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    Going Back to School – Part II; NSA Teens Share Strategies

    in Self Help

    The NSA Teen Advisory Council and the many teens who make lifelong friendships through the NSA have an awesome show for you! Going Back to School – Part II; NSA Teens Share Strategies (best for ages 13-18) will examine the challenges teens face at school as PWS and how to deal with those challenges effectively. From teachers to foreign languages, peers to coaches and, of course, dating, the NSA Teens will share their experiences and ideas with you. Don't miss out on the live broadcast so you can call in with your questions and comments! 

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    Going Back to School - Part I: NSA Kids Give Advice

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    Going back to school can be tough after summer break, especially for kids who stutter. The transition can be especially hard when jumping from primary to middle school. NSA Kids ages 7-12 will share tips for going back to school, and we will also hear from parents and a SLP who works with this age group. Join us for this timely and  informative radio broadcast - and have your questions and comments ready to call in and share!

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    NSA Spying - biblical implications

    in Christianity

    Nearly every few weeks now we read another revelation in the news about the depths of our government's spying on its own citizens.  Is it harmless, just a necessary part of homeland security in the digital age?  If it is harmless now do we know it will always remain so?  What the might the Bible have to say about NSA surveillence?  Are there cases which we can use to understand how things could go wrong?  Listen or call in as I discuss the most recent NSA related news items from a biblical perspective

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    Beyond the Veil – Legalizing NSA Spy Programs

    in Politics

    This week on Beyond the Veil, we will be discussing the additions to the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015 (or the #NDAA) and how the new pilot program effectively legalizes the NSA Spy Programs.  For those who are not as familiar with the NDAA, we will also give a brief summary of what the bill has done since we first started warning of its dangers in 2011.  We will also be looking at further legalization of unconstitutional spying has taken place through the #IAA, or Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015.  Join Switchblade and Orlando Phoenix of Anonymous North Texas tonight at 7pm Central. 


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    NSA Radio Post Conference Tell All

    in Self Help

    Howdy partners! If you did not join the round up in Ft. Worth, or if you are missing the herd, please join us for the Post Conference Tell All.  Call in to share memories, ask questions and suggest ideas for next year's conference in Florida.

    Parents, kids and teens - this is your radio show so join us!

    And don't forget, if you miss the live show, you can listen to the archived recording anytime.

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    News update on NSA

    in Politics

    1) Program intro 

    2) Our programs will be about the lastest responds to Goverment proposed NSA Changes and information from ex NSA menbers about this .

    3) The Playing of Part 1

    4) The Playing of Part 2

    5) Colsing Comments 

    6) Closing Music , Them song of O , Canada

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    In The Dirt With Tennessee NSA

    in Sports

    NSA Super D World Series Edition
    Just a informative show that will reach out to the teams about the tournament this coming weekend.

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    The NSA Propaganda War Waged on Social Media

    in Politics Conservative

    The US government currently operates a MASSIVE propaganda campaign in conjunction and partnership with the British government. Recently leaked documents reveal that by way of this propaganda campaign they have actually constructed an alternate reality of transpired events during the last 15-20 years or more. Even though this program has made mainstream news, most Americans are still oblivious of the literal matrix that has been constructed around them, and they literally live in this matrix, they become part of the illusion, they help police their fellow Americans, and apparently no one ever even saw it coming.

    The ultimate objective goal of this program is made very clear to us right here on this 5th slide. The objective is to bring us into complete obedience and compliance. Complete obedience to whom and compliance to what? In other words, these intelligence agencies and psychological units, hire and train and then utilize, tens of thousands of people, day and night every week, every month, and every year, to subvert any thought we may get, or any action we may take to TRULY UNITE as a pissed off American people. They know if we ever truly woke up and grew a pair, we would be able to remove these criminals from their apparently lifetime seats of power. This campaign has neutralized and frustrated our ability to mount any sort of effective offensive against the agendas that are destroying us. America is now under corporate and UN rule. We are held hostage by our own politicians. THIS is how they have kept us under control. They tell you right here in their own leaked classified secret manual, yet America continues to sleep. They remain confused, and motionless.


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    In The Dirt With Tennessee NSA

    in Sports

    A internet radio show that comes on the 2nd & 4th Sunday of every month.  The show covers all things NSA in Tennessee as well as other hot softball news and topics. 

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    NSA spying found Unconstitutional

    in Politics

    A Judge has ruled that the NSA metadata collection practices Unconstitutional, and I have news.Plus some good old fasioned ranting.tune in 6:30 pm tonite.

  • 01:18

    In The Dirt With Tennessee NSA

    in Sports

    A internet radio show that comes on the 2nd & 4th Sunday of every month.  The show covers all things NSA in Tennessee as well as other hot softball news and topics. 

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