banter then you can shake a stick at. Today: Trades,Previews and unintellagable banter Possible Guest stars as always: Mikey "The number one Broncos Fan, Sam Collins aka "Dragons Breath", The Main Event Alex Reaves and The roastng african preacher Gandhi...call in (347) 857-1652

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    in Romance

    RELAX to 45 minutes of pure love energy and let the vibe take you where it will one positive way. Produced by SCORPIO SESSIONS.

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    God's Promised Messish from the tribe of Judah, linage of David

    in The Bible

    Jesus came: Teaching, Preaching, Healing and Delivering the sick, injury and setting the captive free. Lets do what Jesus did. Luke 19:10 seek and save those that are lost.

    The Way Truth Life Taberncle, Inc. in conjunction with Love Wings Ministries is locat at 6785 US 1 (Fed Hw) Port St Lucie, Fl 34952. 772.626-3178  Our Service are: Sunday 11:00 am, Tuesday 7pm Intercessary Prayer, Wednesday 7pm Bible Study and  starting Feb 20th, 2016 and every other Saturday thereafter-at 7pm we're having a Saturday Night Service for those that cannot make it out on Sunday morning. email: wtltabernacle@gmail.com,  website: www.wtlffjim.org, Gifts & Donations can be sent to the above address.  www.ifcj.org/goto/BlessIsrael

    Church Prayer Line 712.432-1212   access code: 832348540#   @10:30 W/F

    God's Promised Messiah  God's Promise & Fulfillments  

    .Born of a Virgin Gen 3:15;Isa 7:14  - Mat 1:18-23
    .From Nation of Israel Gen 12:3;Num 24:17,19 - Mat 1:1-17 
    Tribe of Judah, Family of David Gen 49:10; Isa 11:1,10 - Luke 1:31-33
    Born in Bethleham Micah 5:2 -  Luke 2:4,6-7
    Time of Coming Dan 9:24-26 - Gal 4:4
    Part og Childhood in Eqypt Hosea 11:1 - Mat 2:14,15
    Suffering and Atonement Isa 53:4-6 - 2 Corinthians 5:21
    Triumphal Entry Zec 9:9 - Mat 21:2,4,5
    Crucifixion Ps 22 - Mat 27
    Resurrection Ps 16:9,10 - Acts 2:31,32






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    Valentine's Day Turnbuckle Turmoil Tribute to Greg Valentine

    in Sports

    Valentine's Day sparks images of love and heart shaped memorabilla for most. For us it sparks images of knife edge chops and figure four leglocks. Turnbuckle Turmoil is celebrating Valentine's Day by paying tribute to Greg "The Hammer" Valentine. One of the finest second generation wrestlers of all time, Greg blazed his own path to greatness. We will be joined by some people that came across Greg in their own career and we'll talk about The Hammer all day long.

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    in Social Networking

    You are having a much needed conversation with a loved one, manager or business associate. As you sit there listening to their reasoning waiting to respond. All of a sudden something happens that you did not expect or predict. "If you dont do this Im leaving", "If you dont fix this You Are Fired", "If you dont give this Company the money Now I quit".

    Above we have displayed three different scenarios that equals to "Ultimatums". Lets discuss how something that may seem innocent on the part of the person who is giving the Ultimatum can end up being a drastic life changing situation.

    Tune in this Sunday at 3pm CST. on the "Anthony & B.Fly Show" as we discuss another Great Topic on YourRadioNetworks in Association with Vibration Radio and Taylor Kennedie Media.. Dial 347-326-9139 r click this link to Listen and be apart of our Chat Room