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    Office 365:101 The Basics

    in Technology

    Microsoft Office 365 has been available for 2 years now as a subscription offering through Microsoft, and every 2 seconds a license is sold. But what is Office 365 exactly and is it right for you?

    We'll provide the basics and help you understand what Microsoft's Office 365 offering is and help you understand if it's right for you.

    Special Guest for today's show is Harry Brelsford, CEO at SMB Nation!

    Links for today's show:

    Office 365 Nation Conference: http://fall2014.smbnation.com/

    SMB Nation: http://www.smbnation.com/

    Office 365 Info: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/


    Song of the day: Maroon 5 album V. Download on your Xbox and W8 music apps today!

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    Tech Talk on the SoftwareONE Radio Network - Veeam, Sophos, Office 365 E5, HIPAA

    in Technology

    Hey Tech Talkers, The SoftwareONE Radio Network is on the air every week so we can cover a lot of topics. This week, we will discuss Procurement Best Practices, What's new with the E5 subscription in Office 365 , and Cloud backup solutions.  Need a quick solution for your enterprise security and mobility needs, find out how Sophos can do that, And finally we will begin our Healthcare and life sciences series, HIPAA in the Cloud as we approach the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Conference in Las Vegas this March. So join us as we begin discussing best practices, new techs and compliance techniques for the healthcare industry. You will also learn what we are cooking up for the conference in Vegas. Only on the SoftwareONE Radio Network.  And don’t forget to call in to ask questions or make a comment  on the air and get an Amazon Gift Card for All callers. Only On the SoftwareONE Radio Network.  


    12:00 PM EST – Procurement Best Practices

    12:30 PM EST – Office 365 E5

    1:00 PM EST – Cloud Backup Solutions

    1:30 PM EST – HIPAA in the Cloud

    2:30 PM EST – Sophos News

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    Office 365: the basics

    in Technology

    Microsoft recently launch Office 365, but what is it? We'll cover the basics here.

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    Office 365: How to easily migrate your mail

    in Technology

    As we shift to an evening show, tonight's episode is a very special night! Todd Schwartz and Evan Richman from SkyKick are on tonight talking about their migration tool to help move mail to Office 365. But more importantly is the backstory to how they started their company and their journey to help others. Get ready to hear how easy it is to migrate mail to Office 365, the benefits of Office 365, and a story of inspiration in an entrepreneurial quest to making a dream come true!

    For more information on SkyKick's migration offering to Office 365, visit https://www.skykick.com/

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    Microsoft Office 365 For Non-Profits - Special Show

    in Business

    Join Stuart Crawford, Ulistic’s President and CEO on December 9th at 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time for a special presentation of “The MSP Show” on “Blog Talk Radio.” Stuart will be speaking with Keith Jetton from Procyon Solutions about how nonprofits can benefit from using Microsoft Office 365, a cloud-based productivity and collaboration tool.

    Did you know?  Nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and 40 other countries around the world can get Microsoft Office 365 free of charge, or at a discounted price.*

    Keith and the team at Procyon Solutions are big supporters of nonprofits in Little Rock, Arkansas, and experts in the migration and use of Microsoft Office 365.   Keith will explain how by using Office 365 nonprofits can take advantage of cost savings, flexibility, secure access 24/7, syncing of calendars and email, document sharing and protection, and more!

    Join MSP Marketing Expert Stuart Crawford and  Keith Jetton of Procyon Solutions  for this 30-minute presentation and learn how Microsoft Office 365 can help nonprofits achieve their goals.    

    Procyon Solutions of Little Rock, Arkansas, harnesses the power of integrated communication and collaboration technologies to provide businesses and nonprofits the increased productivity they require and demand.  No matter how complex the infrastructure or how large the business challenge, Procyon provides Microsoft-based solutions that deliver improved business results.  For more information about how Procyon Solutions can help nonprofits and businesses in Little Rock succeed through better IT call: 1-888-391-3626 or visit Procyon's Website and learn about their Office 365 Migration services.

