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    Alisa Nicole's Saturday Morning Wake Up Call...Get Your Butt Off The Couch Now!

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    It's Alisa Nicole's Saturday Morning Wake Up Call! Do you need help getting your butt off the couch? Are you ready to make a lifestyle change that can help improve your life?  Are you tired of feeling like you're not doing anything with your life and need some help? Listen as host Alisa Nicole gives tips on how to get your butt off the couch and take the steps toward living a better life that you can enjoy! Be prepared to get a verbal spanking as she takes no excuses! Listen On Air-Live 08/01/15 @ 8:00 a.m.  

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    Nats Nightly: Nationals drop 2-1 decision to Mets on walk-off by Wilmer Flores

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    The Washington Nationals and New York Mets were tied at 1-1 in the twelfth when Mets' infielder Wilmer Flores hit a walk-off winter out to left-center. 2-1 final in the series opener. 

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    Cadillac Joe Grudge Talk

    in Automotive


    Cadillac Joe talking at the Round Table of Grudge !

  • The Critic that Lives in Your Head and Doesn't Pay Rent

    in Self Help

    There is a critic living in your head. You know that whiny, braty, fearful voice that chatters away incessantly trying to convince you that you are not good enough, smart enough, or beautiful enough to live the life of your dreams. You may have heard that voice for so long that you believe that it is your own. It is not. There are strategies that you can use to begin to turn the voice's volume down so that you can move forward in living a life of PASSION, PURPOSE, and ABUNDANCE!.

    Tune in to EVICT that voice!

  • Can you hike toward Heaven?

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    Saturday, August 1, 2015 at 11am/EST on Off The Shelf talk radio - Dr. Ian Dexter Palmer, author of Hiking Toward Heaven and Weed and Water, helps those who may be struggling with facts and faith. Ian and talk show host, Denise Turney, discuss how nature showcases God's work and deepens faith, including the faith of people who previously didn't believe in God. The two will also discuss Ian's latest book, Weed and Water, a work that reaches out to teens and adults. 

    Live questions will be taken and answered ON AIR. Tune in by calling 347-994-3490 or by clicking: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Denise-Turney-

    Tell your family, friends and colleagues! You don't want to miss Off The Shelf talk radio!

    See you Saturday, August 1, 2015 at 11am/EST!

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    Cosmic SUN in Astrology vs. Jesus the SON

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    Moors will discuss the death and resurrection story of Jesus as an Astrological Allegory for the yearly cycle of the COSMIC SUN passing through the Zodiac; and relate that to the ancient depiction of “Hwt-ka-Ptah" aka modern name Egyptian story of Osiris, Isis and Horus, and the Osirian Resurrection where Osiris was at times considered the oldest SON of the earth.

    Like the energy in the title of our radio broadcast Pisces360 …. The fish is the symbol of Pisces; the last sign of the Zodiac; the end of winter or death or completion of the old cycle - signaling that the SUN (Moor) will regain its strength; as Pisces is the gate to the resurrection of the new age.

    As adepts that have grown to know reaching maturity in the wheel; are initiated and are capable to get off of the wheel.

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    Tuning in with Betsy

    in The Bible

    The Book of Daniel continued - strangeness in today's news.

    Hear all the latest breaking End Times News and updates.  When you hear and see Bible prophecy matching the daily news headlines you know we are close to the Return off Jesus the Christ.  Are you ready?  Are you prepared? Are you Rapture Ready or will you be Left Behind?

    How do you recognize the antichrist.  What is the mark of the beast?  Is it too late to prepare?  What is the Day of Atonemeeent?  The Shemetah? Feast of Trumpets?  Why is September 13, Septembber 27, September 28, 2015 so important and significant?

    Learn to discern the signs of the times, The End Times, daily at 5 on Tuning in with Betsy.  Listen and learn.  Better yet, Be still, listen, and know Who is God. He is in charge.

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    The Phoenix Rises: All Endings Come with New Beginnings

    in Self Help

    Join us in this segment of "Empowered in Every Call" discussion on The Phoenix Rises! 

    We have discovered that is a legend about a mythical creature that can regenerate and self heal after a fiery ending that seems impossible to come back from, the phoenix.  The phoenix is a beautiful bird that has a cycle of life, death and rebirth.  It is said that when the phoenix grows weary it builds a special nest, then stands in it and is consumed by fire.  Out of the ashes of the old phoenix a new phoenix is born, rising with the morning sun to live again.

    As humans we tend to look upon endings as a tragic event that comes with a sense of permanency.  That once you have stumbled upon an ending you can never go back, you can never recapture what once was. Endings can make you believe that there is nothing beyond the finality of it all.

    The good news is, as humans we are also a regenerating creatures, much like the phoenix.  We have an amazing capability to self heal. Our endings often come with new beginnings.  However, to reach those new beginnings it is sometimes necessary to burn off everything that once was to start anew. 

    What is that saying, “when you reached your rock bottom, you can only go up from there”?  Or what about, “you can never change things by fighting the existing reality; you only change them by building a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”

    Whenever I have an ending in my life I draw upon the energy of the phoenix. It serves as my guide to help me through my endings and into the morning sun!  I ask you to do the same and find comfort in knowing that all endings come with new beginnings.

    As the phoenix rises so shall you! 

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    FSP: IDP players, UFC 190 and HOF

    in Football

    On this episode Vic and Jerry will discuss IDP from the defensive line position. JJ Watt is the obvious number 1 player but is there a big name or regular player going to be number 2? Also, the two will discuss UFC 190, Rousey vs. Correia. With the NFL season kicking off, the Hall of Fame induction ceremony is right around the corner and the two men will discuss the inductees. Dial 347-637-3220 to get in on the conversation or drop us an email at FantasySportsAndPolitics@SpotOnRadios.com give us your questions and comments for the show.

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    Welcome to "The Stoop"!! Formerly I'll Be The Judge of that

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    We  recently changed our show name to The Stoop. In the tradition of growth and moving forward we wanted our new name to not only embody community but also all that makes up a community. Like that nosey neighbor that knows everybodies business or the neighborhood bully walking around off pure intimidation or the one dad that was like everybodies dad because he discilplined all. The Stoop is the spot where information was gathered and passed around way before FaceBook or Twitter. This Saturday we will being doing just that. So join me your host SoapBoxScooter and the Stoop alum. Call in 607-203-5357