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    Christians on the Down Low

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    Christians this is a powerful word it has been know n as the people who follow the Savior of the world, those who follow the son of God, and those who walk like him in their daily lives. However, many have been decieved by this word when the wrong people use it or call themselves a Christian and they are no where being like Jesus Christ. Today we want to talk about Christians and being on the Down Low. Meaning they are doing things that are not right behind the church back but in church they appear to be Christ Like.

    Down-low is an African American slang term that refers to a subculture of men who usually identify as heterosexual, but who have sex with men; some avoid sharing this information even if they have female sexual partner(s).

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    On The DL ( The Down Low Epidemic)

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    Do you know what the Down Low means? This week on As Real As It Gets radio we discuss the Down Low (DL). Down low simply means when a heterosexual man is secretly practicing homosexual acts. 

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    "Relationship Tuesday" HOW TO IDENTIFY MEN “ON THE DOWN LOW”

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    As reported in these research studies, many women who are in relationships with these “down-low” men typically are unaware that their partner is engaging in “brokeback” activity.  And, sometimes, these respective women are the last to know and are harsh on themselves for not seeing the warning signs.  In fairness, I think that it can be somewhat difficult to pick up on these signs, especially when you love and trust these men.

    1. Ask the guy you are dating about his sexual history. Even if he is not completely honest, remember that there's always some truth in every lie.
    2. Does he often develop relationships with younger men who are in trouble and need long term help?
    3. Does he have close male friends that are gay? Is he familiar with gay nightclubs?
    4. Is the guy you are dating always a perfect gentleman and never makes sexual advances? Don't be impressed - be careful.
    5. If possible, talk to people that know him and see what you can find out about his past relationships.
    6. Does he have a male friend that is closer than a brother?
    7. Does your husband complain about having sex with you, or fail to have sex at all?
    8. Does he prefer anal sex?
    9. Does your husband like ographic or bi-sexual movies or magazines?
    10. Does your husband insist on using condoms?
    11. Does your husband visit homosexual Internet sites?
    12. Is he secretive about his friends and relationships outside of the home?

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    Good Sex, Squirting, Down Low Brothers, Penis Sizes & More!

    in Radio

    #TALKWITHTONIGEE & #FRIENDS Where any and all topics are discussed! Tune in every Saturday at 9pm est on www.blogtalkradio.com/talkwithtonigee
    This upcoming Saturday, we will be discussing 1)What makes sex good? 2)Squirting..Have you ever? 3)Penis Preferences:Thick, Skinny, Long or Short 4)Brothers On The Down Low 5)Do you like your partners KITTY clean (bald) or mean (hairy)? 6)To douche or Not to douche?....Tune in this Saturday with TALK WITH TONI GEE &FRIENDS

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    On The Down Low...

    in Lifestyle

    If you have ever been curious to know what goes on in the world of Men on The Down Low make sure you tune in!
    Catch us every Wednesday @ 9:30pm est.
    Follow us on Twitter... @SheIsIncredible, @TheBlack_DrPhil, @AOITalkShow.   For Questions, Comments or Show Ideas Contact Us at TheArtOfIntimacyShow@gmail.com

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    Bi-Sexual Men and the Down Low “Phenomenon”

    in LGBT

    Our last show focused on women and bi-sexuality. This week we want to focus on men who identify as bi-sexual and women who have experienced relationships where men were on "the down low." 

    Is there such a thing as a "bi-sexual" male? If a man sleeps with another man but still enjoy the company of a woman...gay? Why isn't it socially acceptable for a male to be bisexual? Even in the LGBT community? Is there such a thing as gay male privilege? 

    Women...have you experienced a relationship with a male whom you later found was on "the down low" or bisexual? If so, how did you handle it? Did you stay or leave? Did you blame yourself? Were there signs you missed along the way? How do you talk to a man about his sexual preferences without it being an offensive conversation? Should we actually discuss a man's sexual preference during the first date...or is that something we should even discuss at all?

    I want us to discuss this. Join us and share your thoughts!

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    Living On The Down-Low

    in Relationships

    On this week's episode of LOVE IN THE HOUSE we will be dealing with another interesting topic of discussion - Living On The Down-Low

    What is it?

    Why people choose to live on the DL

    Are their RED FLAGS to watch out for before committing to the relationship

    How do you know your spouse is on the DL

    How does being on the DL affect the dynamics of the relationship/marriage

    These and much more will be discussed on the show. So, why don't you join us on Tonight @ 9PM to share your views and hear from others too. It promises to be another insightful one. Thanks and catch you on Tuesday.

    To listen to past shows click on www.blogtalkradio.com/LOVEINTHEHOUSE


    DISCLAIMER - All opinions aired on the show are entirely the individual's, therefore BUNMIOLABODE.COM or/and LOVE IN THE HOUSE will not be held responsible for them

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    Is Your Man on the Down Low?

    in Relationships

    Ladies you CANNOT afford to miss today's Conversations with Dr. D Ivan Young. It may save your life. It's 2013 and HIV is still on the rise, especially with African American men on the down low. Blacks/African Americans continue to be disproportionately affected by HIV infection. The estimated rate of new HIV infections among blacks/African Americans (68.9) was 7.9 times as high as the rate in whites (8.7).   
    Tyvance Credit joins Dr. D to explore this controversial subject. Tyvance has been a key figure in the fight against the HIV/STD phenomenon in the Houston area for 15 years.  Tyvance has tested more than 100,000 people, diagnosed at least 5,000, and linked about 70% of them to care. In his dedication to the cause, he has been known to pop the trunk and test people on the back of the car! He founded the first internet program (B.O.I.S.) to outreach to people to prevent them from becoming HIV Positive. In 2012, he launched "The Tyvance Experience" to address the needs of women and their common need of self validation, appreciation, and confidence to continue being the back bone of the family and relationships.   
    You won't want to miss this enlightening conversation!   To submit show ideas, comment or be considered as a featured guest, email julia@divanyoung.com.

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    The Down Low - Love Children

    in Entertainment

    Join Sierra Devi and Lola Lane Friday at 11pm eastern for The Down Low to join the conversation dial 646-595-4038 or login to the chatroom.

    Tonights topic will be Love Children what happens when an affair produces a child? What would you do if this happened to you? Would you leave? Would you help take of the child? Would you marry him/her?  Can't wait to hear your thoughts.

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    The Down Low - Myths about Cheaters and Mistresses

    in Entertainment

    Join Sierra Devi Friday at 11pm eastern for The Down Low to join dial 646-595-4038 or login to the chatroom.

    Tonights topic will be Myths and Superstitions Have you heard this one? Don't buy your mate a pair of shoes, because they will walk out of your life. OR Affairs are all about sex.  In theme with the date i thought we would would talk about some fun myths and and some serious ones. 

     Can't wait to hear your thoughts.

     Call 646-595-4038 press 1 or login to the chatroom