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    A Look Inside North Korea With Nicholas Hamisevicz

    in Current Events

    Nicholas Hamisevicz is the Director of Research and Academic Affairs at the Korea Economic Institute of America (KEI). He is responsible for issues affecting the U.S.-South Korea alliance, especially issues related to North Korea. He is also tasked with leading KEI’s outreach efforts to connect the policy and academic communities. Mr. Hamisevicz has visited Asia several times, including a trip to North Korea in August 2011.

    Prior to joining KEI, Mr. Hamisevicz was the Research Associate in the Asian Studies Center at The Heritage Foundation. He wrote and provided research analysis on political and security affairs in Asia, especially regarding China, Korea, and South Asia. He was also a co-author for Heritage’s publication of the Key Asian Indicators: A Book of Charts. Mr. Hamisevicz traveled twice to Taiwan as the lead liaison for The Heritage Foundation’s democracy building in Asia conferences.

    Mr. Hamisevicz earned a Masters of Arts degree in International Communication from American University in Washington, DC and a Masters of Arts degree in International Studies from Korea University in Seoul, South Korea. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies from West Virginia Wesleyan College (WVWC) in Buckhannon, West Virginia. His first trip to South Korea that sparked his interest in Asia was a WVWC May Term study abroad trip.

    Mr. Hamisevicz lives with his wife in Arlington, Virginia. He enjoys playing soccer and ping-pong along with stand-up paddle boarding on the Potomac River with his wife. He is also working to improve his intermediate Korean language skills.

    Expertise: North Korea; South Korea; North Korea-China relations; South Korea-India relations

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    Kanye West Collabs with Sir Paul, Ray J calls 911, Obama v. North Korea, + MORE

    in Entertainment

    Happy New Year!! It's the first show of 2015! Join the #SundayDinnerCrew b/k/a #HolliewoodAndFriends (Hollie Wood, Venor & Miss Juddy) tonight at 8pm ET. as they give you the latest #HotInTheBlogs topics as only they can!


    Kanye West + Paul McCartney.
    Ray J calls 911 for suicidal girlfriend.
     President Obama takes action against North Korea for Sony Hacking.

    and MORE!

    Including #RecklessAndRatchet and #WhatBlowsMine.

    Tune in tonight at 8pm ET!

    You can call 646-716-8544 just to listen or press 1 to be a part of the show and speak your mind on the topics.

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    Live From North Korea

    in Politics

    We just arrived from a 28-hour flight into North Korea, and we're setting up our radio HQ next to Kim's "HA HA SUPER RADIO PLATEAU!" We'll get to the bottom of this whole "nuclear missile" shit! AHH

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    North Korea Hack: Is Fascism Good?

    in Comedy

    James and Benjy are joined by Shuli Egar and Anthony DeVito to discuss the developing situation surrounding The Interview and North Korea, the democratizing effect of social media and the double edged sword of everyone having an opinion, how political pundits are like pro wrestling managers, and James auditions to officiate the marriage of Anthony's grandmother to her new boyfriend.

    Follow @jameslmattern @thebestofbs @shalomshuli @AnthonyDeVito_ and @standupnylabs.

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    The Last Days: War With North Korea?

    in Lifestyle

    We Will Be Discussing The Problems We Have With North Korea..

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    North Korea and war...

    in Politics

    In this episode Rasheeal "Ra Blaze" Dixon will talk about  "North Korea and war with North Korea." Rasheeal "Ra Blaze" Dixon is the author of  "How to overcome fear, and start living fearless," "Broken Dreams, How quick life can change," and "5 Steps to manifest a great idea." To get in contact with Rasheeal "Ra Blaze" Dixon, or to book him to speak @ your next event; you can contact him @ RasheealDixonBooking@Gmail.com 

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    Coffee with Conrad - North Korea to Execute 33 Christians

    in Religion

    Today on Coffee with Conrad

    North Korea to Execute 33 Christians

    Military Hires Terror-Tied Chaplains

    Demons try to kill a family

    Megachurch splits over Doctrine


    Links at ConradRocks.net

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    Show 70 The North Korea Show

    in Entertainment

    North Korea has threaten the USA, Bill and Justin are going to threaten right back

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    PIJN News: The IRS, a Cyclone and North Korea

    in Current Events

    Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues:

    * IRS agents met with White House officials155 times before abusing their power over the Tea Party
    * A cyclone hits Orissa India driving 500,000 people out of their homes
    * 20,000 political prisoners in North Korea have disappeared and are likely dead.

  • FSL77 North Korea; Cuba; Gary Zimak on Worry

    in Christianity

    Sean looks at the hacking of Sony and the increasing likelihood that North Korea was behind the attack, and behind the current threats which have shut down release of "The Interview;" Pope Francis played a major role in the prisoner swap that has thawed the 55-year Cold War between Cuba and the United States; Gary Zimak talks about letting go of worry for the holidays.

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    The Monday Mash-Up: North Korea

    in Current Events

    Political tensions are heating up with North Korea, with North Korea threatening to nuke American cities like Los Angeles, New York and Austin.
    The Korean War was never officially ended.  Is this the lingering effects of the un-resolved conflict?  Is it a legitmate push to reign in North Korea and bring them into the New World Order in rapid fashion?  Or is this another insane fear meme?
    We'll explore all three on a blitzkrieg Monday Mashup.

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