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    You are invited to join TRUE TALKS WITH OFAE OFAE tonight, Sunday, 3/15/15 at 8:pm EST by calling 347-850-1533 to discuss ISEFA AND/OR ITEFA.: CONTACT WITH ORISA

    What is ISEFA?

    What is ITEFA?

    What is the main difference between ISEFA and Itefa?

    What does Isefa offer you? What does ITEFA offer youe?

    Do you think that everyone is suppose do ITEFA and become Awo or do ISEFA and be devotee?

    What responsibilities come along with ISEFA? What responsibilities come along with ITEFA?

    Does ITEFA supersede ISEFA, if so, why?

    What is the impact of doing ITEFA without doing  ISEFA?

    For the sake of clarity, your comments and questionsare greatly appreciated!

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    3 Common Myths all Women of African Descent face that keep them struggling.

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     Join me and 3 very exciting  guests, Ms Alana Wooten ,Ms Ayisha Nura, Mr.Stanley Mathews as I share with you some of the groundbreaking, life altering techniques that I use in my practice as a priestess, author, teacher and spiritual counselor  for over 43 years in  Ancient Traditional African Healing Ceremonies. On this episode of my ASK YEYEFINI show  you will learn techniques that will be useful in uncovering the secret to your healing, wellness, abundance and peace. You will hear amazing stories from some of the people whose life have been empowered through this process. I guarantee you, you do not want to miss this episode. Call in with questions please 






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    AMERICAN IFA : Finally Recognized

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    You are invited to call 347-850-1533 TRUE TALKS WITH OFAE OFAE on Sunday, November 16, 2014 at 6: pm EST with our special guest Iya Ayaba OchaBi Awodele-Ifaseye to discuss "AMERICAN IFA: Finally Recognized".

    In the wake of the recent turmoil that have been coming out of Nigerian and Lukumi Ifa/Orisa communities, initiates in the diaspora have been caught in the middle and feeling the pressure from both faiths on either end. What the initiates, particularly AFRICAN AMERICANS are now asking is; WHAT IS OUR IDENTITY? The Yoruba are saying, we can initiate you but "you will never be Yoruba" and the Cubans are saying they will train you only if you speak Spanish and pledge allegiance to them only. So, WHY IS AMERICAN IFA HERE?

    What is the problem?
    What is the key to the core of the problem?
    Can we define the problem to deleted or minimize causes(s) that created the problem?
    What is the final analysis about the problem?
    What method(s) will we use to find the correct solution?
    What are other challenges will we meet to bring change(s) in the diaspora?
    How will we implement the solution to a mass of people or to a segment of people?

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    "Ifa priestesses are called Iyanifa. Awo is often used as a gender-neutral reference to individual Iyanifa or Babalawo, as well as to the group as a whole. An Awo is a spiritual counsellor to clients and those whom he or she may have assisted in receiving tutelary Orisa shrines and/or initiation into the spiritual tradition of the Orisa. There have been Iyanifa, women Ifa priests, since time immemorial in some areas of the world, such as Ibadan, Nigeria", yet we find that many women of today are still confused about their roles.

    For many years, there have been and still is a huge controversy about the roles of women in Ifa and Orisa life. Women have come from a place of misconception about their roles according to the DOs and DON'Ts set fort by men in Ifa and Orisa life. Many women have been trying to organize women in order to teach them or to bring up their understanding of their responsibilities in Ifa/Orisa life and what CHANGES they can must make within the RANKS OF IFA/ORISA LIFE.  In 2003 a group of Iyanifas organized and held an Iyanifa Worldwide Congress in efforts to bring the women in Ifa/Orisa life to an understanding of herself. Some of the questions surrounding these roles stem around how women are limited or not limited  based on their status as Olorisa, Awo, Iyanifa.


    Join me (O'Fae O'Fae) and our special guest, Iya Fayomi Falade Aworeni ObaFemi of Ile Iwosan Orunmila Mimo Temple

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    Lukumi Council of Oba Oriates of South Florida STRIKES AGAIN

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    Join us on TRUE TALKS WITH OFAE OFAE this Sunday, October 19, 2014 at 8:pm EST for an insightful program entitled LUKUMI COUNCIL OF OBA ORIATES OF SOUTH FLORIDA STRIKES AGAIN by calling 347-850-1533 to ask questions and make comments. Press 1 if you desire to speak to the host.

    Who are the key players of Lukumi Council of Oba Oriate of South Florida? What is their agenda? How does their agenda affect or benefit you as a devotee or practitioner of Orisha and Ifa in the diaspora. WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH SANTERIA, LUKUMI AND YORUBA TRADITIONAL PRACTIONERS AND ADHERENTS WORLDWIDE? What does this have to do with the Agreement of the Oba Oriatés of South Florida dubbed "THE 2010 ACCORD".

