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    Plow Down Your Obstacles

    in Christianity

    Everyone has challenges and obstacles - it goes back to Biblical times. How do you deal with challenges and obstacles? Do you allow them to intimidate you or do you plow them down? Listen to today's show for motivation to plow down your obstacles!

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    No More Mondays: Overcoming Obstacles

    in Entrepreneur

    For those that are brave enough to pursue their dreams, it's no question that they will have to face obstacles. Tonight, we will talk about what separates the Richard Bransons from the Richard Johnsons. Richard Johnson...who is that?! Exactly. Tonight you'll learn how the super successful overcome challenges and come to find out...it's not as comlicated as you think

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    Busting Open Obstacles

    in Self Help

    Have a cup of tea (we call it "MEE Time") with Music 4 Life® Radio show hosts Judith Pinkerton and Amy Frost as they guide you into courageously making changes, where obstacles get smaller and smaller and appear less frequently until they fade away completely. Join Judith Pinkerton and Amy Frost with guest Jeff Drothler journeying through music medicine and life skills that support JOY in the midst of crisis. When you increase your emotional resilience it is possible to bust open obstacles. Hear what our hosts and guest have to say about managing their life's ups and downs, and what music is recommended to smooth the way!

    Download free handouts at Amy's blog at AmyFrost.com.

    Build your emotional resilience with music medicine. Learn how to apply music medicine in your life to manage more easily the ups and downs - take the 2-hour course, downloadable Music Medicine Boot Camp.

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    Eric Mattson Shares his Motivation for Overcoming Obstacles

    in Art

    Eric Mattson is a beautiful being on a mission to spread joy by motvating others to overcome obstacles. Diagnosed with ALS, Eric made it his mission to not let his disease prevent him from living a life he loved. He shares how you can do the same, no matter what your circumstance!



    Follow Eric Mattson


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    Overcoming obstacles with cancer survivor Stephanie Hughes

    in Health

    In life we cross obstacles that test our very existence. Listen how Stephanie Hughes has overcame Cancer and still is going through obstacles today and staying positive by living her dream with her new business www.destinybodyandbath.com

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    Remembering a Truth Teller and Obstacles He Faced: Dr. Martin Luther King, J.R.

    in Christianity

    As we think about obstacles and obstructions to telling the truth, it is fitting in light of this past holiday that we remember Reverend, Dr. Martin Luther King, J.R. and consider the obstacles he faced in fulfilling his purpose as a truth teller about the need for drastic changes in our nation, and in our hearts. 

    In this broadcast, we will also hear Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech, as it is now called. In not a very long time, I think many of us have forgotten or lost track of so many things he urged us to think about in that speech. Others have handled his words irresponsibly, and in so doing, contributed to our straying from the spiritual and moral direction that he offered us. 

    Hope you can listen in.  The J Man.



  • Digesting then Moving Through Life Obstacles

    in Spirituality

    The combination of strength and flexibility are needed to deal with daily living. If we are aware, a dense cloud over our heads can actaully be a beneficial influence to our growth. Submission to this possibility becomes passive restraint. Tune in this week and join my new cohost Jo Ann Brown  as we discuss the strength that causes our hearts to grow with humility through restraint. We learn in this show that we can gain wisdom when we nurture the small things in our lives. When we encounter situations that obstruct or bog us down, if we can avoid becoming resentful and digest the experience; we will move through it and grow.  Said differently, events and situations that initially obstruct us can become a means of self-development. It’s difficult not to grab for the easy way out as we are waiting for the long-term reward. Tune in tonight as we speak of depth that is obtrained from small accumulations and small restraints. *I will introduce Jo Ann the night of the show and you will find her to be a wonderful addition to the show's focus. 

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    Telling the Truth: Obstacles and Obstructions

    in Christianity

    Hi. This is the J Man. If you joined us last week, you know we discussed a very important topic. Telling people about Jesus, and how we all need His salvation, made available to us at the cross. It is the greatest of truths, but sometimes the hardest to tell.

    So, this week we are going to talk about some things that may get in the way of telling the truth, or at least cause hindrance. Some of these things you might call obstacles- they are there, but you can maneuver them or find your way past them, and so on. Obstructions are more blocking in nature, and you have to avoid them somehow, or use wisdom to figure out other ways to your destination.

    Whether we are talking about the truth of the gospel, of social justice, matters of the heart- truth is rarely spoken without some kind of challenge facing it. Obstacles and obstructions are almost always a part of the picture. Today we will seek to identify some of those challenges, We'll start by discussing the obstacles WITHIN!

    Also, want to let you know we will have a short program Monday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, J.R., a truth teller not to be forgotten.  

    Thanks and be blessed,

    Talk to you soon,

    The J Man 




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    Overcoming Obstacles

    in Self Help

    Beth Robertson offers suggestions and a little food for thought for how to work with obstacles in our lives. A yoga pose and a little relaxation follow, 

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    Removing obstacles, and uncrossing, plus readings

    in Spirituality

    In this Show, I will be talking about removing obstacles when things get difficult and creating a monthly routine, to keep up positive energy throughout month, which will include flower essences as well.

    I have a great Mother's Day sale going on:



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    Discussing Some Obstacles to Peace

    in Spirituality

    Join us, Sarah, Matthew and Boris, as we discuss the obstacles to peace from Chapter 19 of A Course In Miracles.

    The attraction of guilt produces fear of love, for love would never look on guilt at all. It is the nature of love to look upon only the truth, for there it sees itself, with which it would unite in holy union and completion. As love must look past fear, so must fear see love not. For love contains the end of guilt, as surely as fear depends on it.

    Love is attracted only to love.

    Love's messengers are gently sent, and return with messages of love and gentleness. The messengers of fear are harshly ordered to seek out guilt, and cherish every scrap of evil and of sin that they can find, losing none of them on pain of death, and laying them respectfully before their lord and master.

    What fear would feed upon, love overlooks. What fear demands, love cannot even see.

    This short excerpt is from Chapter 19, IV, i

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