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    The Menace of Obesity.

    in Nutrition

    The show is filled with facts about obesity and its trends as the epidemic is sweeping the world, not just the USA or the UK.  The show squarely lays blame for this on the growing physical inactivity of those who are obese, and also on High ST fast foods, processed foods, computers and TV.  The show offers a solution to all these problems laid out in modular fashion on building awareness of this distressing affliction and addiction.
    Over the last two to three decades, over nutrition and obesityhave been transformed from relatively minor public health issues to a major threat to public health that is being increasingly seen throughout the world. The show host Oliver Greene author of the book The Menace of Obesity keeps listeners informed.
    Listeners will learn about the basic facts on obesity, its trends, its prevalence in men and women, its levels, its cause and other reasons. Overeating, inactivity, and fast food, medications, and diets are also discussed in this informative radio show.
    The radios show is also for all people who are trying to get a Healthy Life Style but mostly fail. The show can answer the reasons why so many fail at losing weight. It truly does not begin with dieting and exercise it begins in the mind. That is where people lose out. The mind set has not been sorted first and foremost.
    However you approach your new lifestyle, I sincerely wish you every success and look forward to hearing of your success. I know that it’s possible for everyone to overcome obesity and I believe our children can live in a healthy and sustainable manner
    Connect with me on Thursday 29th Sept at 20.00 UK time. Listen in now at http://tobtr.com/s/2283893. #BlogTalkRadio

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    The Menace of Obesity.

    in Nutrition

    How Are You Affected by The Menace of Obesity!?
    Are you tired of being depressed?
    Are you fatigued all the time?
    Do you get ill easily?
    Do younger and thinner people take YOUR job?
    You Don't Have To Feel This Way Any Longer!
    It's time to stop exhausting yourself with shame!
    It's time to stop making excuses!
    It's time to accept some blame (yes I said that! You want this straight right?)!
    It's time to take control of your own life!
    I  Was Like You
    My name is Oliver Greene and I was obese just like you or a loved one is right now!
    I was diagnosed with obesity about eight years ago after fighting a weight issue for more than fifteen years.
     Between January 2009 and January 2010 I have lost a total of 38.7 kilos, or 85 lbs, 6st.1lb! Today, I continue my food regimen and work out regularly despite being in a wheel chair. I eat healthy food and lives to maximize my life!
    “His mental attitude and zest for life will inspire anyone in their own fight against the menace of obesity.”
    Here I give to you the knowledge and the solution. How you can change your mindset. It's NOT about dieting and exercises! It's a testimonial on how YOU can lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF!
    Menace of Obesity will share with you what symptoms for which you should be aware. Through this show you will get the answers you seek. How do I know? They're the same answers I found after years of being obese!
    So don’t ignore alarming facts!
    The Menace of Obesity is finally here to help you. You owe this to yourself!
    You owe this to your family!

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    The Menace of Obesity.

    in Health

    If you’re looking for a way, to brighten up you day, tired of feeling sick and tired, sick of younger and slimmer being hired.. No need to exhaust yourself with shame, it’s time to stop making excuses, start accepting some blame, take control of your own life, whether your husband or wife, sister or brother, father, aunt or a mother, there’s always an answer if you seek simple knowledge, so through a copy of Oliver Greene’s book you should rummage, the answers are there, don’t ignore alarming facts, All you need is help from others that care, Even if you feel like the weight’s too much to bare, don’t bare it alone, there are others that care to share, Just remember “The Menace of Obesity” is there!
    So if your thinking that there is no answer, there are brighter days coming, forget obesity and cancer, life is full of living, the energy to thrive, the joy of life just confirms your alive!”

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    LIVE! with Cathi...Obesity and Depression!

    in Fitness


    OBESITY related illnesses are costing you the taxpayer BILLIONS of DOLLARS each year!

    OBESITY is often caused by poor diets and poor exercise habits.  OBESITY has been on the rise not only in the U.S., but aroung the World since 1980s.  The World Health Organization estimates that my 2020, OBESITY will be the single biggest killer on the planet.  OBESITY rates are on the rise in developing countries now being exposed to Western Lifestyles of fast foods, refined sugars and saturated fats.  Adding to the epidemic, our urban lifestyle and electronics have decreased DAILY MOVEMENT.  We've become couch potatoes.!



    What can be done...etc.

    Make small changes in...etc.

    Have a support system...etc.


  • "Fighting Obesity in the Black Community"- Classic Rebroadcast

    in Radio

    "Fighting Obesity in the Black Community"- Classic Rebroadcast


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    There is a menace in the GOP that is threatening our children. His name is Chris Christie.

    I don’t know why anyone would support this man. I’m not going to attack him for any of the other things his opponents go after him for. Supporting Planned Parenthood, Bridgegate, costing his state billions of dollars in Exxon settlement money, endorsing Sonia Sotomayor, his assault weapons ban, etc. I’m not going to attack Christie for any of this.

    I am going to attack Chris Christie for being fat and for wanting to peddle his obesity to children all across this great nation of ours.

    Chris Christie is a fat pusher. He is like the scumbag who hangs out at school playgrounds selling crack rocks to kids at recess. That is what Chris Christie is. He is a fat pusher.

    Remember, Chris Christie is the one who had to have his stomach stapled because people told him no one would elect a big fat person for president. He had surgery to implant a band around his stomach to restrict the amount of food he was shoveling into his mouth every day. When your stomach is stapled, you are only able to eat small portions. This is for people with no willpower or discipline or enough respect for themselves to say, “That’s enough cheeseburgers for me. I’ve had enough pizza. I don’t want ALL the ham.” People who are allergic to sit-ups and are frightened by the treadmill. That’s who the stomach band is for.

    Christie also had to have the surgery because he was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money on food at football stadiums. He would entertain business associates at football games and spend thousands of New Jersey tax money on hot dogs, wings, beer and pizza. Chris Christie is that guy.


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    Obesity, America's BIG Problem

    in Lifestyle

    Fast food restaurants everywhere! Ready made meals at our disposal! You can't go to the gas station without seeing 50 snacks and every size soda. Self control is needed at every turn these days. Join us as we discuss obesity and ways you can stay healthy.

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    Obesity Chatting

    in Entertainment

    Fun chatting about Obesity from an Oese person

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    Obesity Chatting

    in Entertainment

    Obesity chatting and other entertaining topics.  Call in with comments @ 347-324-3884 or email me at obesityfromanobeseperson@yahoo.com
    Check out my blog also @ www.obesityfromanobeseperson.com

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    Obesity Chatting

    in Entertainment

    Obesity chatting and other entertaining topics.  Call in with comments @ 347-324-3884 or email me at obesityfromanobeseperson@yahoo.com
    Check out my blog also @ www.obesityfromanobeseperson.com
    Im on twitter also @ Obesity_informa

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    Obesity Chatting

    in Entertainment

    Fun chatting about Obesity from an Obese person
    call in @347 324 3884, email obesityfromanobeseperson@yahoo.com. Blog: www.obesityfromanobeseperson.com
    twitter: Obesity_informa

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