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    Office 365: the basics - Feb 19,2013

    in Technology

    Microsoft recently launch Office 365, but what is it? We'll cover the basics here.

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    Microsoft Office vs. Office 365

    in Software

    Google Apps and Office 365 are taking over. They are great for consumers and students. But are they really ready for the business enterprise?
    Reach IPS features a round table presentation about the pros/cons of Web-based apps versus the full office program featured in Reach's cloud system.
    Find out which is better for you from experts in the field.

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    Tech Talk on the SoftwareONE Radio Network - Office 365, What's Stopping You?

    in Technology

    During this show we will be searching for issues that would prevent a company from going to Office 365. There have been some emotional blockers, but financially, technically, and operationally, there does not seem to be very many good reasons any more to not move to the new licensing model for Microsoft's Productivity Suite. Join us on June 3rd when we open the phones in search of a good reason! Give us a call and let's talk Business Requirements, Technical and Functional Requirements, and more importantly, emotional requirements! We will answer all of your questions on Office 365 and the business strategies that drove it to make more sense than the perpetual licensing model of Office 2013. Join us June 3rd at Noon EDT or 9:00 AM PDT to find out why Office 365 makes more business sense than it's on premise predecessor. We are excited to talk to our Featured Guest, J Peter Bruzzese, Microsoft MVP, and Mimecast. Only on the SoftwareONE Radio Network

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    What Is Office 365 And How To Use It At Your Business

    in Technology

    Microsoft recently launched a new online product called Office 365 that made news headlines everywhere. But what is it and how can you use it for your business?Jeff Medford, Technical Product Manager for Office 365, will give insight to what Office 365 is and how it can revolutionize the way you work in the office today when you need to communicate with others, store documents centrally, work in documents at the same time, and even synchronize calendars.

  • 03:01

    Tech Talk on the SoftwareONE Radio Network - The Cloud Enabled Future with Intel

    in Technology

    Hey Tech Talkers, Tune in on March 23rd as we continue the discussion about the cloud enabled future of the IT Services we provide to our businesses. We will begin with a discussion on Office 365 E5, talk about the Business Scenarios for Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite, and talk to our friends at Intel Security. We will also have a discussion on the Cloud vs a new data center. And don’t forget to call in to ask questions or make a comment on the air and get an Amazon Gift Card for All callers. Only On the SoftwareONE Radio network!

    12:00 PM EDT - Our Cloud Enabled Future

    12:30 PM EDT - Intel Security

    1:00 PM EDT - Office 365 E5

    1:30 PM EDT - Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)

    2:00 PM EDT - New Data Center or Cloud?

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    #374 Solve Your Sales Challenges, Power of Truth Telling, Office Politics

    in Business

    Segment 1: Tim Sanders is the former Yahoo! Chief Solutions officer and the author of four books including one of my favorites, “Love is the Killer App”. His new book is called “Dealstorming: The Secret Weapon That Can Solve Your Toughest Sales Challenges”.

    Segment 2: Mindy MacKenzie is an accomplished corporate executive, a highly acclaimed speaker, and CEO advisor. Before starting her advisory practice, Mindy served as Chief Performance Officer of Beam, Inc. She is the author of “The Courage Solution: The Power of Truth Telling with Your Boss, Peers, and Team”.

    Segment 3: Dan Rust is the author of “Workplace Poker: Are You Playing the Game or Just Getting Played?”, and founder of Frontline Learning, an international publisher of corporate training resources. 

    Segment 4: Sonny Chatrath is travel industry veteran with 24 years of experience in almost every aspect of travel, having worked in Airline Consolidation, Leisure, as well as Corporate Travel. He is also an actor and an amateur chef. 

    Segment 5: Justin Roff-Marsh, the founder and President of Ballistix and author of the new book, The Machine: A Radical Approach to the Design of the Sales Function. Justin is considered by many as the thought leader in Sales Process Engineering, a radical new approach to the management of the sales function. He is also the editor of the popular Sales Process Engineering blog, read by thousands of people around the world.

    Sponsored by Nextiva and Staples.