    Looking forward to hearing your views on this HOT TOPIC!

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    Astrorisa Moon Charts With Iya Olorisa Yemoja

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    Iya Olorisa Yemoja (Priestess of Yemoja) Initiations spanning 1996 -2002.She works with lunar energy, cycles, women, healing, and more,her learning becomes a life time event.''For S(he) who thinks they know, stops learning''. Once, all societies across the continents of the world intensely studied the messages of the moon. These societies acknowledged the link between moon, woman, and Mother Earth. Once, women societies supported, honored, and brought balance to women's roles within their society, and afforded them a sacred space. And some indigenous men's societies gave homage to the power of the Divine Mother, the feminine mystic and acknowledged the importance of balancing and honoring the Male/Female connection. The Age of Technology has accelerated our movement away from honoring the family, the male/female mystic, and the earth, causing a great imbalance within our psyche. These forecasts follow the course of the moon, focusing upon the relationship between moon (our emotions-inner self), and its correlation to the planets and nature (Orisha / Neteru). Exploring this connection and its influences upon our collective psyche brings balance and harmony
    to our inner being, opens awareness, and encourages sound decision making. It is especially helpful for women to reconnect to lunar energy but men can also benefit. Astrorisa Moon reports are helpful in preparing for the nekebhet-uatchet (subliminal)-(psychic) and ipamon (hidden) energies we are influenced by, and yet many times are unaware of its often challenging command. The planetary- moon influences can be sensed 6-7 days and sometimes 8 days before the date of the new/full moon, and from 4-5 days

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    How to awaken the Shongo in YOU

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    You don't want to miss this electrifying, informative, thought provoking spiritual show. This Month's features are 3 very respected and successful priests and priestess of the Lukumi faith; Oba Ernesto Pichardo, Oriate Daniel Rodriquez, Bridget Thomas . They will share with you their life journey from childhood before and since ordination into the powerful Priesthood of Songo/Shongo/Aganju. Listen and ask questions as they share the history of their faith from Cuba and the diaspora to New Jersey, Miami and Chicago. The ordination of their children and other family members into the priesthood, living very productive and successful lives as priests, entrepreneurs, linguist, teacher, lecturer, dancer and travel agent. They will also share simple ceremonies that the listener can include in their life to bring about  balance, abundance, peace and well being. .

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    2012 Worlds AIDs Day Memorial Show

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    World AiDS Day Memorial List
    This show is in loving memory of:
    Olorisa Yemoja
    Olorisa Oya
    Timujean A.
    Huey L.
    Banitta B.
    Amy W.
    Beverly C.
    Kathleen M.
    Francesca F.
    Anthony B.
    Sheila T.
    Sis Phyllis
    Franklin R.
    Harold S.
    John Fredrick C.
    Ralph W. jr
    Ozell P.
    Charles C Jr.
    Calvin "Shortie" J.
    Deborah C.
    Rickey R. G.
    Vincent S.
    John B.
    Tommy S.
    Aaron T.

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    Amma Whatt

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    Amma Whatt began her rich journey as a performer dancing professionally at 5 years old. Under the tutelage of her parents, she studied and performed the traditional music of West Africa and The Caribbean. After leaving her mark in the Howard University Jazz Vocal Performance Program and Howard Gospel choir as a soloist, she vocally supported acts across the US and internationally (Glory of NY Gospel Singers, Ruben Studdard, Karen Clark-Sheard, Ki-Ki Sheard, Shirley Murdock, Howard Hewitt, Melba Moore, Byron Cage, Rob Murat, Tulani Kindard). Amma was also a Hollywood finalist on the 2007 season of American Idol.
    Adding further to her accomplishments, Ms. Whatt sang on the Academy Award-nominated song “Raise It Up” from the 2007 film August Rush. She appeared in the film, and performed the song at the 2008 Academy Awards.  As a staff writer and vocal producer with the Grammy nominated team of women songwriters, Big Drawz Music Group, Amma co-wrote “Just the Way You Are” for Kindred and The Family Soul’s “The Arrival.”    

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    10th New Moon Messages and Meditation.

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    Welcome, we are back, and ready to delve into the subconscious realm to prob our monthly lunar messages. The theme for this 10th month centers around the heart, the heart of things,the need for unity and addressing sadness. Join me, Iya Olorisa Yemoja -Bisi Ade.

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    Learning the Loving System

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    Teaching the Loving system,and discussion on the Path.It is through the System that we will be able to go forward in this Universe. With the supreme teachers.His Royal Eminence and Her Royal Highness of, Ijo Olorisa Parapo Agbaiye kingdom Worldwide ~

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